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Blaming non-Malays is bigotry

February 19, 2015

Army Chief General Raja Mohamed Affandi’s statement on the recruitment of non-Malays including non-Muslims from Sabah and Sarawak as below expectation is not new. Earlier on the 26/10/2010 Ahmad Zahidi gave non-patriotism as a reason for non-Malays not joining the forces. Similar comments were made on 17 Sept 2002 by the then Defense Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak. Umno Ministers have been making similar comments as and now to drive the message that non-Malays are not patriotic and that they are more interested in making money and leave the country’s security to their Malay brothers. Besides blaming non-Malays, these Umno ministers have never made any attempt to find out why the numbers dwindled.

Malaysian had illustrious and decorated officers both Malays and non-Malays. The army had about 15 Non-Malay generals, Navy about 12 non-Malay Lakshamanas and 14 non-Malay generals from the Air forces. The first local naval chief was Commodore T.Thanabalasingham. Every thinking Malaysian knows that there has been covert and informal policies by the government to employ only Malays at the expense of the non-Malays since 1970. After Mahathir taking over the Umno leadership, the cornerstone of recruitment policy was ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). Non-Malays were and are leap frogged when comes to promotion and application forms of non-Malays go to dustbin while the Malays’ go to the recruitment desk.

Many well performing non-Malay officers were over looked and overtaken by their juniors many times shattering these non-Malay officers dignity. Furthermore the islamisation and non-merit race based promotion in civil service lead to many non-Malays turning away from the civil and uniformed services. Despite the racial policies Umno claims without any guilt that they are fair to all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. This is dishonesty and hiding facts with fictions. The current racial composition in the civil and uniform services is proof of past biased policies. 1Malaysia and other cheerful slogan chanting are made to hood wink the outsiders from knowing actual situation. 1.5 million Skilled and capable Malaysians are working outside the country strengthening other countries and MNCs. But Umno ministers and their supporters will continue to blame and find fault with the non-Malays, to divert the attention from their economic and political failures.

Security is the concern of every Malaysian regardless of race and religion. But the Umno government believes that the ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) will lead the Malays into being wealthiest and don’t need others. Even the Bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak are discriminated against, as most of them are Christians. The Malays connected to Umno increased their economic share and wealth disproportionately while the unconnected remain poor and ignorant. Umno uses race and religion to instill fear among the village Malay masses by creating bogey enemy of non-Malays. Once this myth is busted the truth will dawn upon this folks.

Racial preferences have perpetuated nepotism, prejudices and distorted world views among Malaysian society. With the changing and evolving geopolitics and economy, Umno’s outdated policies will stand exposed. It’s matter of time and they know it too. The valor, contributions and sacrifices of the Chinese, Indians and our east Malaysian brothers and sisters towards the sovereignty and security of Malaysia is purposely omitted and subdued. Due to the discriminative public policies the uniform services have lost many talented and capable Malaysians. The loser is Malaysia.

Un-educating an entire nation founded on race relations.

February 13, 2014

The epitaph of the late boxer Joe Louis reads “he was a credit to his race, the human race.” Very few in Malaysia’s history, sadly, can live up to that description of the ‘Brown Bomber’ as Louis was known as.

In Malaysia, racism and narrow mindedness are destined to not only to flourish but perpetuate because the education system is focused on segregation and discrimination and not nurturing good human values and humanity. The system now encourages bigotry and biasness to blindly follow orders without questioning why or how.

It is shameful that our country with a multiracial and multi religious demographic for 57 years after independence and peaceful co-existence, has become a haven for a few hardliners and extremist who hold the moderate majority at ransom. The UMNO led government is silent and looks the other way when a small group of hardliners spew racial venom that can cause irreparable damage to the economy and the social fabric of Malaysia.

The incidents, beginning with the cow head protest, pig carcass being thrown in mosques, inciting racial riots, doing the ‘butt dance’ after Bersih 3 protest, confiscating bibles and the recent chicken slaughtering with RM1200 offer to slap a sitting MP for political satire are shameful racist incidents that have tarnished the moderate image of Malaysia.

We have hit rock bottom!

I wonder why UMNO and its supporters are so hyper sensitive to any differences of opinion. They seem to have lost their sense of humor and harmony and are unable to accept differences and diversity. For the slightest slant, these UMNO supporters remind Malaysians of the May 13 tragedy, using it like truncheon to hit anybody on the head who even remotely disagrees with their brand of politics. UMNO Ministers seem to tolerate and accept selective prosecutions and racial discrimination as if it is some warped form of natural justice.

