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Local Councils Are Tied To Civil Service Bureaucracy

March 15, 2010


The legislation of Local Authorities Elections Ordinance in 1950 entrusted local councils to organize elections for the office of the councilors, who are the people who govern local area. Subsequently amendments were made to this legislation to empower residents to establish more local councils in their area. The government in 1965 formed a Malaysian royal commission to investigate the local government system with the aim of abolishing it. The local government elections were abolished on 2nd March 1965.

The uncertainties and insecurities during the ‘konfrontasi’ era with Indonesia were cited as a primary reason for abolishing local government elections. During this period of time the opposition parties were very critical towards the national policies and they had very dominant influence in several local authorities. The alliance government to cut off the opposition influence on local authorities and to regain its control of the government frontline formed the Malaysian royal commission to justify the abolition of local elections. There was considerable opposition to the abolition of local government elections later. This led to the preparation of Nahappan report which was well received by many community leaders, but the government used the May 13th incident to do away with local government elections for good. (more…)

September 11- The Demise of Malaysian Local Councils.

December 6, 2009

I strongly condemn the non renewal of the license and subsequent issuance of a summon’s to GSM Mini Market Lanchang by the Temerloh Municipal Council, Pahang, as it shows the parochial and partisan mindset of the council’s officers.

To force, GSM Mini Market to move their fish and vegetable business to the failed wet market after 25 years in business is inconsiderate and foolish. This is a clear illustration of the high handedness of the municipal council officials who clearly care two hoots about the welfare of its residents.

There is no justice in enforcing this prosecution only after the case was highlighted by the STAR newspaper. When ordinary citizens face unjust law enforcement from local councils the only alternative they have is to go to the courts.  Subramaniam Gopal did just that.

The High Court discharged Subramaniam on September 11, 2009. There was no reaction from the Temerloh Local Council or its prosecutors until the STAR newspaper highlighted this case on the November 22nd, 2009. 

Then on November 24th, the Temerloh Municipal Council served the summons again but the magistrate court discharged Subramaniam upon the application of the prosecution themselves.

The wet market that Subramaniam is supposed to relocate to is in a ramshackle condition and has since almost closed down. This raises the question as to why the local council is still summoning the GSM Mini Market? 

The Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission (MACC) should investigate why the local council built a wet market which is now a white elephant. This is an utter waste of rate payers money.

It is also shocking to note the Attorney General’s Chamber’s is prosecuting the case for the third time. The Attorney-General’s chambers should instead concentrate their efforts on amending the relevant laws instead of harassing this poor man.

When I was walking around and talking to the people of Lanchang, they revealed that there are many illegal eateries, stalls and even other mini markets selling fish and vegetables in the area but the local council has clearly singled out the GSM Mini Market. 

This shows a blatant disregard of justice by the Temerloh Municipal Council. The state government, on the other hand, is blissfully pretending to be ignorant of the ineffective and inefficient local council.

As such, I call upon the Temerloh Municipal Council to immediately stop. harassing Subramaniam and instead focus their attention on clearing the illegal peddlers, illegal eateries and stalls which are carrying out brisk business in public.