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PM on 5th gear towards general election

April 19, 2012

Prime Minister Datuk Najib Tun razak works as thought he is the president of Malaysia. All other ministers including DPM have become subdued in their media coverage as compared to Datuk Najib Tun Razak. The PM has taken upon himself the task of reviving the fortune of UMNO/BN after their worst election in March 2008. Soon after taking the premiership, he announced the ambitious political (GTP) and economic transformation programs (ETP). He bulldozed the implementation of these programs sidestepping the government departments by creating a new unit PEMANDU under the leadership of Datuk Idris jala. Billions have been poured into the projects. GTP primarily targets improvement in cost of living, crime rate, Preschool education, rural basic infrastructure, public transportation, uplifting low income household and corruption. ETP focused on enhancing competitiveness and economic growth.

3 years after implementation the programs, PM says the results and scorecards are encouraging. But many critics are not optimistic about its achievements. Since the launch of GTP, Crime index of Malaysia dropped to 60th ranking from 56th. Cost of living continues to go up. Public transportations are still in shambles. Even economic growth is far slower than initially projected. Private sector investment is lesser that envisaged. ETP projects are creating more jobs for low wage earning foreigners. ETP targets 6% growth from 2011 to 2020 each year. In 2011 economic growth was 4-5%.  Government debt is still increasing and fast approaching the debt threshold of 55% of GDP. The divide between rich and poor are getting wider. BN government simply ran out of ideas to outgrow the external and internal challenges.

Institutionalized racialism and corruption is slowing down the transformation programs. PM and UMNO has no will and wish to bring about the structural transformation. DPM claims Malaysian education is better than UK, US and Germany yet every year thousands are send to these countries for further studies.  All our neighboring countries are racing to overtake us in economic growth, political stability, corruption and good governance.

The prime minister nitiated civil liberal reforms by amending and abolishing rigid, restrictive and draconian laws like ISA, PPPA, UUCA and emergency ordinance. The emergency ordinance was replaced with peaceful assembly bill; ISA is replaced with security offences (special measures) bill. Amendments are being made to UUCA which still do not provide the freedom to students to participate in off campus politics. It’s like old wine repacked into new bottles to appease voters.

Datuk Seri Najib is now rushing to implement the minimum wages to win over the workers support. 40% of our work forces are foreigners. 34% of Malaysian workers earn below RM700 which is below poverty line. Malaysian workers job security and income are regressing with more foreign workers imported and foreigners are now openly engaged in small trading in market places. UMNO/BN has lost the plot to lead the country. PM has tried all tricks in hand but nothing much to show. Now he is bribing the rural and poor voters with BRIM which is Beri Rasuah 1 Malaysia.

It’s time to change the government for at least one term. Let UMNO/BN be in opposition and Datuk Najib be the opposition leader for one term. This is a must to eradicate institutionalized racism and corruption.  Indians should be part of the change looming large in Malaysian politics. Let’s raise up to the occasion. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan



After 54 years should Malaysian Indians still keep nambikai (faith) in BN government?

January 30, 2012

Each time the PM is hard pressed by some scandal or allegation by PR, some offers are promised for the Indian community. Last week PM Datuk Najib announced that Datuk Palanivel is now the lead minister. Datuk Palanivel the MIC president is already the ministerfor the socio-economic development of the Indian community in the PMO. I wonder what difference it makes now. At the same occasion in Puchong SRJK(T) kinrara, Datuk Najib called all Tamil educationist to come out with a blueprint on how to take Tamil schools forward. This clearly shows the government does not have any policy framework to improvise Tamil schools or for that matter Indian community after 54 years of rule. UMNO has robbed the future of one generation of Indian students who did not have proper facilities and support from government. Thanks to the other component parties of BN. The BN government allowed Tamil schools to continue this far because of Indian votes. They know that Tamil school is close to the heart of every Tamil and closing Tamil school will be political suicide. But they wanted Tamil schools to die on its own without them closing it. Fortunately the Indian community supported it till today.

PM also announced that government had allocated RM340 million for physical and infrastructure development for Tamil schools across the nation. He said, in terms of management and administration, the government had invested about RM2 billion for Tamil schools since 2009. If these monies were spent on Tamil schools, they will be better off than national type schools. I wish the lead minister or the prime minister gives a breakdown of the billions spent. All these monies were spent without a proper blue print. We hear from MIC ministers and PM that millions and now billions spent on the 524 Tamil schools, still 322 schools are in private land and get minimal support. I am puzzled how they spent so much money and yet physical and living conditions of the 322 schools are in dilapidated conditions.

The passing rate of in UPSR examination in Tamil schools is 50-53%. Which is low compared with national and Chinese schools. Many studies were made and presented but the government was not bothered to follow through it. Many UMNO leaders have said that they don’t need Indian votes. They were winning big. Now that the Chinese voters want a political change and Malay voters too have realized that with all the bumiputra policies, Malays are still poor and vulnerable to economic changes.  Educated Malays who form a large section in Malay society are thinking beyond the UMNO political propaganda.

Indian society should learn to remain politically relevant. We cannot afford to be on the wrong side of political changes. Malaysian Indians should not depend on the PM to offer goodies now and then. We need government policy changes that take us as citizens of this country and therefore entitled to equal treatment. Non Malays were disqualified in the offer of scholarships, job opportunities, government contracts and GLCs. Malaysian policies are worse than apartheid. UMNO comes out with policies that will deliberately disqualify the non Malays in securing contracts or anything from government. That racist, nefarious and hypocritical is UMNO. Yet they have no qualms in accepting sin tax from gambling and alcohol that are paid by non Malays.

It is timely now for a new blue print and development plan for Tamil schools to be submitted to both PR and BN. Tamil schools need to be transformed into a center where students also learn soft and social skills, positive attitude and become thinkers. Tamil school students must be successful in secondary school and beyond. Students should not end with Tamil education but make Tamil a global language for others to learn Tamil langauge. The negative influence of MIC must be wiped and removed from Tamil schools. A new blue print in the changing political and economic environment is urgently needed. It’s now or never

Senator S. Ramakrishnan