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Yong Peng Tamil school construction continue to be in limbo

January 5, 2014

About 10 years ago, Yong Peng div A estate under the sime darby group allotted 5 acres of land for Chinese school and another 5 acres for Tamil school. The Chinese school was completed and classes commenced 1st January 2013. But the adjacent Tamil school is still about 70% completed and construction work stopped come 1st January 2014. The local and state MIC leaders are blaming each other for the stoppage and delay. But isn’t state education department responsible for building and overseeing the school management?

Parents in Yong Peng, Air Itam and Paloh have long campaigned, canvassed and raised fund to build a Tamil school in Yong Peng town. I visited the construction site of the school in Dec, 2011. The low lying swampy area was refilled with muddy earth to raise the ground level. When this matter was highlighted in the Tamil media, both the local MIC leaders and the then deputy education minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong replied that the earth filling need time to hardening and reinforcing before construction could begin. The school building committee which is all local MIC leaders issued statements that the school will be completed for enrollment in January 2013. Later the school committee restated that the school will only be completed in April 2013.

But now at end of Dec 2013 the school construction, remain incomplete and standstill with no construction work going on. Datuk Wee Ka siong in March 2013 claimed that the building was 70% completed just before general election 13. It is not even ready for enrollment in January 2014. Parents who want to send their children to Tamil school are disappointed and felt cheated and let down by the MIC leaders and Datuk Wee Ka siong for not keeping to their words. Besides there is no information by any of the parties involved as to when the school will be completed for enrollment.

Parents from Yong Peng, Air Itam and Paloh were looking forward towards the new school. At present these parents are sending their children to Yong Peng B Division estate which is 20 kilometers away. Each student pays RM 50 bus fare to travel the red sand estate road every day to this dilapidated school. This school has an enrolment of 130 students out of which 124 of them come from town to study in the estate school. With current increase in petrol prices, bus fare is bound to increase along with other expenses.

The local MIC has once again let down the parents and Tamil school students with empty promises. Before the GE 13, Datuk Wee Ka Siong made a visit to the estate school assuring the Indian voters in Yong Peng that the school will be completed on time and therefore no new structure need to be added to the old estate school. It was an empty election promises. Having been reelected I hope he will explain the delay and make a firm commitment when will the school enroll new students. It is long overdue and parents are helplessly waiting to move to the new building. MIC leaders should not seat in the committee if they can’t complete the school on time. The state education department too cannot abdicate their responsibilities. Will the three parties come forward and explain the delay and assure the completion date.


November 9, 2012

The Edge financial daily carried a 2 part interview with Datuk S.K. Devamany the deputy minister in Prime Minister Office? He was saying that Indians should not blame MIC for all their problems but instead change their attitude and take advantage of the various programs launched by Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak. He finally insists that Indians have no choice but to still depend on MIC to defend and carry on the community’s interest. Let us look at what MIC and their fellow component parties are doing right now during the deeepavali seaon.

As Malaysian Indians are celebrating Deepavali, MIC, GERAKAN and PPP have started their main annual activity of giving rice bags and provision hampers all over the country on behalf of UMNO. In places where UMNO is not welcomed due to unfulfilled promises and neglect, MIC, GERAKAN and PPP will go and soft talk the people into accepting UMNO. Then to cement the strained ties with UMNO these Indian parties in BN will give hampers and rice bags and in return get their pledge to vote for BN.       

As a case to mention, in a small town called Tenang in the labis parliamentary constituency, the people are upset because of Tenang by-election in January 2011 unfulfilled promises. The temple in tenang was promised RM500000 by Menteri Besar office is not fulfilled till date.  In another estate temple a hall was promised but in actual a hall ¼ of the original size was built. Collected Signatures submitted to Datuk Devamany during the Tenang by election was not even submitted to SAJ, the Johore water concessioner. House breaking, extortion and poor responses from police in arresting the culprits are hurting the people. The current Member of Parliament for Labis Datuk Chua Tee Yong has not done anything for them. The M.P. gives MIC/MCA/PPP branches their annual allocations to appease them. MIC branches in Labis are dysfunctional, so the PPP branches have moved in to soft talk and sweet talk these simple folks into accepting 5 kilo rice bags and hampers and support BN. This is the case all over Malaysia. UMNO and MCA know how to get Indian votes.

