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SRJK(T) Bangi is riddled and strangled by MIC bad hats

March 21, 2012

Last Sunday (18/3/2012) the SRJK (T) Bangi called for its AGM at 9 am. The meeting started with price giving for students who performed well in studies followed by cash handouts to 30 parents and speeches by local UMNO leader and PIBG chairman Pannirselvam who is also MIC Pelangi branch Semenyih, chairman and then followed by lunch. The meeting proper started only at 1pm which infuriated many parents, as the AGM is used for BN goodies handout and propaganda event. The AGM was also attended by other local MIC branch chairmen.

When the meeting started, the PIBG chairman spoke on general matters and later handed over to the treasurer to read PIBG treasurer report. The treasurer was one teacher Puan Indrani who was present but teacher Puan Santhi who is not PIBG committee member signed the treasury report and was reading the report. This prompted some parents who was waiting to question the PIBG over some improper financial transaction to ask why Puan Santhi who is not a PIBG member reading the financial report when the treasurer is there at the meeting. Puan shanti explained that Puan Indrani has resigned as treasurer. One parent then pointed that the internal auditor who resigned is mentioned in your report but why was Puan Indrani’s resignation not mentioned. The PIBG committee apologized for the error. Parents expressed their dissatisfaction over other financial irregularities of PIBG. Parents reminded the PIBG committee that for the past 3 years PIBG have asked for apologies, the parents have apologized but the PIBG financial report is fabricated and not transparent. Meeting continued with arguments over the financial matter and later moved on to the election of new PIBG committee members.

The incumbent chairman Pannirselvam was nominated for re-election but was challenged by another parent whose children are studying in the school. Many parents voiced their dissatisfaction over Pannirselvam because none of his children studied in SRJK (T) Bangi or any Tamil school. The election was rigged and Pannirselvam was re-elected. This led many parents to walk out and the meeting stopped. Later Pannirselvam who is a livestock dealer went to the house of Santiran, the parent who questioned Pannirselvam in the PIBG meeting, for a physical fight which ended in cuts in Santiran’s hand. Santiran made police report but nothing happen to Pannirselvam and he is still walking with heads high in Bangi. Pannirselvam and other MIC local leaders seem to be above the law. Police go lenient over any report on them.

The parents, who complained about the conduct of PIBG chairman Pannirselvam, said that they have made several reports to district education department, regarding the management of finance in PIBG, no additional support for UPSR students, no headmaster and the poor condition of learning and teaching in school but no action taken. Pannirselvam who cannot read and write has police record and a former Emergency ordinance detainee. Ever since Pannirselvam became the chairman of PIBG 3 years ago, the school’s UPSR performance deteriorate, intake dropped and the former headmaster lasted only 6 months. Pannirselvam threatens and keeps the teachers and headmaster toe to his whims and wishes. Teachers are not supervised and no concerted effort to prepare for UPSR examination. Complains to the supervisor of Tamil School in Selangor education department falls in deaf ears.

Parents now do not know where to go. The state of affair in SRJK (T) Bangi is the result of unrestrained interference of MIC local leaders. To the local MIC leaders Tamil School is their political power base to intimate and show off their influence. MIC local warlords have made Tamil School remain primitive and keep it un-conducive and dilapidated conditions for studies. They are not interested in children’s education. The parents are held at ransom and helpless. The district education department and local police are not bothered at all over the bossing around of local MIC leaders, some them are criminals. This is how UMNO want Indians to be. All the mollycoddling of Indians now by UMNO is to get Indian votes.  This will last till the 13th general election.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


After 54 years should Malaysian Indians still keep nambikai (faith) in BN government?

January 30, 2012

Each time the PM is hard pressed by some scandal or allegation by PR, some offers are promised for the Indian community. Last week PM Datuk Najib announced that Datuk Palanivel is now the lead minister. Datuk Palanivel the MIC president is already the ministerfor the socio-economic development of the Indian community in the PMO. I wonder what difference it makes now. At the same occasion in Puchong SRJK(T) kinrara, Datuk Najib called all Tamil educationist to come out with a blueprint on how to take Tamil schools forward. This clearly shows the government does not have any policy framework to improvise Tamil schools or for that matter Indian community after 54 years of rule. UMNO has robbed the future of one generation of Indian students who did not have proper facilities and support from government. Thanks to the other component parties of BN. The BN government allowed Tamil schools to continue this far because of Indian votes. They know that Tamil school is close to the heart of every Tamil and closing Tamil school will be political suicide. But they wanted Tamil schools to die on its own without them closing it. Fortunately the Indian community supported it till today.

PM also announced that government had allocated RM340 million for physical and infrastructure development for Tamil schools across the nation. He said, in terms of management and administration, the government had invested about RM2 billion for Tamil schools since 2009. If these monies were spent on Tamil schools, they will be better off than national type schools. I wish the lead minister or the prime minister gives a breakdown of the billions spent. All these monies were spent without a proper blue print. We hear from MIC ministers and PM that millions and now billions spent on the 524 Tamil schools, still 322 schools are in private land and get minimal support. I am puzzled how they spent so much money and yet physical and living conditions of the 322 schools are in dilapidated conditions.

