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March 6, 2014

Relocation of Tamil schools from estates to nearby towns can never be an easy task. The bureaucracy drags its feet and shows no will to relocate and MIC “the guardians of Tamil schools” will never allow Tamil schools to get out of their clutches. The partially aided Estate schools continue to be partially aided even when they are relocated to town areas. The headmasters and many teachers who have served long in Tamil schools have become so subservient, fearful and compliant to MIC and BN.  They dare not ask what is rightfully theirs and resort to begging. They have no choice anyway. One headmaster told me that they have to repeatedly ask the same thing before it is approved.

The relocation of Yong Peng Tamil School from Sime Darby B estate to the Taman Sri Kota in the town proper started in 2009 is one such case. It is already March 2014, the school construction has stopped and not resumed for the last 6 months. Whenever the delay is questioned in Tamil newspapers,  the local MIC will quickly rebuff and deny the delay and accuse the questioner as trouble maker.  After 5 years the completion of this school is still mired in secrecy and false promises by the state MIC. Johor state MIC leaders have once again promised to complete and start enrollment by June 2014. There were other dates promised earlier. Is the latest promise possible or is it another empty promise to cover their incompetence?

Yong Peng state assemblywoman YB Choo Peck Choo asked a question in the Johor state legislative meeting about the reason for delay and when it will be completed. State executive councilor YB Md. Jais bin Sarday replied that the school should be completed by June 2014 even though the original target date was June 2013.

He further added that cost estimated to build the school was RM4161309. The funds to build came from Prime Minister’s Department providing  RM2000000, state government RM300000 and the Member of Parliament allocated RM20000 making up RM2320000. This leaves a balance of RM1841309 for MIC to raise and complete the school. The MIC dominated school building committee has written to PM Office asking for balance amount and awaiting reply. Other schools in the vicinity are all fully aided schools. I wonder why SRJK (T) Yong Peng not made a fully aided school.  The School building committee still owe the contractor about RM1 million. The school building can be estimated as 80% complete.

So relocating an estate Tamil school is encumbered with so many constraints and red tapes causing MIC to practically fall at the PM’s feet. So much so falling at the PM’s feet has become a tradition and they look forward to fall at every turn of event. PM and his ministers claim that RM580 million has been allocated to build and repair Tamil schools since 2009. Why the delay in relocating SRJK (T) Yong Peng?

At this rate the June 2014 completion dateline is another false promise. When is the new date? Many Tamil school registered children are now enrolling with the nearby Chinese and national schools. Numbers will drop further with every delay in completing the school. Is there a deliberate attempt to delay by BN. Policies and plans may show rosy picture but ground reality is another story.

Returning the money to the poor former shareholders is charity too

May 29, 2012

The recent sale of Maika holding’s 79.85% stake in Oriental Capital Assurance Bhd to Tune Insurance holdings Sdn Bhd by G Team Resources has raised concern as to how  will be the surplus cash distributed. Tune insurance acquired the 79.85% stake in OCS BHD for RM156.91million. It is reported that oriental capital assurance Bhd (OCS) was sold for RM1.965 per share. OCA’s net tangible assets per share were at RM1.22 as of December 2009. A merchant bank and an insurance company were interested to buy the stake from Maika at RM1.59 per share that translated to 1.3 times price-to-book. But the OCS was finally sold for RM1.965 per share thus giving raise to surplus cash.

G team resources should be more transparent and explain to general public what the surplus is after the sale of OCA shares. MAIKA was set up as a vehicle to alleviate the economic achievements of Indian community. Even though MAIKA holding company was bought over and being liquidated, the Indian community is still angry and reeling over the mismanagement and abuses by MIC. Poor shareholders invested to support the attempt of MIC to set up an investment arm. Therefore as a liquidator G team resources must be transparent and sensitive to the feeling of disappointment of poor Indian shareholders and if there are any surplus that must be redistributed back to past shareholders.

The last AGM was held in June 2007. There was no AGM in 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011. Not all shareholders sold their shares to G team resources. Some of the MAIKA shareholders refused to sell their shares. They are therefore minority shareholders now. Why no AGM was called.

It is public knowledge that MAIKA holdings affair had become an embarrassment and a political laibility to PM Datuk najib during the Hulu Selangor by election in April 2010. To absorb MIC and Samy Vellu from their wrong doings PM roped in Tan Sri Gnanalingan to buy the MAIKA shares at RM106 million and the 66000 shareholders were paid 80 cents per share. MAIKA had 74% stake in oriental Capital Assurance Bhd and some land left over from the Tumbok estate near Nilai plus a 60 million laon.

