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What Now?

January 11, 2010

After a weekend where our beloved country hogged the international limelight and fame for the wrong reasons, which was totally uncalled for and total unproductive, calls for calm was adhered.

What next?

Everybody is now watching and looking at the police department as to whether any of the arsonists will be brought to court and charged or will this issue end like one of those many unresolved mysteries.

Today another church in Seremban was targeted by vandals bringing the total number of churches attacked to eight. And it looks like the police are clueless as to where this vandals and arsonists come from.

Issuing statements saying that they are investigating and probing is not enough. The people must see results and therefore the police must hold daily press briefing to keep the general public informed on their progress in investigation.

This is a matter of national concern. Lots of goodwill and good feeling is lost due to the way the government handled the ALLAH issue. The government must go out of its way to restore the lost goodwill and bring back confidence and optimism in the minds of its citizens. No issues are ever solved by sweeping them under the carpet or by shutting up the media.

The Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak and IGP Musa Hassan must address the rising uncertainty the ALLAH issue has created and reassure the general public that no one is above the law.

Ordinary citizens are more concerned with their bread and butter issues, children’s education, increase in prices of essential goods, job opportunities than what name you call GOD. Those who are igniting the controversy are acting out of ignorance or for political gains.

If the police misses this opportunity to bring those arsonists to court, it will completely lose its credibility.

All is not lost and we still have the opportunity of rebuilding what we lost over this episode through inter-faith dialogues and consultations with civil society representatives, non-governmental organisations and politicians from both the ruling and opposition divide.

Police should focus on policing the country and not silencing people from talking.

December 30, 2009

The police probe on Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng and Selangor state exco Ean Yong Hian Wah for voicing their feeling and thoughts on Teoh Beng Hock’s death is unwarranted, and highhanded.

It only reiterates that police are not for citizen of this country but work to keep the status quo of the government in power. Police are not acting independently to bring law and order to the people. But instead show off their police powers.

Police have to prove beyond doubt that their probe/investigation is progressing independently and justice will be done. They also have to show that they are able to solve Teoh’s murder mystery.

Police exist to serve the people. Therefore police should treat the people and their political leaders with respect. Political leaders are elected and it’s their responsibility to speak out on issues they are concerned with.

The action of the police in silencing political leaders has cast doubts as to whether the police are neutral in carrying out their duties to serve the general public. These calls and concerns of Guan Eng and Hian Wah should prompt police to speed up the investigation and solve the murder.

Besides this, there is a general concern about the rising crime in the country. Therefore, police must find a way to stop the increase in snatch thefts, robberies, kidnappings, gang fights, rapes of infants and murders.

There are many murders and crimes that are not solved till date. This cast skepticism on police ability and willingness to solve these crimes. People are blocking their taman and neighbourhoods with bump gates and security guards.

This is a clear indication that public security has gone from bad to worse. The police force has to come out with innovative ways to combat these crimes and create cordial public relations with political leaders, be it government or opposition.

The ordinary citizens and victims of crimes are looking up to the police to bring justice and safety back to the streets and parks. I, therefore, hope the police will remain focused on the job at hand and not go punishing those who raise relevant and important questions.