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If UMNO really cares for Malaysia lets bury the ghost of May 13

August 8, 2012

After PRU 12, UMNO leaders for the first time realize that there is a possibility of losing political power in PRU 13. The racial slurs which were successful in the past to instill fear among Malaysians were openly used. Attempts were made to incite racial tensions. None of the pig head throwing incidence in mosques investigations were revealed to public by polis. On the same note those arson cases in churches across the country were also quietly closed file. Of late UMNO leaders led by DPM is stirring the May 13 boiling pot. On July 20th 2012 Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin has urged youths to unite under BN to avoid another May 13 incident. Of course we cannot forget PM Datuk Seri Najib’s call in UMNO assembly to protect Putrajaya at all cost. Looks like all attempts to create feel good did not succeed. Therefore UMNO/BN is now resorting to create fear among people and hatred towards non Malays by reviving the memory of May 13 repetitively even after 43 years.

The ministry of misinformation has spend about RM4.8 million to produce the Malay film TANDA PUTRA purportedly depicting the historical facts surrounding the may 13 1969 incident. The film was scheduled for silver screening on Sept 13 but National film development board (FINAS), says it need more time for promotional activities. This film being produced by the BN government will not reveal the truth of the matter but will vilify the opposition and glorify the BN racist. History is written by victors and those in power. History textbooks in Malaysian schools will reveal how history can be distorted.

Malays who were mesmerized by UMNO have finally realized that UMNO is enriching it’s cronies in the name of Bumiputras. Datuk Seri Najib’s family and cronies, Tan Sri Muhyiddin yassin’s family and cronies, Tun mahathir’s family and cronies, Tun Abdullah Badawi’s family, Datuk sharizat’s family and many more UMNO leaders are the one who is benefiting from BN’s  rule. Educated Malays and Youths have grown out of the mental enclave of UMNO and have begun to think. UMNO cannot effort to let these groups to move away from them and lean towards PKR and PAS. Now this film seems to be another attempt to instill racial hatred towards Chinese and Indians, among Malay youths and the educated. It is heartbreaking to note that the ministry of misinformation has used taxpayer’s money to produce this distorted and prejudiced film. The producer has demonized Ipoh Timur Member of Parliament Lim Kit Siang and DAP to create hatred among Malays towards DAP and its leaders. The film may be released just before GE 13 in Malay majority areas.

Malaysians will not forgive UMNO/BN for having stooped this low to hold on to power. Malaysians of all races demand that UMNO/BN first declassify documents pertaining to May 13 for public access and form a truth and reconciliation commission to bury the ghost of May 13 once and for all. Malaysians are more educated and matured to accept the past and move forward. If the prime minister sincerely wants high income nation status by 2020, he must get rid and bury this May 13 ghost.

As Malaysia is a member of the United Nation General Assembly since 1957, it has to adhere to the Declaration on the Elimination of All Forms of Racial Discrimination. All Malaysians are here to stay and not migrate anywhere else. The sooner UMNO realise the faster Malaysia will move towards high developed nation status.