But the root of this problem lies in education —the Malaysian education system. Racism is bound to flourish when you have an education system that doesn’t focus on nurturing exemplary human beings. And the system does not allow any critical thinking or thinking out of the box. Today, it is a well-known fact that Malaysian education system is used as a political tool for social engineering.

Racial profiling starts from day one in schools. For every purpose and form filling two questions will feature prominently i.e what is your race and religion? Racial discrimination and segregation are not just visible but is felt in every facet of the Malaysian education system.

Racism is institutionalized   

National schools cater for the need of one race only. Only 6% of national schools are non-Malay students whereas 12% in Chinese schools are non-Chinese students. It appears that Chinese schools are more multiracial than national schools.

The increasing religious fever and racial institutionalization without any regard to the presence of non-Muslim students in national schools has made vernacular schools the preferred choice for others. Besides, there are exclusive schools and higher learning institutions strictly for the chosen ones from one particular race. Racist bigotry and religious intolerance is spoon fed in religious classes which are compulsory in national schools. And multiculturalism is a byword and only token attention is paid to foster it. Building a harmonious and united nation is never the purpose of our education system. But the highest allocation is made to education ministry in every budget. What a waste it is.

But netizens and the non-Malays are blamed by the UMNO led government for religious and racial bigotry. Those in power can raise any amount of racial provocation but the others or victims should not get offended, otherwise they will be blamed for racial provocation.

The latest in series of protests and calling for racial riots due to the use of the word Allah by non-Muslim can only be found in Malaysia. Looks like Malaysia has overtaken even Saudi Arabia. The continued use of discriminatory policies and practices by the UMNO led government against their own citizens is unparalleled and don’t exist in any other country. Yet Malaysia has the audacity to call and pass judgments on others as inhuman and racist. With 2020 just 6 years away can Malaysia become inclusive to face both external economic challenges and the internal racial and religious divisive discordances? We hope good senses will prevail.

With this kind of path chosen, Malaysia will never produce the likes of Nelson Mendelas or a Martin Luther King.  More likely we have in the making, Mussolinis and Hitlers in the schools already.

DBKL and other local councils in Malaysia are lords unto themselves

September 29, 2010

The sun newspaper reported under the head line CITY HALL CRITISED FOR DOUBLE STANDARD on September 28 2010 where two brothers were denied business license to operate a cendol stall for 10 years under the pretext that the place is not suitable. But two others who carried the same food and drink business in the same location received business license. On top of that the brothers, who were denied license, have to ward off confiscation of their van by city hall officers. Besides the harassment, they were served with summons totaling RM20000 over the years. Calls and text messages for a response to this report by SUN newspaper reporter were not responded by city hall and its mayor.

Looking at the information reported I am sure the other two who got the license are Malays. Therefore this is a case of clear day light double standard practiced by DBKL. This discrimination is worse than apartheid because hear the discrimination is discrete and dishonest. Why can’t the mayor and city hall respond to the media inquiry and DBKL should come clean to say whether they discriminate or fair to all. The two youths who were denied business license Yuganthiran Sukumaran and Vijendran Sukuman said “we are trying to make an honest living, but the system is not allowing us to do so”. The lamenting by them and the opportunity denied to them goes against the very grain of 1Malaysia. DBKL would have done a great national service if it had given the business to all four of them and make them think that Malaysia is their country and make them proud of it. This episode is another example of how hallow the 1Malaysia is and looks like it’s just a political rhetoric and meant to hoodwink the non Malays.

The undeclared and devious racial discrimination by DBKL is not an isolated case but rampant and common in all municipalities in Malaysia. DBKL and other municipalities in Malaysia are all headed by just one race and 95 over percent of the staffs who work for these municipalities are the same one race. Municipalities in Malaysia are not competent, accountable nor transparent. They fail to recognize that the bulk of quit rent and other revenues that they receive come from other races in Malaysia. The local councils in Malaysia waste the revenues by paying higher prices and undertaking projects which are unworthy. All contracts given out also go to the same one race. Isn’t all these practice reminds us of apartheid? But when you point out that they are practicing apartheid, they will deny and get very angry and threaten us.

What surprises me is that, UMNO is totally in harmony with these injustices and discriminations meted out to other races in Malaysia and have the guts to claim the moral high ground. These guys are incredible. But what these UMNOPUTRAs with all their religious fervor fail to understand is that inequality, unfairness and duplicity are not sustainable and it’s against their very religious values and principles. History has shown time and again that racial segregations and discriminations have destroyed governments and regimes. South Africa is our latest example to learn from.

May we as Malaysians reflect and emulate upon our common goals and values for lasting peace and prosperity. Let’s all work towards a political change to bring about a political system that do not discriminate based on race. ‘Let’s be the change that we want to see in the world’ as mahatma Ghandhi said.