Samy Velu and his cohorts who cheated and mismanaged the holding company got away with frauds they committed. The BN government gave the criminals police protection and now the PM asking Indians to trust him. Even though Datuk Najib dissolved MAIKA holdings, Malaysian Indians will never forget the great injustice done to them by protecting the criminal and making him an ambassador for projects. It’s an insult to Malaysian Indians.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Hunger strike for Effingham Tamil School has created much public interest

May 29, 2012

Last Saturday a group of concerned individuals called reflex organized a hunger strike to pressure MIC to return the land allocated for Effingham Tamil School. This hunger strike has attracted public attention towards land stolen by MIC and created awareness of the plunders of other lands allocated to Tamil Schools but quietly alienated to MIC leaders. Today is the third day of this severe hunger strike without any kind of food and water. Seven persons started hunger strike but 2 gave up after 1 day and 5 persons continued to the third day(28/5/2012). The health of hunger strikers must be monitored closely now onwards. We want these activist to live and the battle another day and not die of hunger strike.

The housing developer who converted the former Effingham estate to housing project gave 6 acres of Tamil school land to Selangor state government. Since Pakatan Rakyat is the state government, REFLEX was able to obtain a copy of the letter dated 30th june 1999 where MIC applied to previous BN government asking for half of lot 28814 which was broken up into 2 lots. One was given to school and the other was issued to Dato Seri Samy Vellu holding as trustee for MIC.

In 2007 one member of the PIBG made a MACC report alleging the 3 acres immoral and unethical land scam by MIC. After the mass media reporting on this land grab, the land legal owner Samy Vellu transferred it to MIC.  Since then the public and PIBG have been campaigning for the return of the 3 acres land to the school. The school can have better sports facilities and extra classes with land returned. There is a government policy that if a primary school has more than 420 students, they are entitled to 5.4 acres of land.

Dato G Palanivel and Dato M saravanan has responded by saying that as far as MIC is concerned the land has been given to them. They will not return it to the school. MIC has also siphoned off pieces of lands given to other Tamil Schools. In 2006 Bukit Raja Tamil School was given 5.4 acres of land. The then Selangor state exco Dato S.Sivalingam allotted 3 acres to School and 2.4 acres to private parties. Through the intervention of Dr Xavier Jayakumar, the current Pakatan Rakyat Exco the 2.4 acres of land was retrieved and given back to school. Similarly in Razak Tamil School Shah Alam out of 4 acres given to Tamil schools, only 2 acres given to school, in 1 acres there is petrol pump on it and another 1 acre no trace of what happened to it. In Selangor we can trace back the land allotted to Tamil schools. But how many of Tamil school land grabbed by MIC in other states, we don’t know?

Since the start of hunger strike 3 days ago MIC president did not issue any statement. Why the silence Dato G. Palani? Do not hide behind UMNO and be indifferent. Indian community is watching you and MIC leaders? PKR president Datin seri wan Azizah has said that should PR go to Putrajaya, they will ensure the return of this piece of land to the school. But BN leaders have not issued any statement.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


MIC and PPP leaders and branches have lost all moral rights to represent Indians

May 22, 2012

Merlimau MIC and PPP branches have made police report asking government to withdraw citizenship and the datukship of Ambiga Sreevasan on 18th May 2012. They have said that they oppose the visit of Datuk Ambiga sreenivasan to Merlimau on 20th may 2012. They have further claimed that under BN government the country is peaceful and that Indians are well taken care off.

The gathering on 20th May 2012 supposed host Datuk Ambiga Sreenivasan in Merlimau, Malacca was cancelled in view of the violence from Perkasa and UMNO youth.  Fortunately, Datuk Ambiga did not turn up for the gathering as probably advised not to attend in view of the evil UMNO plans. Stones and eggs were thrown at those who attended by UMNO youth and Perkasa gangsters. They want to turn Bersih rallies into a racial issue because UMNO cannot accept the fact that an Indian lady has led the largest gathering in the history of Malaysia. UMNO national leaders tacitly support the harassment and hackling of Datuk Ambiga attending any gathering.

Datuk Ambiga led a group of NGOs asking for fair and free national election. At least 250000 people from all walks of life gathered in kuala Lumpur and many more gathered in 80 other cities throughout the world in support of Bersih 3.0. She is one of the greatest citizens of Malaysia. Datuk Ambiga is an inspiration and role model to women. Yet these Merlimau MIC and PPP branches to please UMNO and Perkasa went ahead and made police report to withdraw her citizenship and Datukship.