Even though Indians have come a long way and are more politically aware but there are still some gullible people who run after hampers. BN component parties even take photos and publish in Tamil papers that they have given 5 kilo rice bags and hampers. Is this something we should be proud off?  MIC has made Indians addicted to rice bags and hampers. MIC will keep poor Indians run after hampers. 

 Indians have to be part of decision making process which they are not. MIC has made them politically irrelevant. To be relevant Indians must be informed but BN controls the flow of information. Fortunately alternative media saved us. Sad to say even the Indian students in local universities are not spared by MIC. These students are misinformed and persuaded into believing that Indians are taken care of by UMNO/BN by MIC youth. MIC leaders are mercenaries of UMNO. Besides the 1 Malaysia slogans chanting, our PM could not walk his talk. Even the DPM don’t believe in the PM’s 1Malaysia slogan.   

These 5 kilo rice bag and hamper handouts to Indians during deepavali have downgraded our image in the eye of other communities. The years of deprivation have made the poor very short sighted, insecure and self centered. This also shows how easily Indians can be satisfied and made contented. Indians have an image problem. Thanks to MIC/BN. The Indians in US, Europe and even Africa are well respected. But the long apartheid policy of UMNO has robbed us of our self dignity. Indian working class children suffer from no self confidence and poor self esteem.  

Therefore what Datuk S.K. Devamany said is all hot air without any substance. It’s another attempt to keep UMNO happy and make MIC relevant. But on the ground MIC have lost all credibility and respect from Indians. It’s BN’s handout programs that keep them relevant. In fact MIC may see its end in the forth coming elections.

MIC/BN has become the past. The future has to be more inclusive politics where all are equal and we walk with our heads high. No more being treated as strangers in our own country of birth. Able and talented individuals regardless of our ethnicity and religion are called to serve this country. Only then will this blessed country will see its day. People like Datuk S.K. Davemany can’t do it. Therefore they have to make way politely.


November 5, 2012

MIC leaders are using the 29 storey condominium project in Batu caves to find fault and blame the PR Selangor government. They want to look relevant in the eyes of UMNO in view of the forth coming GE 13. They want to keep raising the issue and confuse the Indian community into thinking that the PR government never cares for Indian community.  There is an adage that says a lie repeated over and over will become true.

According to Maljis Perbandaraan Selayang (MPS) president Datuk Zainal Adibin A’ala applications for the 26 storey condominim was received in 2006 and the planning permits and approval for high rise condominium was given by the full board in Sept 2007. Only the environment department did not support but the law states that those projects less than 100 acres do not need environmental impact assessment report. The first phases of this project, the four storey Shoplot and Carpark block were completed in November 2011. The second phase is the 29 storey condominium which is supposed to be built behind the 4 storey shophouse is now halted by state government while an independent taskforce investigates the project.

The MPS president said that when the project was approved no one objected. Malaysian Nature society is said to have objected to the MPS in 2008. It is said that the taskforce will review all projects, applications and development plans at Batu Caves for the past 10/15 years. The state will decide the next course of action after the findings are reviewed. 

Why didn’t Mahamariaman temple committee object the project then? The overhead water tank and huge signboards showing pictures of 29 storey condominium have been erected prominently since 2008. Residential units in the 29 storey condominium have been up for sale since 2008. The residential units from the condominium are selling for RM491500 now while its initial sales price was RM391500. The units are almost sold and raising the issue at this point of time has put the PR government in a tight spot. Probably that was the motive.    

How is that temple chairman Datuk R.Nadaraja did not know the project? Does the temple authority know any other project that is to be developed in vicinity of Batu caves.  Temple should know of this and do the needful. Is the committee waiting for more projects to come up first before they start protesting? Or are they waiting for GE 14 to start protesting?   

