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The real enemies of the Malays are not the non Malays but the corrupted UMNO leaders

September 12, 2010

UMNO having ruled for 53 years is for the first time in history facing the possibility of defeat in the 13th general elections. The non Malays who were once the back bone of Barisan National have all deserted the coalition and feel for the first time that they have a viable alternative party to the UMNO led Barisan National which has been weakened due to unchecked corruption, racism and nepotism. UMNO has lost the moral high ground long time ago but the non Malays felt they don’t have viable alternative and therefore continued supporting grudgingly all this while. But the result of 12th general election has unveiled this myth. The fear of May 13 recurrence, racial backlashes and Malays losing political dominance are being outgrown. Slogans like 1Malaysia to cover up the underlying racial discriminations of non Malays are losing its appeal.  

The present UMNO leaders are confronted with one scandal after another starting from the premiership of the champion of Malay race Dr Mahathir Mohammad, the fourth prime minister. The absolute power in the hands of UMNO leaders have allowed greed and opulence to color and influence all policies and decisions. To strengthen their grip on the economic goodies UMNO leaders with their cronies have all along built artificial walls and wedges between Malays and non Malays. The non Malays were completely removed from all decision making bodies and processes within the government. The self snobbery and arrogance of UMNO rule has brought about incompetence in government machinery, billions of tax payer’s money wasted and leaked through government procurement, Malays still remain dependent on government subsidy and support, drop in FDI, 34% of workers earning below RM750, brain drain among professional and educated Malays themselves. Malaysia is no more the choice for FDIs. Worse still local SMEs are investing in other neighboring countries that were way behind as investment destinations.

To regain the economic footing and move forward the government of the day must rule out any form of favoritism and practice meritocracy in all policies and recruitments and selections. Malaysians of all racial background must be recruited to build this country and not the corrupted UMNO leaders. Malaysia has all the brains, muscles and determination to create a great nation. All it takes to build this country is to get rid of race and religious bigotry in national politics. We had the people and system in place but the UMNO politicians messed up for their own political expediency. It’s time to realize that injustice, inequality and unfair practices are not sustainable. Only fairness, equal opportunities and best practices in the interest of its people can uplift this country.

Make Sports Challenging and Rewarding to Attract Teens

February 23, 2010


Malaysia is one country which backpedaled on every aspect be it sports, economy, public delivery, education, race relations, health and you name it. The government politicized and meddled in all the sports associations. Every sports organization is either headed by a BN politician or the royal family. Foreign football coaches were dumped as no good but the same coach can take another team to world cup. Malaysian sports association leaders are all aligned to BN and its cronies. There is no meritocracy in the selection and management of sports associations. The results after spending millions is zero and they blame everybody else accept themselves.

What’s the way forward? Firstly the Minister of Sports and his officials must do some soul searching as to why did we came to this doldrums. An honest and sincere effort is needed for this purpose. Is there political will to put things straight and make some bold changes? (more…)