MIC and PPP leaders are ignorant and subservient to the racist UMNO.  These MIC and PPP idiots and country brutes claim that BN government has taken good care of Indians. MIC and PPP leaders act as runners and dispatch boys of UMNO. With MIC and PPP around Indians don’t need any enemies. MIC and PPP national leaders must openly declare whether they support Datuk Ambiga?  Why is it that MIC and PPP national leaders are quite on the reckless and stupid acts of Perkasa and UMNO? Does it mean that MIC and PPP leaders support the bugger stalls and butt exercise in front of Datuk Ambiga’s house?

Can the Indians ever depend on MIC and PPP to ensure their rights and welfare will be safeguarded from the encroachment of UMNO? Will MIC and PPP uplift Indians and make us equal citizens of this country? MIC and PPP leaders and branches have lost all moral rights to represent Indians. In the coming national election the concerned citizens of this country must ensure that PPP and MIC are got rid with and buried for good. They are stumbling blocks and a hindrance to Indians progress. They are only useful to UMNO and a nuisance to Indians.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


DONG JIA ZONG group has shown the exit door to MCA

March 28, 2012

Yesterday (25/3/2012) the Chinese community made a strong presence at the DONG JIA ZONG ground in Kajang protesting at the inaction for 40 years by ministry of education to resolve the problem of temporary and not enough trained teachers in Chinese schools. The strong gathering and the fiery and firm speeches from the Chinese education umbrella group would have sent clear message of how this community feels over the inaction and empty promises.  The goose of deceit and lies by the ministry of education to Chinese schools has finally come to roast them just before the 13th general election. Tamil schools are worse off then Chinese schools but the community is blissfully ignorant and living in a make believe world where all are fine. Well, unless we become informed and act firmly, nothing is going to change for Tamil schools under UMNO BN rule.

MCA president has commented that Dong Jia Zong need not organize such a gathering for it would not serve any purpose. The deputy education minister and MCA youth chief Wee Ka Siong attended the gathering and was booed and heckled each time the speakers took a jab at the ministry of education. Wee lamented later that the rally has been hijacked by the opposition to attack the government. These episodes reveal that the MCA has been outcast by the Chinese community.  MCA is like MIC. It’s all about self and business interest at the expense of the community and serving UMNO, the oppressor, obediently. Despite the increase in student intake in Vernacular schools, the numbers of Chinese and Tamil schools have been reduced by the ministry. MCA did not protest but pretend to take action.

More and more non Chinese parents are sending their children to Chinese schools. It is estimated that 20% of Chinese school students are non Chinese. Chinese schools are built with the support of the community and they have made a success story out of it.  There are more non Chinese in Chinese schools than non Malays in national type schools. They are more multi racial in numbers compared national schools. This is because Chinese schools have provided higher teaching standards. Unfortunately those in the education ministry did not buck up to improve the national schools. Instead they were busy thinking how to politicize education and abolish vernacular schools.

Ministry of education was never keen to support vernacular schools. They started sending non Chinese teachers to Chinese schools so that they can change the medium of instruction gradually. They deliberately delayed the training of teachers in vernacular schools. Ministry of education has never implemented multi culturalism and plurality in their education policy. The Dong Jia Zong chief put it bluntly in his speech that the ministry did solve the teacher shortage because it did not have the political will.

Yet MCA and MIC were holding the shoulders high thinking that they are protectors and guardians of vernacular schools. They will make vernacular schools to kowtow to UMNO racist agenda. MCA and MIC must be removed before that happens. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


SRJK(T) Bangi is riddled and strangled by MIC bad hats

March 21, 2012

Last Sunday (18/3/2012) the SRJK (T) Bangi called for its AGM at 9 am. The meeting started with price giving for students who performed well in studies followed by cash handouts to 30 parents and speeches by local UMNO leader and PIBG chairman Pannirselvam who is also MIC Pelangi branch Semenyih, chairman and then followed by lunch. The meeting proper started only at 1pm which infuriated many parents, as the AGM is used for BN goodies handout and propaganda event. The AGM was also attended by other local MIC branch chairmen.

When the meeting started, the PIBG chairman spoke on general matters and later handed over to the treasurer to read PIBG treasurer report. The treasurer was one teacher Puan Indrani who was present but teacher Puan Santhi who is not PIBG committee member signed the treasury report and was reading the report. This prompted some parents who was waiting to question the PIBG over some improper financial transaction to ask why Puan Santhi who is not a PIBG member reading the financial report when the treasurer is there at the meeting. Puan shanti explained that Puan Indrani has resigned as treasurer. One parent then pointed that the internal auditor who resigned is mentioned in your report but why was Puan Indrani’s resignation not mentioned. The PIBG committee apologized for the error. Parents expressed their dissatisfaction over other financial irregularities of PIBG. Parents reminded the PIBG committee that for the past 3 years PIBG have asked for apologies, the parents have apologized but the PIBG financial report is fabricated and not transparent. Meeting continued with arguments over the financial matter and later moved on to the election of new PIBG committee members.