MIC and temple chairman straight away pointed the finger at PR Selangor government despite knowing that this project was approved in Sept 2007 under the BN government. Did MIC leaders called on the then councilors to explain why they did not object or alert the Hindu community? Neither did they protest at the MPS for approving.

Why is that Temple chairman and MIC targeting Dr Xavier Jayakumar on Batu Caves temple issue? Dr Xavier was not involved in the approval of the project. All these seem to imply that MIC and temple chairman are deliberately trying to turn this 26 storey condominium into a political issue to blame the Selangor PR government.

Looks like MIC will not change its character and improve for the better. They are all for pleasing and be subservient to UMNO.  But UMNO has written off MIC. UMNO knows very well that MIC does not have Indian community support. It is MIC and PPP claiming that Indian voters have come back to BN just remain relevant to UMNO. Enough is enough. Let’s save Malaysia from the clutches of these Bandit Nationals towards a better future for the next generation.   

Batu Caves is a public place of public interest. Temple chairman should issue notice of defamation but explain the issue and rally people support to preserve and protect the Lord Murugan temple. Indian must realize that attorney General’s chamber has the final authority on batu Caves temple. It is this reason Batu cave temple is unapproachable by the Indian community. Batu Cave temple must come under a Hindu endowment board for the best interest of Hindu tradition and community

What MAIKA could not do Tony Fernandes did

October 24, 2012

Maika holding Bhd the flagship of MIC was started with great promise to the Indian community. But after 28 years of operation there was no hope of return. It became an embarrassment to BN, that PM Datuk seri Najib Tun razak found a way out to get rid of Maika Holdings Bhd. Oriental capital insurance (OCI) of Maika holding was forced to sell by Najib government to G team resource of Ganalingam for RM106 million (80cents per share). Maika set up out of sweat and blood of Malaysian Indian community but cheated and ruined by Samy Velu and MIC. UMNO and Najib couldn’t be bothered of the sweat and blood of Indian community but wanted to get rid of this MIC ruined company so that it won’t be an issue for PR to take a swipe at BN.   

Oriental capital insurance Bhd was sold to Tony Fernandez of Air Asia for RM156.91 million by G resources. G resources never responded to calls on whether the RM50.91 million surpluses will be returned to shareholders. Why is G resources of Ganalingam remaining silent about this RM50.91 million? Gnanalingam owe an explanation to MAIKA shareholders.

Within one year of purchase Tony Fernandez is able to apply for listing of OCI in bursa Malaysia. Tony plans to raise RM1 billion from the proposed listing.  Maika holding or G resources could have done the same and saved the investment of poor people who responded to the call of Samy Velu and MIC to form an economic arm for Indian community. MIC failed to float this one good investment and allowed it to slip away. Can MIC ever do anything proper and meaningful to Indian community? What one businessman can do within a short span of time, MIC as an important BN component party could not accomplish in 28 years.

Looks like MIC can only give out hampers and provide entertainment to Indian youths during election to get votes for UMNO. MIC wants to keep Indian community weak and ignorant so that they are subservient to BN and remain poor. This is the party created by UMNO to outsource Indian affairs to MIC. Even the recent announcement by PM Datuk Najib Tun Razak that RM100 million allocated to repair Tamil Schools were withheld by ministry of education. Suria cooperative could only nominate names of contractors but MOE will decide whether to award the job or not.   

It’s sad that Indian community with so much talent and able people could not build any economic vehicle with a RM100 million investment company in 1980s. MIC squandered   away many opportunities. Even without UMNO support, Indians could have built an economic empire with the Malaysian economy growing 8% to 10% continuously for about 20 years. MIC not only loss RM100 million of Indian community, the Indian community rights as citizens of this country were diluted and were on the wedge of losing it for good. Indians are doing well in all other countries except Malaysia due to the apartaid policy of BN government.

