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Make Sports Challenging and Rewarding to Attract Teens

February 23, 2010


Malaysia is one country which backpedaled on every aspect be it sports, economy, public delivery, education, race relations, health and you name it. The government politicized and meddled in all the sports associations. Every sports organization is either headed by a BN politician or the royal family. Foreign football coaches were dumped as no good but the same coach can take another team to world cup. Malaysian sports association leaders are all aligned to BN and its cronies. There is no meritocracy in the selection and management of sports associations. The results after spending millions is zero and they blame everybody else accept themselves.

What’s the way forward? Firstly the Minister of Sports and his officials must do some soul searching as to why did we came to this doldrums. An honest and sincere effort is needed for this purpose. Is there political will to put things straight and make some bold changes? (more…)