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A government that cannot provide scholarship for poor bright students have no right to govern

June 10, 2010

At the press meeting in Nagas restaurant in brickfields on 1st June 2010 a number of students with more than 10 As in SPM examination came complaining that they did not get JPA scholarship nor matriculation seat in residential colleges. Their parents work as lorry drivers, taxi drivers, petty traders and menial workers. It is unfortunate that the government could not include these students for scholarship or accommodate them for matriculation seats. MP for Rasah Anthoy Loke who was present said that the number of scholarships have reduced from the previous years.

Provision of quality education is the responsibility of government and providing scholarship or matriculation seat for deserving students is nation building which a good government will happily undertake. A government that cannot provide these has no business to govern and sure to fall in the near future. It is a failure on the part of government not to help good students to study further. Education Ministry officials must think as where these students will go if there is no support to study further. Education is the only way for poor students to uplift them and their family from poverty.

Some of the parents who spoke in the meeting said that they had used their hard earned savings to educate their other children and they cannot effort anymore. Only then they turn to government support. Looks like the government has failed in the social responsibilities to provide for deserving students the help they are looking. These students may resort to seek support from neighboring countries.

Malaysia is a resource rich country blessed with oil, rich crops, industrious people and it is located in growth region. BN politicians and their cronies are squandering and abusing the resources for their own well being.

Government can subsidize toll operators, IPPs, AP permits, PKFZ, perwaja steel, Bakun project, wasteful and megaprojects. They find it difficult to provide scholarship for poor deserving students. Malaysians have paid for the poor governance and continue to pay for costly decisions taken by the BN government.

A responsible government will provide at least further education opportunities in local universities for these worthy students. They can be trained into useful human resources for nation building. How else can the government retain and employ good personals to run and manage government services.

Direct selling of sugar to customers is bush fighting and competing with small retailers

June 10, 2010

The recent announcement by deputy domestic trade cooperative and consumerism minister Datuk Tan Lian hoe that so long as there are complaints of sugar shortage from retail outlets or consumers, the ministry will sell it directly to the public is an irresponsible and callous attempt to redress the ground situation. It is because of such stop gap measures that shortages of basic commodities occur off and on all the time.

The ministry never wanted to solve the problem and put the delivery mechanism right. How many hoarders and smugglers were prosecuted this year?  Looks like our enforcement lacks the will and wish in arresting these culprits. Rules and laws are useless if no proper enforcement.
Instead of finding a long term sustainable solution to this shortage, minister has found stop gap measure to issue license without fee to sell these basic commodity. This measure will increase bureaucracy, corruption and nepotism. Traders are now subjected to more inconvenience and hassle from enforcement officers.

The ministry officials must make most informed decision to improve the present supply and delivery of sugar so that current situation is repeated often. Similar actions and safeguards must be taken to keep other basic commodities supply is not affected. Malaysia must improve security plan for sugar supply in the long term knowing the need and demand for sugar.

Malaysian government is not consistent and slip short in developing food supply chain in the long term. Manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and consumers must be taken on board to develop a long term sustainable food production and supply chain. This is very lacking in the current ground reality. Closing monitoring and ground empirical study must be conducted to find a beneficial solution.

The current shortage is an artificial one that has to be solved by increasing the supply by allowing more manufacturers and regulate the terms and conditions of wholesalers and retailers. The three suppliers of refined sugar there are: Malayan Sugar Manufacturing (MSM), Central Sugar Refinery Sdn Bhd and Padang Terap Sdn Bhd. Besides these three manufacturers can we import sugar if the price is cheaper?