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October 24, 2011

Press Statement – Sri Lanka must be suspended from the membership of commonwealth countries

Sri Lanka has abdicated the Tamils after the war

June 10, 2011

Sri Lanka government is continuing to mutilate and neglect the war victimized Tamil community in northern and eastern Sri Lanka. The Ruling government is only interested in further cleansing any LTTE remnants and mentally rehabilitating LTTE cadres into accepting the current Singhala political mastery in Colombo. It continues to militarize and Singhalarize the whole northern and eastern province. The traumatized and grieving Tamil population is under complete control of the army. The army controls and in the process rapes, robs, sexually harass and looting the Tamils with whatever little they have. Tamil people in northern and eastern province will not be able to recuperate and settle back to normalcy for a long time to come. The army is the lord unto themselves and they control and monitor any outside contact and help given to the captive Tamil people in internally displaced persons camps (IDPs).

The Sri Lankan government is misleading the whole into believing that it is doing everything to rehabilitate, reconstruct and reconcile the Tamil population back to normalcy. But on the other hand it is neglecting and hindering the rehabilitating and reconstruction initiatives of India and the Tamil Diaspora. The destabilized Tamil community is struggling among themselves to share very limited resources and the past family cohesiveness and supportiveness is fading away. Their houses flattened and their other belongings are looted by the army itself. Any note of complain and reclaim falls in deaf ears of the army authority. To add injury to insult the Sri Lankan government is attempting to settle Singhala people in Northern Province which is the Tamil homeland for centuries.

Till today nobody is held accountable for war crimes and on the other hand many war criminals are appointed to high ranking offices and ambassadors to foreign countries. So far Sri Lankan government civil wars atrocities have gone unpunished by the international community. The current Rajapakse dynastic rule in Sri Lanka is still celebrating and jingoistic on the war victory. The war may have ended but the conflict remains deep and hurt in the minds of the afflicted people. Opposition politicians and civil society live in fear of government reprisal to speak about the war crimes and post war conduct of the military government in northern and eastern provinces. The military has taken over the civil responsibilities of administering and restoring the northern and eastern provinces. All plans to undertake welfare and rehabilitating work by anybody has to be approved by the ministry of Defense.  The heavy presence of military is a hindrance and deterrence for normalcy to return for the civilian people.

The Tamil Diaspora must undertake humanitarian work to rehabilitate the war traumatized Tamil people at this hour of need. The Sri Lankan government delays the release of detained LTTE cadres for every action, protest or call for Tamil Ellam by overseas Tamil. The failure of LTTE war for Tamil homeland has taken Tamil people 50 years backward. There is no hope for any freedom struggle now. The urgent task is to bring the Sri Lankan government to war crime tribunal and undertake humanitarian work urgently. All attempts must be made to demilitarize the military zones and decentralize the governance and administrative function to the Northern Province. Under the current jubilant and chest beating mood of the Rajapakse government, changes have to be initiated externally and through international bodies. Within Sri Lanka people live in fear and nothing meaningful can be initiated. Aids given to Sri Lankan government may not reach the war victims in north and east. Local NGOs currently involved in welfare and resettlement work can be an alternative to channel aids.

Senator S.Ramakrishnan and Manoharan M.P. for Teluk Intan