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1Malaysia initiatives finally drowned in debts

March 21, 2015

The 1Malaysia slogan was supposed to be the game changer for PM Datuk Seri Najib when he took office in 2009. Datuk Najib tun Razak came out with 1Malaysia slogan to win back the non-Malays who have deserted UMNO/BN after the 2008 general election when for the first time BN lost their 2/3 majority and 5 states fell to PR. The slogan was launched with much pomp and pride to turn around the electoral fortunes of BN. 1Malaysia campaigns and slogans launched emphasizing the ethnic harmony, unity and improve delivery to the government agencies and civil servants and Umno politicians. Huge funds were injected into the 1Malaysia campaign and transformation initiatives. Public debt which stood at 38% of GDP in 2009 jumped to almost 55% around 2014. But the national unity, public delivery and corruption levels never improved for the better.

From the beginning Umno hardline leaders nurtured and groomed by Mahathir rejected and did not support the 1Malaysian theme of PM Najib. The 1Malaysia intiatives, the transformation programs and people first and performance now initiatives, did not receive the needed support from civil servants and Umno hardliners. Mahathir himself reported saying that he “still doesn’t understand (masih tidak faham)” the concept. Perkasa went to town against PM for introducing the 1Malaysia campaign to unite the country. Datuk Seri Najib was helplessly watching the opposition with Umno, Mahathir, Perkasa and Isma and remained silent without confronting them. 1Malaysia slogan was spoken about and mentioned in all government sponsored programs but its objectives were never achieved. National unity, improvement in deliver system and corruption level never improved and the whole initiative was a failure.

Datuk Seri Najib armed with the 1Malaysia slogan and transformation initiatives programs behind him went into the 13th election in 2013 hoping to wind more non-Malay votes and retain the Malay votes. The non-Malay support did not come back to BN and for the first time BN lost the popular votes. Even though Pakatan secured 52% popular votes but could only win 89 parliament seats out of 222(40%). It’s Obvious that BN won due to gerrymandering and unfair delineation of electoral boundaries. After 2013 elections Datuk Seri Najib dumped 1Malaysia and made moves to win back Malay votes and strengthen his position in Umno. All his efforts failed and to top it Malaysians witness the MH370 disappearance, drop in oil prices and now the 1MDB.

Even though 1Malaysia initiatives did not bring the much needed national unity and harmony, but 1MDB sovereign fund turned out to be swelling pool that might drag down even the BN government. The complex money trails round the globe and the complex wheeling and dealing is simply complicated for even professionals. It’s amazing that a MOF linked company will billions of dollars being handled by personals not in the management using dubious companies and the MOF, PMO, BNM and Security Commission as just watching it happen. Within 5 years since its inception the sovereign fund accumulated 42 billion in debts and still counting.

Assets pasted their expiry dates were purchased with excessive prices and prime lands allotted at nominal prices hoping for high gains on valuations. Excessive loans with high interest rates taken to finance the purchase of overpriced assets finally exposed the unsustainable business model of 1MDB. Billions of dollars transferred out with no questions from BNM to dubious accounts in Cayman Island managed by unknown fund managers from Hong Kong makes 1MDB a thriller story. Malaysians may forget all the other 1Malaysia initiatives but 1MDB will be remembered and quoted as how funds should not be managed. It is sad that a noble initiative turned out to be colossal mistake.

PM should resign to make way for independent inquiry

March 17, 2015

Auditor general and inspector general have announced that their departments will audit and investigate the transactions of 1MDB for any mismanagement and questionable deals. For any credible and independent inquiry the suspected parties must make way and allow free hand in inquiry and return once the inquiry clears them of any wrong doings. How will auditor general and his department investigate if the prime minister himself is subject to inquiry? It will be partial and defeat the whole purpose of investigation. Therefore to come out with credible and impartial inquiry the prime minister must step aside and allow a full inquiry.

Besides, Umno itself is in full support of the prime minister without knowing the details and without any inquiry. All these impediments will hinder a proper and independent inquiry. US$1 billion was disbursed by 1MDB to buy 40% stake in 1MDB Petrosaudi Ltd which had assets worth only US$100 million and later converted US$700 million as loan repayment to Petrosaudi. This transaction looks dubious and doesn’t make any sense. Yet the 1MDB directors and advisors and MOF officials did not raise any red flag to stop the payment and verify the transaction. MOF and PMO officials were silent about these fictitious and purported transactions using tax payer’s money.  The Prime Minister cum finance minister stand exposed for being also the chairman of 1MDB. Therefore the prime minister must lead the way in setting an example for others to follow.

