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May 16, 2012

Last Saturday (12/5/2011) I was invited as a guest speaker to a Tamil Bell club anniversary gathering in Chaah, Johor to honor all school achievers in that town. A number of UPSR, PMR and SPM students who got 5 A’s and above were honored and rewarded. It was a non political event therefore I should not speak politics but instead wanted to speak on the need and importance of political awareness. After the usual pleasantries and acknowledgements I started speaking on how politics affects our daily life and Tamil Schools.

I said that politics influence the syllabus of all other subjects taught in schools. The price of sugar, rice and other essentials are all political decisions. Wherever we go and hide the effects of political decisions will reach us. Politics affects everybody whether they are politicians or not. In Malaysia Indians were left far behind due to political considerations. Indians did not take politics serious and shun it saying that politics is cabbage and a dumpsite. So when good people keep away from politics thus creating vacuum for the undesirable elements to occupy high post and make everybody’s life miserable.  That’s what happened in MIC and other political parties. Like that I was going on in between quoting former Indian president Mr Abdul Kalam. After delivering nearly half of my speech the organizing committee chairman came up the stage and whispered that I am talking politics and that I should not speak politics. I rounded up the talk and stopped my speech. I am a guest speaker.

When I was speaking I saw the interest and the wanting on the audience’s face to listen to me. But the Tamil Mani Mandram (Tamil Bell Club) committee members were fretting and fuming that I have deviated into politics which is taboo topics. Actually I was talking about political awareness which is grossly lacking and the rural Indians are mostly politically naïve. If the Indian community can tolerate and support someone like Samy Velu for 32 years as their leader, we are not only ignorant but something wrong with us. There is a saying that we deserve what we get and we get what we deserve. Is it surprising that Malaysian Indians are totally marginalized?

The purpose of me writing this episode is that the audiences of about 1500 ordinary folks from a small town are not complaining of what I spoke. In fact I saw the enthusiasm and keenness of audience to listen to what is being said but some of the committee members were fritting and fuming about what is being said. Apparently they were very worried that the special branch officers present among the crowd will be upset with the talk and they will take action on them, not on me, for allowing me to speak politics. Police were not bothered but the committees members were so worried that the police would lodge report and that their future is gone. That much fear is in the hearts of large section of Indian community and their leaders. After 54 years of BN rule, we did not accumulate any wealth but we are full of fear especially the community leaders. It would be so easy for BN to contain and keep us under their fold. Rural Indians don’t have the financial stamina and strength to stand against the authority. They can be easily crushed. They need bold and trusted leadership which is terribly lacking in the Indian society. I was told that MIC leaders themselves use fear to keep rural folks under their thumb. MIC and other Indian BN components parties have wide network presence in rural areas. But over time MIC and IPF local leaders have lost credibility and respect from the people. PPP seem somewhat organized but small.

The organizing committee chairman who whispered to me on the stage did it because of political consideration too. The fear of being called up and questioned, have moldered over behavior. The effects of politics can be subtle and unnoticeable and yet profound. Therefore 54 years of subtle segregation, discrimination and denial has tremendous effect on our thinking and behavior. The MIC supporting Indians have accepted not to question the gross injustice and racial discrimination. The HINDRAF rally was a great eye opener and shock awakening for many from their slumber. The educated and the informed Indians have to roll up their sleeves and do their part.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Malaysia has betrayed its own citizens

May 16, 2012

Indians who carry red identity card in Malaysia have no right in the country of their birth and residence for the past 50 years. They cannot get proper job, no hospital and welfare benefit and no voting right. Children with red IC have problem enrolling in schools. They will be denied basic human rights. Many have passed away without their rights being given to them. Below is the breakdown of red identity card holders based on country of origin. Indonesia 164430, Malaysia 55758, Filipina 22416, India 21456, Thailand 8718, Singapore 6894, China 4731, Cambodia 3033 and Others 11171 totalling 298607.

Most of the Indian born permanent residents must be old. After 2008 general election, ministry of home affairs to win the hearts and minds of Indians created my dafter program. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has said that 2,220 of 3,335 applications by the Indian community for Malaysian citizenships and permanent residents have been approved. 4 years after the tsunami election only 2220 Indians got their citizenship. How long will it take to get citizenship for the remaining 21456 Indian born red card holders? High percentage of the 55758 Malaysian born red card holders must be Indians.

Besides The National Registration Department recently disclosed that there are 43,000 Indians, born in Malaysia, who have not applied for their MyCard. Currently, there are about 17,000 still waiting for mycard applications to be approved. This shows the level of alienation and neglect of Malaysian Indians in the process of nation building in last 54 years. The BTN racial indoctrination and government incompetency have caused miseries and sorrows for Malaysian Indians.

A Malaysian father with mother Singaporean was denied mycard for their child. Malaysian born Indian who has evidence of birth in government hospital was given red identity card due to late registration. My cards and blue identity cards have been denied to Malaysian Indians for small and trivial anomalies. They were made to go back and forth from state registration department to Putrjaya office. Indians who are poor can’t afford these wasted trips. Malaysian Indian born in Sabah applied to settle in Johor because he is married to a Johorean cannot get his IC address transferred. For these people going to government department gives no hope and just being pushed from one office to another until they come back to the first office again.

MIC which is a part of this racially discriminative system against Indians claims that they saved Indians all these while. Yet when PKR leaders went to protest and submit a case of student with red IC to Prime Minister Office MIC employs Indian gangsters to prevent and disrupt the submission. Whether there are 300000 or 30000 is not issue but after 54 years there are many Indians without IC/BC. Is that the issue? MIC must support any group that helps stateless Indians and not employ gangsters to preventing others from helping Indians. MIC has lost all moral right to claim that they are the Indian representatives. They are for all practical purpose UMNO reps and stooges to champion Malay hegemony and suppress Indians. It’s time to reject all Indian parties in UMNO dominated BN. They have sold the Indian dignity and pride to UMNO to enrich themselves.

The prime minister has also set up a Special Cabinet Committee to look into the affairs of the Indian community. These are political gimmicks to appease Indians. There is no change in the policies and directives given to civil servants in the registration department. There is no department to handle the clearance of pending applications. BN is only interested in Indian votes and nothing more than that.

Let’s start a real and meaningful political transformation that brings peace and prosperity to all and get rid of old outdated regimes that divide and rule. Datuk Najib’s transformation is all big hype and waste of public fund. It benefits UMNO cronies. Young Malaysians are for multi racial and multi religious country. They are for government change. All elders please support them.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


After 54 years should Malaysian Indians still keep nambikai (faith) in BN government?

January 30, 2012

Each time the PM is hard pressed by some scandal or allegation by PR, some offers are promised for the Indian community. Last week PM Datuk Najib announced that Datuk Palanivel is now the lead minister. Datuk Palanivel the MIC president is already the ministerfor the socio-economic development of the Indian community in the PMO. I wonder what difference it makes now. At the same occasion in Puchong SRJK(T) kinrara, Datuk Najib called all Tamil educationist to come out with a blueprint on how to take Tamil schools forward. This clearly shows the government does not have any policy framework to improvise Tamil schools or for that matter Indian community after 54 years of rule. UMNO has robbed the future of one generation of Indian students who did not have proper facilities and support from government. Thanks to the other component parties of BN. The BN government allowed Tamil schools to continue this far because of Indian votes. They know that Tamil school is close to the heart of every Tamil and closing Tamil school will be political suicide. But they wanted Tamil schools to die on its own without them closing it. Fortunately the Indian community supported it till today.

PM also announced that government had allocated RM340 million for physical and infrastructure development for Tamil schools across the nation. He said, in terms of management and administration, the government had invested about RM2 billion for Tamil schools since 2009. If these monies were spent on Tamil schools, they will be better off than national type schools. I wish the lead minister or the prime minister gives a breakdown of the billions spent. All these monies were spent without a proper blue print. We hear from MIC ministers and PM that millions and now billions spent on the 524 Tamil schools, still 322 schools are in private land and get minimal support. I am puzzled how they spent so much money and yet physical and living conditions of the 322 schools are in dilapidated conditions.

The passing rate of in UPSR examination in Tamil schools is 50-53%. Which is low compared with national and Chinese schools. Many studies were made and presented but the government was not bothered to follow through it. Many UMNO leaders have said that they don’t need Indian votes. They were winning big. Now that the Chinese voters want a political change and Malay voters too have realized that with all the bumiputra policies, Malays are still poor and vulnerable to economic changes.  Educated Malays who form a large section in Malay society are thinking beyond the UMNO political propaganda.

Indian society should learn to remain politically relevant. We cannot afford to be on the wrong side of political changes. Malaysian Indians should not depend on the PM to offer goodies now and then. We need government policy changes that take us as citizens of this country and therefore entitled to equal treatment. Non Malays were disqualified in the offer of scholarships, job opportunities, government contracts and GLCs. Malaysian policies are worse than apartheid. UMNO comes out with policies that will deliberately disqualify the non Malays in securing contracts or anything from government. That racist, nefarious and hypocritical is UMNO. Yet they have no qualms in accepting sin tax from gambling and alcohol that are paid by non Malays.