After years of suffering and erosion of basic human rights, the community woke up to the calls of NGOs and opposition parties in particular HINDRAF and the rest is history. Let’s hope and do our part to keep the community alert and be aware of the political developments. As citizens of Malaysia we have equal right as any other citizens regardless of race or religion. UMNO using MIC has been cheating Indians all this while. Indian community is not beholden to them and it is time that we get rid of them in the coming 13th GE for a better future to our children and grand children.

MIC support to Indian contracts is a farce

October 5, 2012

For the first time prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced in the budget 2012 in Oct 2011, the special allocation of 100 million for Tamil school repairs and upkeep. But as per government policy all repair and upkeep work has to be awarded to Malay contractors. These contracts are normally given out on negotiated price which is always overpriced to help Malay contractors. But the BN government will tell the Indian community that they have given RM100 million to Indian community. MIC will proudly repeat this to the gullible and poor Indians that the BN government is very concern and cares for Indians.

Many NGOs urged the BN government to issue these contracts to Indian contractors. MIC to make themselves relevant took the NGO’s demand and informed PM that these Tamil school repair and renovation work must be given to Indian contractors. For the information of all, Chinese school repair and renovation work has always been done by Chinese contractors all these while.

Under the current political scenario, where Indian votes have deserted BN, PM agreed to award these contracts to Indian contractors. But to allow Indian contractors to undertake Tamil school contract work, there must be a policy change. The BN procurement policy is all work must be given to Malay contractors. So this matter was taken to ministry of finance and then to cabinet committee to make a policy change to allow awarding of contracts to Indian contractors to repair and renovate Tamil schools.

As way out of this policy obstacle, Indian contractors were encouraged to register themselves in the newly formed Suria Cooperative society which is the economic vehicle of the new MIC president. Tamil school repair and renovation contracts will be given to Suria cooperative society members. They had balloting to pick the contractors. I understand that very few are genuine contractors.  Once again there is no policy change but MIC helped the prime minister to come out a temporary convenient measure to circumvent the UMNO racial policy. Is this the way MIC fight for Indian rights. It is a sellout of Indian rights to UMNO.

How many Tamil schools were repaired and renovated so far under this special allocation?

I understand that before Datuk Seri Samy Velu became minister of works in 1980, Indian contractors were awarded Tamil School renovation contracts. But Samy Velu changed this policy to award contract to his Malay cronies.     

In the budget 2013 the prime minister has announced 100 million for Tamil school repair and renovation. I do not know whether the 6 new Tamil Schools are included in this100 million. Has the ministry of education identified the land for the 6 schools and have work started on building these schools. Since MIC is acting as intermediary to ministry of education, they must inform the public on the developments of the repair work and the construction of new schools.   

MIC has again rescued UMNO from the wrath of Indian community about the repair of Tamil schools. Tamil schools were neglected for 55 years. Ministry of education has conveniently outsourced Tamil Schools back to MIC which was the past practice. Do Tamil schools have any future under this arrangement? Is Datuk Palanivel also the minister of Tamil schools? 

There is no department for Tamils schools in the education ministry even though there are 524 Tamil schools.   

Since the finance minster has announced the allocation 50 million for training of Indian youths, how will this training programs conducted. Is the 50 million given to MIC or Suria Cooperative society to conduct training programs?

Tekun loan is already being handled by MIC. Every Tekun loan applicant needs a MIC leader’s recommendation. MIC was rejected by Indian community in 2008 election. Yet UMNO provides the life line to rescue them. This is the predicament of Indians in Malaysia. Even if Indians reject MIC UMNO will continue to save and keep them as lapdog.  UMNO do not care how Indians fare in education or economy. They only want Indian votes.

With the same        votes Indians have to shape their future for the sake of their children.   


July 6, 2012


Johor DAP today slammed the call from an Umno elected state representative for “true hudud” to be implemented for all in Johor, as unhealthy and detrimental for nation-building. But why is MIC very quiet when one UMNO Kemelah state assemblyperson Ayob Rahmat’s recent statement that Johor should implement ‘true hudud’ law that applies to both Muslims and non-Muslims. MIC Johore leaders are cowards and dare not open their mouth against their UMNO masters.