160 Umno division leaders out of 191 divisions have given the prime minister their support. The minister of agriculture Ismail Sabri who spoke for other division leaders said that they cannot compromise misappropriation and abuse of power but 1MDB is free from these abuses. Another division leader says that 1MDB has more asset than debts and the company will show more profits later. But DPM Tan Sri  Muhyiddin had come out with his own statement on 1MDB, saying there would be no public bailout of the company and that its directors must explain some of the company’s business deals which had not profited the government.

1MDB has paid out US$1billion to a company that did not even have company profile to sign any joint venture agreement and yet Umno leaders can say there is no misappropriation and abuse of power. Why was 1MDB set up for in the first place? Is it to uplift the economic interest of Bumiputras?   Auditor general and IGP may not have a free hand to conduct a credible inquiry. PM must resign to enable the auditor general and inspector general to investigate.

A young boy called Jho Teck Low the superstar was able to lead 1MDB into debt amounting to RM42 billion without any accountability or public disclosure within 5 shorts years. It’s incredible that MOF, 1MDB and PMO allowed it to happen. This kid has broken many laws that warrant an inquiry.

Yet Umno cannot see the seriousness of the matter and going about as though nothing has happened. Whistle blower site Sarawak report and the edge have revelation the detailed dealing and close knit connection of Jho teck low and the ruling government leaders. There are enough evidences to investigate.  All the AG and IGP need is to side aside the impediments and the political will to conduct and independent inquiry.

Batu Caves condo opens BN pandora box of deception

November 15, 2012

The announcement by PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to scrap the 29 storey condominium has turned the condo issue into open BN PR row. By making the announcement, Najib has flexed his muscle to impress the Indian community into believing that he can better serve them than the PR Selangor government. But he contradicted himself by transferring out the president of Majlis perbandaran Selayang (MPS) for disclosing the minutes of 2007 meeting which clearly showed that it was BN councilors who approved the project. If not for the PR government in Selangor state, the PM would not have bothered to come to Batu Caves and called to scrap the project. UMNO leaders were never bothered about Batu Caves before 2008 election.      

The authority to issue and cancel the development order of the 29 storey condominium, lies with MPS and the state government and not with Prime Minister. Being a PM he must respect the rules and regulations and promote good governance. Why in the first place the PM did not express his displeasure at those who approved the project and call for action against guilty parties. Looks like Najib wants to politicize the condo issue to win the Indian votes. Since MIC has become a liability to BN, PM Najib has to use his authority win the Indian votes.  

This project was approved without the environmental impact assessment and no thorough consultation with all the stakeholders. It is unfortunate that all these deficiencies in the approval process did not bother the PM. He was only concerned with scrapping the condo project and applying for UNESCO heritage listing. He should have expressed his concern over the approval and need to improve good governance. He failed to use the condo project to highlight the larger issue of corruption and disregard for the sanctity of the temple by the relevant government departments during the approval process.           

If Najib is really concerned about the temple and Batu caves issue, he must initiate an investigation into the temple management committee and appoint respectable people in the temple management committee. The current committee is self appointed does not reflect the wish of the community. The 1930 court order has to be done away with and let the committee come under a new Hindu endowment board. Batu Caves is a heritage and environment issue. It is a site and legacy that must protected.  Therefore the temple committee must be headed by a respectable public figure who is more transparent and accountable.

The Selangor Menteri Besar has appointed Datuk N.Sadasivam to review the whole condo project approval along with all other projects approved in the vicinity of Batu Caves. This is timely and a professional approach to a lasting solution. PM Najib should emulate the Selangor government way of handling the Batu Caves condo controversy created by BN government. PM Najib should not look at Indian community from vote bank perspective but as minorities who has equal rights.

MIC support to Indian contracts is a farce

October 5, 2012

For the first time prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced in the budget 2012 in Oct 2011, the special allocation of 100 million for Tamil school repairs and upkeep. But as per government policy all repair and upkeep work has to be awarded to Malay contractors. These contracts are normally given out on negotiated price which is always overpriced to help Malay contractors. But the BN government will tell the Indian community that they have given RM100 million to Indian community. MIC will proudly repeat this to the gullible and poor Indians that the BN government is very concern and cares for Indians.

Many NGOs urged the BN government to issue these contracts to Indian contractors. MIC to make themselves relevant took the NGO’s demand and informed PM that these Tamil school repair and renovation work must be given to Indian contractors. For the information of all, Chinese school repair and renovation work has always been done by Chinese contractors all these while.