It is timely now for a new blue print and development plan for Tamil schools to be submitted to both PR and BN. Tamil schools need to be transformed into a center where students also learn soft and social skills, positive attitude and become thinkers. Tamil school students must be successful in secondary school and beyond. Students should not end with Tamil education but make Tamil a global language for others to learn Tamil langauge. The negative influence of MIC must be wiped and removed from Tamil schools. A new blue print in the changing political and economic environment is urgently needed. It’s now or never

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


MIC’s subservient and self-centred support for UMNO has eroded the basic human rights of Malaysian Indians

January 5, 2012

Deputy Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk S.K. Devamany supported the proposed race Relations act by referring to incidences such as the Kampung Jawa temple demolition and the Interlok novel controversies which have been could have been avoided. He further added we must understand that Malaysia is a multiracial country and we want to preserve unity in main stream newspapers. The examples Devamany gave seem to be puzzling. Is the Race Relations act just to avoid minorities and victims from voicing their grievances?

Race Relation Act is needed to eliminate racial discrimination in public and private sector employment, entrance to university and matriculation levels, open tender in government procurements and providing equal opportunities in employment.  At the same time, the government needs to set up a Race Relation Commission which is made up of all races in Malaysia.  This act will also outline the mechanics and methodology in implementing the Race Relation Act.

Instead of giving the above mentioned reasons for supporting Race Relations Act, Devemany is giving the examples of Kampong Jawa temple breaking and interlok novel as reasons why Malaysia needs a race relations act. The Sri Maha Mariamman Temple, along with the squatter settlement of Rimba Jaya, was demolished in 2007 by the then BN-led state government as part of its Zero Squatter programme. The kampong Jawa temple breaking in November 2007, infuriated the Indian community to revolt against the BN government which lead to the loss of 5 states to PR and the denial of 2/3 majority in parliament. The introduction of interlok novel upsets and irked Malaysian Indian parents who persistently campaigned against the novel till the government withdrew as school text book.

Before introduction Race Relations act the government must remove all discriminative policies and practices. All race based political parties must be disbanded. All higher education institutions for exclusively one race must be converted into multi racial institutions where students of different backgrounds meet and mingle with each other. Without preparing the ground for such open and inclusive interactions amongst all Malaysians, race relation act will be another peaceful assembly act.

From the incidences referred by Datuk Devemany, as reasons for introducing race relations act, the intent and purpose of Malaysian race relations act looks sinister and restrict Malaysian human rights and not to provide equal rights. With MIC henchmen like devemany around UMNO will wipe out what ever little space the minorities have.  Malaysian Indians must resolve to wipe out MIC from the political scene once and for all to redeem their dignity and pride as citizens of this country.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Government effort to win back Indian voters

October 16, 2010

Special task force headed by Datuk Dr S.Subramaniam gives direct access to government departments and agencies like national registrations, social welfare and skill development programs, socso and Tekun National reports the media. They have registered thousands of people in need of help in Ijok, Sepang, Kulim and other areas. While these developments said to be winning back voters to BN, but at the same time creating ripples and tension in MIC circle between Palanivelu and subra factions in view of the fact that MIC long term president has finally agreed to step down in January, 2011. So what may be benevolent for the Indian community may not be the same to MIC itself. Let’s take a deeper look at the caring and concerned effort of MIC. Those who seek help may not be BN supporters.

First of all, the approach taken by government shows the level of marginalization and neglect of Malaysian Indians from the main stream of government services. Few hundred thousand Malaysian Indians still having red identity cards despite being born in Malaysia since 1957. Many from rubber estates forced out of estates resettle in urban fringes in all major West Malaysian towns and cities without any skills. Many also are quite old having toiled the rubber estates and squeezed like sucked oranges with no social support. They need social welfare support. Their children have fared no better than their parents and are no help to their aged parents. Those who have met with accidents during work, make many trips to SOCSO offices with problems not solved. Then the poor Indians give up hope after encountering many disappointments with government departments. These frustrations forced for the first time the majority of Malaysian Indians to vote against the BN government.

When Malaysian Indians don’t vote BN, they come down to solve our problem. Might as well don’t vote for them at all. They will be always sensitive to the needs of Malaysian Indians. I would like to remind the prime minister that the approach he has taken confirms that the doors of government service are closed to Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Indians can only access government services through special doors created through the special task force. Malaysian Indians are forever marginalized and sidelined in Malaysia. MIC and the other BN component parties allow Malaysian Indians to be marginalized and sidelined for their own survival. Instead of integrating the Malaysian Indians into the main stream, MIC wants to segregate and create a role for itself in between. UMNO then conveniently outsource Malaysian Indian’s problem to MIC which can’t solve any of it. Racial politics only benefit the majority. Minorities need the support of opposition to highlight the grouses. The Minorities need to remain relevant to be taken seriously. For this to happen we need a two party system which the voter has to decide. We cannot blame anyone for our problem. We did not vote wisely in the past therefore we suffer now. Let’s change now and make the political system relevant for the next generation.