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Dial 999 and get fleeced

July 18, 2013

Most of my friends have encountered house break-in, robbery, road side mugging or snatch-thieves once and sometimes more than once. Public insecurity is the constant source of worries for most families except the law enforcement agencies who think it is perception and not real. People especially ladies dare not walk out to bus stops or shops fearing when they will be mugged by any motorcyclist passing by. Certainly crime has escalated whether police think it is a mere perception and not real. A friend recently narrated to me how his car windowed was smashed with hammer just about 100 meters before a police stop and the thieves escaped with his wife’s handbag. This happened in section 16, PJ one evening. It all happens within split seconds, our police have no chance.

He was told to make a report at the Damansara police station. When he went there he met 2 other couples also robbed in the same vicinity around the same time. After exchanging notes with each other, they feel the same motorcyclist could have done the theft. In the station police personals took the report and the usual questioning but his car was not inspected for any finger print. I suppose the police had no intention investigating looking at the rate crime is committed.

About 2 weeks later his wife received a phone call in the office line which was not given to the police when they made the report. The caller identified as an officer from ex-police association and offered some products for sale. She told the caller to call her husband and gave his phone number. The caller called her husband and identified as ex-police officer wanting to sell police badge and vest for protection from future robbery. My friend not knowing the real identity of the caller, asked him to come to the police station to meet and discuss. But the caller did not turn up. But after a few days another person from the ex-police association called for the same reason. And the calls continue to come till these days.

My friend was saying that rarely calls come in office line and the office number was in the stolen handbag. That’s what puzzles him. How this so called ex-police personal got the office number? This episode shows the depth of fraud and crime intertwined around the police department. To police it is business as usual and whatever happened to anyone they will collect their monthly pay and their comfortable life goes on. They will still get promoted and their bosses will defend them for their callousness and inefficiencies.

Another friend shared his experience to me when his house was burgled. After he made the police report at the nearest police station, one police personal who was observing all the conversations and questioning, approached him and offered police regular checks for a monthly fees of RM300. The police personal said that since there are few VIPs in the same areas, police can offer a few more police check post in the nearby houses. Therefore it is not an issues offering a police check post at your house. Extortions and petty corruption are rampant within the law enforcement agencies. How will crime be reduced under such corruption prone policing department?

I overheard one pawnshop owner saying that even in Hadyai, the border Thailand cowboy town, there are no security guarding pawnshops. But in KL with security guards standing with guns pawnshops are still robbed.

Under these circumstances will additional legislation improve public security? Today’s SUN newspaper reported IGP proposing for new preventive detention laws to be legislated. Home affairs minister supports the police call for more preventive and detention legislation. PR parties are clamoring for more policing and immediate setting up of Independent Police Complaints and Misconduct Commission (IPCMC). The police are strongly against the formation of IPCMC thinking that IPCMC will weaken the force.

At present when there is any police abuse or corruption, the only recourse one person has is to make a police report. In most cases there is no follow up or action. Therefore the present situation provides shelter and protection for the corrupted. With the formation of IPCMC, public can lodge complaint to them and they can commence investigation on police personal. The police force is more use to being unaccountable for their action dont want to be investigated by an independent body. Enough is enough. It’s time for police to be more responsible and accountable for their action. IPCMC is the way forward.

Malaysian Police Should Erase The Perception That It Is Trigger Happy

April 30, 2010


Malaysian police need more tolerance and go the extra mile before taking decision to shoot the suspects. Erring in shooting decision is fatal and there is no turning back. Therefore shooting decision should not be used at all unless the police officer is absolutely sure that they are shooting a criminal.  

The shooting of 15 years old Aminulrasyid Amzad by police early on Monday is another judgmental error by Malaysian police. In all the previous fatal shooting incidences there was no proper probe and no police officer was charged or faced action. Police force is being less accountable and transparent lately.

On the 30th October 2009 police shot another innocent victim Norizan Salleh on the Gombak highway. Based on Suaram report there were 39 deaths from police shootings in 2009 and 44 similar deaths in 2008. These numbers do not take into account the death in police custody.

While it is the police duty to keep away robbers and criminals from the streets, shooting suspects should not be the way to solve it. There seem to be lack of police competency and diligence in executing their job. Police need to be more alert and vigilant but at the same time caring and concern for the general welfare of society at large.

In countries like UK with larger population than ours, the incidences of police shooting are negligible. We have to learn from them as to how they do it. Malaysians deserve better protection and service from our police forces. There must be compulsory independent inquests on police shooting and death in custody after every incident reported. There is a need for police force to be none political and partisan in executing their work. There is a clear need for more professionalism and skill in protecting a more urbanized and educated society.

Senator Ramakrishnan