During the Tenang by election in January 2011, MIC leaders in Johore frightened Indians in estates and interiors in Labis and Tenang that should PAS win, Indians will be forced to convert to Islam and women must cover their head with tudung. When went around making house calls to canvass, women folks questioned and refused to support. Today it is not PAS asking for Hudud law but UMNO state assemblymen and the MIC leaders are quiet like mouse. Why are they not protesting against UMNO assemblyman Ayob Rahmat.


From this episode Indians in Johore will know that MIC is UMNO apologist and they don’t have a backbone to stand up against UMNO and extremist. They are there to receive allocation from the UMNO leaders. Having received allocations from UMNO/BN all these years can they ever stand up for their rights? The mere thought of it will send shivers down their spine.


Indian community was led down by MIC/PPP parties in BN. Kampong Wira folks in Tenang were repeatedly promised alternative land by MIC and the Menteri Besar once the double track railway project starts. They were promised in 2 elections and an alternate land was even shown as a relocation site. But when the houses were broken to make way for double track railway beginning this year no MIC leaders came forward to help. The houses were broken with FRU standing guard. Johore Indian Exco member and labis MP declared that they don’t know about the houses being broken. Calls to Mr Asojan the johore Indian exco went unanswered. That is MIC the dispatch boy of UMNO.


Johore Indians need to open the eyes see the true color of MIC and UMNO. Indians are left poor and dry and far behind in the UMNO hardland Johore. Time to wake up and make a difference.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan


MIC apologists provided escape route for UMNO in Matriculation seats

June 18, 2012

MIC president had announced on Saturday (16/6/20120) that those who were rejected for Matriculation intake will be given seats in AISMT University. This announcement is to calm down the 400 over students who got more than 7 A but were rejected by the ministry of education. But MIC/BN must explain why despite making public announcement that 1500 seats were allocated for Indian students but only about 781 seats are given? Datuk Seri Palanivel said 700 seats were given. Datuk Murugesan said 800 seats were given. Datuk Ravin Poniah’s secretary said 500 over seats were given in the first intake. So what is the real figure is not known too. But the minister of education couldn’t be bothered about the broken promise of Prime Minister. Indians are only needed for vote purpose and nothing more than that.


During the appeal period for those students who were rejected in the first application where assuming only 700 were taken in, both Datuk S.Subramaniam and Datuk G.Palanivel had announced that the balance 800 seats will be filled. But in the appeal only 81 students were taken in. What happen to the balance 800 will be filled? Instead of demanding the PM to fulfill his promise, MIC leaders have given him an escape route from his promise by announcing that those who were rejected in matriculation intake will be given place in AISMT University. With MIC around it is so easy for UMNO to just ignore Indians. UMNO keeps MIC to act as its apologist to Indian community. MIC has compromised our rights to education many times over.


Can MIC offer scholarship to all these 400 over students? They owe an explanation to the Indian community how they are going to support and sponsor the education of these students from pre-university and university level. Datuk Devamany said that intake of students for matriculation consists of 90 per cent bumiputera and 10 per cent non-bumiputera. Why should it be so? What is the entry requirement for Malay students? Aren’t we citizens of this country and contribute to the coffers and economy of this country. It is the racial discrimination that makes Indian students expect low and have low self esteem. With MIC/PPP around we don’t need enemies.


BN government has systematically alienated the non Malays from the education system. These 400 over students will not be able to go back to the government education institutions, scholarship and any other support. UMNO can rob us in day light despite openly promising in front of a large ponggal gathering in Kapar in February this year. The excuse is the ministry of education did not receive any circular that extra 1000 seats were offered to Indian students. As long as Indian community is naïve, ignorant and forgiving UMNO and their MIC/PPP dispatch boys will keep us begging for pittance. Be the change agent for the change we want to see. It’s now or never.



Senator S. Ramakrishnan