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Umno, the devil’s advocate in pushing for hudud

March 27, 2015

The passing of amendment to the Syariah criminal code 11 1993 in Kelantan is uncalled for at a time when Malaysia is inundated with serious economic and financial debacles and dilemmas. The 42 billion 1MDB loan, weakening of ringgit, high cash outflow, the 16 years continuous budget deficit, rising prices and wages stagnation, rising extremism and fundamentalism supporting ISIL to name a few. While the whole nation is grappling and coming to term with these issues PAS has unilaterally created another constitutional crisis by passing this punitive and primitive law. Datuk Nazri Aziz the tourism minister said that only stupid people will talk about hudud law in Malaysia.

PAS claims that they have tabled and passed the bill democratically but this bill removes all democratic rights of both Muslims and non-Muslims. The peer pressure within Malay/Muslim community silences people from voicing out their opposition against hudud. Even those few who honestly voice out like the satirical artist of BFM are threatened with murder and rape. PAS Ulamas and UMNO supporters of hudud did not speak against these threats. They seem to accept and tolerate rape and murder threat but cannot accept an honest opinion of this punitive and primitive Shariah law. PAS Ulama’s narrow interpretation of punitive laws is reducing the status and dignity of Shariah laws.

Obviously UMNO is playing the devil’s advocate to push hudud as a legislation to deliberately break the unified opposition. UMNO should not spite the opposition to hurt the country and itself. UMNO creates a national crisis whenever it is confronted with serious scandals and internal strife. Operasi lalang and even UMNO Baru were staged and hosted to avert and divert serious challenges to UMNO leadership. UMNO has shrewdly coaxed PAS Ulama faction to table the hudud bill to divert public attention from 1MDB, GST and rising prices.

PAS Ulama faction and UMNO have failed to reckon the sprinkling support emerging for IS militants and growing fundamentalism. Malaysia don’t need more religious laws that will encourage extremism.

The moderate group’s growth and acceptance within PAS makes Ulamas vulnerable and not confident of themselves. They lean on UMNO to gain support and financial aid and this lethal partnership is destroying what our founding fathers painstakingly built. UMNO’s support for the Syariah criminal code 11 1993 amendment in the Kelantan state assembly is blatantly clear after 12 of its assemblymen voted for the bill. It will be a flagrant deviation from the stand taken in the so-called global movement for moderation by Prime Minister Najib.

UMNO support to Hudud bill clearly violates the 18/20 point agreement with Sarawak and Sabah. The first point says that while there was no objection to Islam being the national religion of Malaysia, there should be no State religion in North Borneo, and the provisions relating to Islam in the present Constitution of Malaya should not apply to North Borneo. Therefore this Hudud bill is not applicable in multiracial Malaysia.


An aging Umno battles the new face of tomorrow

May 22, 2014

A year after the most intensly fought general elections in 2013, the Teluk Intan by-elections this month represents a test whether the hirtherto UMNO/BN’s policy of divisivness has prevailed or has been discarded.

The battle for Teluk Intan appears to be equally a tough fight for both BN and DAP.

Whenever UMNO faces a tough election against the DAP, it has consistently employed bigotry and race as the central election issue to run down its opponent.

The fight is more intense in this by-election as the DAP has fielded a young Malay girl. This has the affect of putting fear into UMNO which then becomes racial whenever the DAP’s candidate is a brave Malay.

And it becomes even worse when the candidate this time is a young Malay girl educated from the very exclusively Malay agended, UITM.

Any Malay who is courageous and thinks differently out-of-the-box is labelled and accused of being a traitor who is betraying their community.

By fielding a Malay candidate, DAP is challenging the very political divide and segregation that UMNO has painstakingly upheld since independence.

The policy has been re-engineered to perpetuate itself and to stay in power. UMNO is threatened by this multi-racial approach by the DAP as the BN’s support has been seriously eroded since 2008.

They have to face PKR and PAS to retain the Malay heartland rural areas but now the DAP is opening a new front to entice liberal and urban Malay youths. In social media, Dyaana Sofya Mohd Daud is well accepted by all races much to the disdain of the elders in UMNO and cannot accept this new revolutionary development.

Young Malays have supported Pakatan Rakyat during the 2013 general elections. While the people gravitate towards integration, UMNO is for differention and against a one and truely united Malaysia which goes against their stock trade of division and exclusivilty.

All these shows the UMNO/BN days are numbered and the future picture of Malaysia is one without UMNO in power.

Old, Bigoted Policies

The party strives on base tactics by calling others racist but keeps the nation chronically racially divided country.

Even after 57 years of independence Malaysian polity is dominated by race and religion. I wonder how many Malaysians mix with other races in their daily life.

Perhaps, somewhere and at some point, some survey must have been done as to the percentage Malaysians who mix with other races, both in urban and rural areas. The results maybe shocking for UMNO.

On macro scale, all ETP and GTP projcets implemented since 2009 are slow and staggering to achieve their targets due to the racially divisive policies of UMNO/BN.