Under the current political scenario, where Indian votes have deserted BN, PM agreed to award these contracts to Indian contractors. But to allow Indian contractors to undertake Tamil school contract work, there must be a policy change. The BN procurement policy is all work must be given to Malay contractors. So this matter was taken to ministry of finance and then to cabinet committee to make a policy change to allow awarding of contracts to Indian contractors to repair and renovate Tamil schools.

As way out of this policy obstacle, Indian contractors were encouraged to register themselves in the newly formed Suria Cooperative society which is the economic vehicle of the new MIC president. Tamil school repair and renovation contracts will be given to Suria cooperative society members. They had balloting to pick the contractors. I understand that very few are genuine contractors.  Once again there is no policy change but MIC helped the prime minister to come out a temporary convenient measure to circumvent the UMNO racial policy. Is this the way MIC fight for Indian rights. It is a sellout of Indian rights to UMNO.

How many Tamil schools were repaired and renovated so far under this special allocation?

I understand that before Datuk Seri Samy Velu became minister of works in 1980, Indian contractors were awarded Tamil School renovation contracts. But Samy Velu changed this policy to award contract to his Malay cronies.     

In the budget 2013 the prime minister has announced 100 million for Tamil school repair and renovation. I do not know whether the 6 new Tamil Schools are included in this100 million. Has the ministry of education identified the land for the 6 schools and have work started on building these schools. Since MIC is acting as intermediary to ministry of education, they must inform the public on the developments of the repair work and the construction of new schools.   

MIC has again rescued UMNO from the wrath of Indian community about the repair of Tamil schools. Tamil schools were neglected for 55 years. Ministry of education has conveniently outsourced Tamil Schools back to MIC which was the past practice. Do Tamil schools have any future under this arrangement? Is Datuk Palanivel also the minister of Tamil schools? 

There is no department for Tamils schools in the education ministry even though there are 524 Tamil schools.   

Since the finance minster has announced the allocation 50 million for training of Indian youths, how will this training programs conducted. Is the 50 million given to MIC or Suria Cooperative society to conduct training programs?

Tekun loan is already being handled by MIC. Every Tekun loan applicant needs a MIC leader’s recommendation. MIC was rejected by Indian community in 2008 election. Yet UMNO provides the life line to rescue them. This is the predicament of Indians in Malaysia. Even if Indians reject MIC UMNO will continue to save and keep them as lapdog.  UMNO do not care how Indians fare in education or economy. They only want Indian votes.

With the same        votes Indians have to shape their future for the sake of their children.   

BERNAMA’s rebuttal hints picture doctored

September 6, 2012

Bernama’s denial is shocking because The Star staff themselves were embarrassed for the exaggeration in number of people present in the Prime Minister’s house.

 I challenge Bernama to show a video of post it on Youtube showing the number of people and that particular scene because Bernama also had its TV station covering the event.

 If the event had such a mammoth crowd I am certain Bernama’s TV cameraman would have captured the typical scene and broadcast it on TV. But, it was not done. Can Bernama prove it by showing the TV footage to support its denial?

 The Bernama editor-in-chief admitted the photographer had used his “creativity” in capturing the picture of a crowd surging forward with cameras held ready to snap a shot of the first couple.  

 With all the modern state of art cameras and equipments at Bernama’s disposal doctoring the picture to depict a large crowd of well wishers with different sizes of faces from front to the background of the picture is small matter.  

 Now, I will state the reasons why the picture was doctored according to photographer and printing expert.

 Sri Perdana cannot hold such a large crowd (tens of thousands as indicated in The Star’s caption line) as the picture portrays a crowd of tens of thousands.

 Hari Raya open house is usually attended by the young, old and disabled on wheel chairs and this is not evident.

 In the front page picture is a sea of faces and this is not possible to be gathered in one spot on the Hari Raya day.

 Most of the youths are with cameras, there must be something more exciting than Najib.

  • The pictures are doctored, primarily because some of the people in the background appear larger.

 Different pictures have been juxtaposed and superimposed in the doctoring process to create an impression of a large crowd.

 This picture does not show Najib and it is a total let down in the public relations campaign to gain supporters for the Barisan.

 A Hari Raya event would usually show Najib shaking hands and meeting the people and this is lost in this picture which The Star decided to use on the front page.

 The picture has been doctored by an amateur graphic artist who could not hide the doctoring.

  Experienced photographers too confirm that the picture is doctored. Bernama must do more than just a denial to convince Malaysians.