The incumbent chairman Pannirselvam was nominated for re-election but was challenged by another parent whose children are studying in the school. Many parents voiced their dissatisfaction over Pannirselvam because none of his children studied in SRJK (T) Bangi or any Tamil school. The election was rigged and Pannirselvam was re-elected. This led many parents to walk out and the meeting stopped. Later Pannirselvam who is a livestock dealer went to the house of Santiran, the parent who questioned Pannirselvam in the PIBG meeting, for a physical fight which ended in cuts in Santiran’s hand. Santiran made police report but nothing happen to Pannirselvam and he is still walking with heads high in Bangi. Pannirselvam and other MIC local leaders seem to be above the law. Police go lenient over any report on them.

The parents, who complained about the conduct of PIBG chairman Pannirselvam, said that they have made several reports to district education department, regarding the management of finance in PIBG, no additional support for UPSR students, no headmaster and the poor condition of learning and teaching in school but no action taken. Pannirselvam who cannot read and write has police record and a former Emergency ordinance detainee. Ever since Pannirselvam became the chairman of PIBG 3 years ago, the school’s UPSR performance deteriorate, intake dropped and the former headmaster lasted only 6 months. Pannirselvam threatens and keeps the teachers and headmaster toe to his whims and wishes. Teachers are not supervised and no concerted effort to prepare for UPSR examination. Complains to the supervisor of Tamil School in Selangor education department falls in deaf ears.

Parents now do not know where to go. The state of affair in SRJK (T) Bangi is the result of unrestrained interference of MIC local leaders. To the local MIC leaders Tamil School is their political power base to intimate and show off their influence. MIC local warlords have made Tamil School remain primitive and keep it un-conducive and dilapidated conditions for studies. They are not interested in children’s education. The parents are held at ransom and helpless. The district education department and local police are not bothered at all over the bossing around of local MIC leaders, some them are criminals. This is how UMNO want Indians to be. All the mollycoddling of Indians now by UMNO is to get Indian votes.  This will last till the 13th general election.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Include Tamil schools in the mainstream education system

February 28, 2012

In Sept 2011 at the MIC AGM the party president Datuk G Palanivel made an announcement that 1000 matriculation seats will be offered to Indian students in private colleges and universities. When I raised this matter in senate the minister of higher education replied that there is no matriculation program in private colleges. My other two questions were:

1. Are this matriculation programs recognized by MQ&A; and
2. Why are these programs announced in political forums as a goody to attract votes and not provided as a right of Malaysian student

Both the questions did not get any response in the written answer sheet. The prime minister, in his speech at the Ponggal Festival celebration in Kapar, Klang on 26/2/2012, said the number of Indian students in matriculation colleges in the country would be increased from 559 currently, to 1,500 in the 2012/2013 session. MIC was elated and singing praises for the Prime minister.

From these announcements it is clear that offers to higher education centers to Indian youths are used as political bargaining chips in exchange for votes. This is in line with prime minister’s policy of ‘you help me I help you’. The more desperate the BN government is for Indian votes the more seats can be bargained. Therefore it is very important that Indian community or for that matter any minority community must stay relevant to the political development of Malaysia. Go for a political change to start new politics which is inclusive of us.

Building of Tamil schools are also announced in similar functions. There is no unit in the ministry of education that plans and implements any development or improvement for Tamil and Chinese schools. The information on the need for more new schools or relocation of existing schools is provided by NGOs who are concerned about mother tongue education. The ministry is only concerned about national type schools. Tamil schools are the unwanted orphans of ministry of education. The prime minister can announce the building of new schools but which units in the ministry of education that will ensure the schools are built. Eventually MIC and MCA will be given the responsibility to coordinate with various ministries to built or repair the schools. This is how the politically irrelevant MIC makes Tamil school subservient and docile. In the UMNO dominated and controlled ministry of education Tamil school have no representative to turn to. There will be one coordinator for Tamil schools in each state but this person is a junior ranking staff equivalent to a clerk who will subdued and will never raise any matter. This is how UMNO controls vernacular schools.

Prime Minister can make announcements in political platforms championing Tamil schools for political mileage. But nothing will be done by ministry of education. Tamil and Chinese schools survive because of the political pressure and voluntary work provided by NGOs. Tamil schools are here to stay and nobody can remove that. But Tamil schools must be more vocal, progressive and open minded to produce students who will do well in secondary schools. Therefore the greatest service Malaysian Indians can do to Tamil school is to throw out the BN government and get the new government to include Tamil schools in the mainstream education system.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan