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Press Statement on Attempt to win votes in the name of helping is no help to Indian community, Dr. Chua

November 17, 2011

Attempt to win votes in the name of helping is no help to Indian community, Dr. Chua

The Star newspaper reported today (16/11/2011) a statement by MCA president Datuk Dr Chua Soi Lek that I should apologize to the Indian community for saying that they can be bribed. For the benefit of readers the article written on 5/9/2011 is attached below.

The write up focused on the attempt by MCA president to give out cash handout to Indian Temples and other places of worship purely for the purpose of winning votes. It focused on Dr Chua’s attempt to bribe Indians to secure votes. The article did not mention anywhere that Indians can be bribed. But it says that MCA is targeting the poor and gullible to fish for votes. But Dr Chua Soi Lek for his political despondency and expediency has turned the issue as though I said that Indians can be bribed. This very statement by the MCA president clearly shows that he is more concerned about winning Indian votes than helping them. How does organizing more Deepavali function to celebrate uplift the Indian community? The Indians and Chinese communities needs to recover and regain their political rights lost to UMNO with the support of MCA and MIC. They don’t need your charity but equal opportunity for them and their children and their grandchildren to live with dignity and pride as citizens of this country. MCA and MIC have together sold the Indians rights to UMNO for MIC and MCA survival. That was the issue discussed in the article.

The Star report also mentioned Dr Chua saying that the purpose of the MCA going all over the country to visit the Indian community was to help them solve their problem. Thank you much for your concern Dr Chua. But giving cash handouts to temples and its associated NGOs will not help the poor Indians who need a decent job with decent salaries, proper education in schools for their children, places in University if they do well and technical training if they don’t do well in schools. Can MIC and MCA provide these basic human rights which are long denied to the Indian community by Barisan National? I am prepared to challenge Dr Chua on this matter anywhere anytime. MIC and MCA watched and allowed UMNOPUTRAS to erode the rights and blocked the economic growth of Indians and other communities.

Dr Chua is also reported saying that BN component parties had always defended the welfare and rights of the Indians in Sungkai despite having lost the state seat in the last general election. Can the MCA president spell out what are the welfare and rights that the MCA and MIC had fought and regained for the Indians in Sungkai and other areaas? Before PR can fulfill their promises Barisan National has snatched back the state through back door and devious means. Why the sudden interest on the Indian community now? MCA has never organized Deepavali function and provided handout on this scale before. Malaysian Indians can see through your political motives in providing cash generously to temples. Therefore it is not me who should apologize but the MIC and MCA leaders like your good self whom the people trusted for 54 years should redeem what is lost. Can you Dr Chua?

Senator S.Ramakrishnan


MCA president is busy buying Indian votes because Chinese votes are not for sale.

The MCA president is frequently reported in the main stream newspapers busy giving out cash handouts to Indian and Chinese temples and its related NGOs like Hindu society. Yesterday it was reported in Tamil papers that Dr. Chua Soi Lek gave away RM141000 to 17 Hindu temples and Hindu societies in Tanjong Malim parliamentary constituency. Dr Chua was also reported in earlier days, giving out cash handout to Hindu temples, Chinese temples and Indian churches in Labis constituency. It’s heartwarming to see the MCA president handing out cash generously to religious institution. But these cash handouts are needed by people who are alienated and marginalized urban squatters and not the religious institutions which will be taken care byprovidence itself. The MCA president seems to opportunistically use the poverty of rural Indians for his political expediency. Such handouts will make these rural people dependent on BN. This is great service of MCA president to Indian community.

The Indians were long marginalized and deprived by the BN government need job opportunities, scholarship and higher education facilities and small business opportunities in local councils and government agencies and inclusive government policies. These are the urgent needs of the Indians and not cash handout to temples. The Indian community needs to recover and regain their political right as citizens of this country which has been steadily eroded by BN with the support of MIC. By offering cash handout out to Indian temples while simultaneously supporting UMNO racist policies, is Dr. Chua trying to keep Indians under the thumbs of UMNO. In offering cash to temples does Dr. Chua has the best of intentions for Indians or is this one form of bribery to entice Indian vote for MCA? Looks like Dr. Chua is bribing the Indian god to secure Indian votes because the Chinese votes are not for sale.

The way MCA president disbursing cash is clearly targeted at getting Indian votes in MCA constituency. Money handout by MCA starts much earlier than the actual election dates. Cash and goodies flows all the year round for BN parties. Only SPR cannot notice the cash handout.  It is clearly visible that, after the 2008 elections, UMNO has lost confidence in MCA and MIC to secure the Chinese and Indian votes. The Prime Minister has appointed special officers reporting directly to him to reach out to Chinese and Indian voters with handout on their own. UMNO operates as though they don’t need any other component parties. UMNO can disburse cash themselves. They don’t need Chua Soi Lek to distribute their cash. But Chua Soi Lek needs to show gullible voters that they are also powerful and they too have cash to distribute.

As the saying goes that some things never change. UMNO cannot be reformed therefore it has to be removed. MCA and MIC hangs on to UMNO for their own survival and keep bribing and giving false hope to their members that all are well and good. If MCA and MIC have any pride and dignity for themselves and their party, they should stop bribing voters to vote for UMNO. The stakes are high for MCA president to get his son Chua Tee Yong to be appointed as a minister after the next election. After all MCA and MIC are all about what is in it for them. That’s what these disbursements of cash are all about. Throw in small fish to catch big fish.

Senator S.Ramakrishnan


Hampers and feel good speeches do not impress Indians anymore

October 28, 2011


PM visited 4 open houses on Deepavali day 2011. This is quite a feat knowing the busy schedule of a prime minister before rushing to Perth, Australia to attend CHOGM. No other prime minister have bend this much backward to warm up with the Indian community. The deputy prime minister, who is not known to foster warm relations with other non-Malay communities like the prime minister, too has joined in the fray to visit the Deepavali open houses. The mass media carried news on these visits extensively to drive the point home that the government really cares and concerned about the Indian community. This year’s MIC open house was held in the Batu Caves temple compound, something very different from previous years. Looks like MIC too transforming along with the PM’s initiative. Having Deepavali celebration in Batu Caves compound is alright provided the food they served was vegetarian, as this is a temple complex, therefore the visitors must adhere to the norms and sanctity of temple visits.




I hope the prime minister doesn’t stop the fostering of closer ties to Indian community with Deepavali visits, feel good speeches and hamper handout only. All these gestures do not help the struggling and alienated Indian community. They need job opportunities, educational opportunities in local universities, scholarships, small business opportunities and loan facilities. These supports were denied for past 40 years since the launch of New Economic policy in 1971. They were evicted and displaced in ghettos and slums around major towns across west Malaysia. Today the Indian community is infested with low income unable to meet the high cost of living, high school dropouts, gangsters, citizenship problem and fewer business opportunities. The government has turned dump and deaf towards Indian community problems. Indian community problems were outsourced to MIC which is not in any position to help. The anger and frustration of Indian community manifested as Hindraf and they deserted BN in 2008 election. This has become a permanent change in the thinking of Malaysian Indians and not one off as the BN thinks.




Since March 2008 the government is making all effort to comfort the gullible and impoverished Indian community. But the BN government has not addressed the real issue that affects the Indian community. There is no change in policy to solve the Indians community’s problems. The prime minister is going around giving cash handout to certain elite organizations like Indian chamber of commerce, Malayalee association, Telegu association, Divine life society, temple of Fine arts etc. But the Indians in ghettos and slums did not receive any help. These groups only gets hampers, food during festivals and lots and lots of feel good speeches. After 40 years of alienation, the situation is very depressing and hopeless for this ghetto community. They now need affirmative action like the bumiputras to uplift themselves. Corruption, nepotism and presence of millions of foreign workers have driven the ghetto and slum community to become hard poor. But the government statistic will not show their poverty. The bureaucracy is simply incompetent and racial to be inclusive of the economic reality of Malaysian Indians.


The BN government hikes up the number of Indians present to create psychological feeling that Indians are returning back. The actual situation is that MIC gives RM50, T-shirts and recycles the same people to make up the numbers to impress PM. Even people owning cars go and receive hampers. MIC is all out supporting UMNO to make Indians a hamper community. MIC could have used this warming up of UMNO to get a better deal for Indians. But knowing MIC which has become subservient to UMNO is incapable to rise up to the expectations of Malaysian Indians. They are a parasite living off the poverty of Indian community. MIC has to be wiped off for Malaysian Indians to stand up demanding their right as citizen of this country.




All impoverished communities must be uplifted in the interest of this country. They can be turned into much needed human resources. Unfortunately the BN government’s short sighted and self centered policies are hindering the economic growth but enriching the UMNOPUTRAS. There is a sizeable number of Malays too in similar situation as Indians in Malaysia. Arise and awake Malaysian Indians.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan




Does interlock bonds or drives away the Malaysian Indians in Malaysia

January 12, 2011

Ever since the induction of Interlock novel as a compulsory text in SPM Malay literature paper, a large section of Malaysian Indians have voiced their strong disapproval. They feel insulted and disparaged by the statement in the novel that all Malaysian Indians who came to Malaysia during the colonial period belong to the pariah caste. The novel further says that the different linguistic and ethnic groups that came from south India are able get along well among themselves because they all belong to the pariah caste and that they spoke Tamil.  Indian Muslims and Christians also were implicated because they too were among those who made the crowded and packed journey from India.

UMNO hardliners are standing firmly with the decision to introduce Interlock as a compulsory text because they feel that the Malaysian Indians have no right to question the decision of the Ministry of Education. There are a small section of Indians who don’t mind the novel Interlock as a compulsory text in the SPM Malay literature subject.

The different forums and groups among the Indian community are of the opinion that there are two issues here. Most of the groups accept interlock as a novel because they believe in freedom of expression, but introducing the novel as a compulsory text for the Form 5 students is insensitive and derogatory. They agree that the author has no intention to defile and demean any community. Why and what is it that the Indian community is discontented about in this novel is the issue that this paper wants to address.

Indian society was classified more structurally in terms of profession and trade. Those who were scholarly and knowledge oriented were classified as Brahmins, those who were valorous classified as Kshatriyas, merchants and businessman were labeled as Vaisyas and those without any skill and general workers are labeled as Shudras. These classifications were horizontal and not vertical in meaning that is no caste is superior to the other. Even in the great Hindu epics of Ramayana and Mahabharata, the god incarnations Rama and Krishnan were depicted as belonging to Kshatriyas. Lord Buddha was a Kshatriya. Many Hindu saints and sages who were praised as godly people belong to all four classes. There was a flexible caste system where when a person’s character, trait and profession changes his caste too becomes different. The word ‘pariah’ means drummer. In those days there were drummers who went around the towns and villages spreading the royal message to commoners. They were like messenger boys passing the royal or establishment message to commoners. This must be the most unskilled job that involves more brawn than brain therefore they must have belonged to the Shudra category.

With the advent of foreign invaders, traders, religions and religious missionaries and India being ruled by foreigners for 1000 years, the practice of caste system has deviated from its original intent and changed so much that Indians themselves consider caste as an evil and social disease that needed to be discarded. Indian political and community leaders like Mahatma Gandhi, Subramanyar Bharathi and many more have vehemently spoken against this social disease and the Indian government has introduced laws with severe punishment to prohibit caste practice. Swami Vivekananda once said caste ridden society is a lunatic asylum. Indian based parties in Malaysia have been practicing caste politics for the past 50 years as vote bank. Caste is a bane to Malaysian Indians but a boon to ruthless politicians and evil religious leaders. In a democratic society, the caste system is always exploited by some groups for their own purpose.

Foreigners and outsiders to Indian tradition don’t understand the psychological phobia and earnestness of Indians to get rid of caste practices. Well meaning Indians and community leaders consider caste practices that refuse to go away as a real curse. It creates mental limitations to move forward. But the non-Indians and the opportunistic Indians keep using the caste labels again and again to the embarrassment and irritation of Indians in general. Caste names and tags is being constantly re-awakened and reminded again and again so much so that Indians themselves are learning to accept it. Now that the novel Interlock is being introduced as a compulsory text for form five students, it irks the feeling of Malaysian Indians.

The study of this novel by Malaysian students of all races will further reinforce and strengthen the very social evil disease that the Indian community wants to get rid of. To the author and many educationists the novel may be a good literary work that portrays a shared mystery and a shared caste. But this shared caste is not the making of Indians themselves but a malice that has distorted the origin of the Indian caste system and survived and refused to go away despite every gigantic effort. When Malay, Chinese and other students read this novel which will be taught by teachers who have no clue about the distorted historical baggage, it will further reinforce the caste system in the minds of all Malaysians that the Indians want to get rid of. The repercussion of including Indian caste practices in the education system is interpreted as one more step to suppress the marginalized community.

Although, the great grandfathers of the Tamils, Telugus, Malayalis and the others who came in the dreaded journey from India may not be drummers (pariahs), they could have been in any other professional and/or business class. Many second generation Indians whose parents or one of the parents or their grandfathers who came to Malaya in crowed ships like goats and sheep, have been senior civil servants, successful professionals and businessmen. Some from the second generation have also become politicians who continue the caste practices for vote bank purpose.

Unfortunately, the Malay literature students will learn the word pariah and its derogatory meanings. They will miss the historical distortions and the reason for the continued existence of caste. Whether Interlock links the various ethnic groups or offends any ethnic group is to be carefully thought of.

Senator Dr. S. Ramakrishnan