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PM Najib promotes 1Malaysia yet defends Nasir Jaffar for his seditious words.

June 29, 2010

So Nasir Jaffar is let off scot free despite the most derogatory words on Indians and Chinese uttered last February in a 1Malaysia gathering. The prime minister defended Nasir jaffar by saying that Nasir was not referring to local Indians and Chinese. Public apology is punishment enough therefore no prosecution was necessary.

The MIC and MCA leaders who attended the 1Malaysia public gathering when Nasir Jaffar made the derogatory remark made a number of police reports. Yet the UMNO led government refuses to belief that the remark was seditious and gives all kinds of excuses for Nasir Jaffar.

This is an indication of the 1Malaysia hypocrisy of Najib which was intended to be mere political slogan to deceive non Malays to vote for UMNO led government. Well, he can fool some people at some time and not all the people all the time.

Nasir Jaffar’s outburst reflects the deeper feeling and thinking of UMNO leaders towards the acceptance of non Malays as equal citizens of Malaysia. UMNO wants the votes of Chinese and Indians but never wanted to share the wealth of this country. It is a feudalistic party that enriches only its cronies and friends. They have no regards for good governance, equitability and fairness.

Therefore the UMNO led government is not sustainable. After 50 years of governance they have become corrupted, out of touch with people and power crazy. The apartheid government of South Africa despite 46 years of iron rule too can collapse. Similarly the racial segregation of UMNO led government was given strong message that if you do not shape up, you will be shipped out.

Well meaning citizens of all races must unite against racism of UMNO and never allow them to hoodwink us anymore. This nation is like a ship where the misdoings of a few crony crews can sink the whole ship of all races. Every citizen has a stake in the well being of this beloved country. Racism, nepotism and corruption the hallmarks of UMNO will wreck this beautiful and bountiful Malaysia.

Even in the 10th Malaysia Plan the prime minister said that New Economic Model will be the pillar for the plan but in actual there is no NEM but all about achieving 30% bumiputra equity participation. There is no separate affirmative action for any marginalized or weak community but privatization and incentives for mega projects.

The UMNO led government has abdicated ordinary folks of all races but protects and accredits its cronies and supporters. Malaysians must awake up to the political realities without any preconditions and prejudices and see the wealth accumulation thrust of UMNO government. The ball is in people’s court.