The passing rate of in UPSR examination in Tamil schools is 50-53%. Which is low compared with national and Chinese schools. Many studies were made and presented but the government was not bothered to follow through it. Many UMNO leaders have said that they don’t need Indian votes. They were winning big. Now that the Chinese voters want a political change and Malay voters too have realized that with all the bumiputra policies, Malays are still poor and vulnerable to economic changes.  Educated Malays who form a large section in Malay society are thinking beyond the UMNO political propaganda.

Indian society should learn to remain politically relevant. We cannot afford to be on the wrong side of political changes. Malaysian Indians should not depend on the PM to offer goodies now and then. We need government policy changes that take us as citizens of this country and therefore entitled to equal treatment. Non Malays were disqualified in the offer of scholarships, job opportunities, government contracts and GLCs. Malaysian policies are worse than apartheid. UMNO comes out with policies that will deliberately disqualify the non Malays in securing contracts or anything from government. That racist, nefarious and hypocritical is UMNO. Yet they have no qualms in accepting sin tax from gambling and alcohol that are paid by non Malays.

It is timely now for a new blue print and development plan for Tamil schools to be submitted to both PR and BN. Tamil schools need to be transformed into a center where students also learn soft and social skills, positive attitude and become thinkers. Tamil school students must be successful in secondary school and beyond. Students should not end with Tamil education but make Tamil a global language for others to learn Tamil langauge. The negative influence of MIC must be wiped and removed from Tamil schools. A new blue print in the changing political and economic environment is urgently needed. It’s now or never

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Johore Menteri Datuk Abdul Ghani bin Othman where is your Tenang by-election promise to kg Veera residents?

September 5, 2011

The Gemas-Johore Bahru double track railway project will force many Indian settlers along railway tracks in Johore homeless. These Indian families are from low income group and settled in this land for 40/50 years before even gazette for railway tracks.  The ministry of transport is making all arrangements to start off the project without any intention to resettle the thousands of families living on the land earmarked for double track railway project in Johore. I call upon the minister of transport to reconsider the issue of settlers’ eviction and come out with resettlement plan before starting the double tracking project.

These settlers were promised compensation and alternative land during elections period but till date this promises by the BN government remain empty. During the Tenang by-election, 22 settlers from kg Veera, Tenang were shown a muddy low lying land where the residents will be resettled by Asokan the MIC state assemblymen. Johore Menteri Besar Datuk Abdul Ghani bin Othman too told the residents that they will be given an alternate land to resettle. Similar promises were made during previous elections also. But till date nothing came out of these promises by MIC politicians and the Johore Menteri Besar. These empty promises of Johore Menteri Besar and MIC politicians show that the BN government is only interested in tricking the Indian voters to vote for them in elections. Once the votes were secured these BN politicians conveniently forget the Indian community.

The Pakatan Rakyat coalition while ruling Perak state government and the present Penang state government helped to compensate the railway double track land settlers. 300 squatters from Kuala Sepatang, Perak were allocated alternative land to resettle by KTM Berhad and the Railway Asset Management Corporation during the Bukit Gantang by election. RM42000 was given as compensation to 32 settlers in Seberang Perai when they were evicted for double track railway project. If Pakatan Rakyat government can ensure that the affected settlers in Kuala Sepatang and Seberang Perai can be compensated why can’t BN federal government and BN state government compensate these Kg Veera settlers and many others in Johore? BN government of Negeri Sembilan has compensated Malay reserve land owners whose land was acquired for railway double track purposes. Since there is a precedence of compensation for double track settlers, why is Johore Menteri Besar and Asokan keeping quiet in Kg Veera and other railway double track settlers claim?

Why are the MIC leaders and Johore Menteri Besar who made these promises keeping quiet? Does it mean that BN only want Indian votes and couldn’t be bothered thereafter? Malaysian Indians in Johore are neglected and ignored by the BN government. Yet MIC bends backward to secure Indian votes for this ungrateful BN government. MIC is a party with no dignity and pride. MIC made the Malaysian Indian community marginalized and homeless by the BN government. Malaysian Indians must realize their predicament and act decisively. They must not allow themselves to be cheated by empty promises, dinners, entertainment shows and provision hampers. Malaysian Indians must stand up and be counted as equal citizens.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Tenang by election not an indicator for Indian vote for BN

February 2, 2011
Tenang by election is the most unsatisfactory selection of representative to state legislative assembly. The election was conducted under the worst wether condition where the voters could not leave their house due to heavy downpour and rising floods. The election commission should have started thinking and get prepared for the worst when the raining was continuously pouring before the election date. Unfortunately, the election commission was sleeping on their job. Tenang and Labis towns were drenched by floods and heavy rain. Voters were stranded in their flooded houses without any transport to polling stations. The bad governance of Johore BN government has escaped the voter’s reprisal these far, due to their proximity to Singapore. Youths and many other have jobs, businesses and educational opportunities in Singapore. Public security in Labis is much safer compared to many northern states. Labis voters were seeing opposition parties campaigning house to house for the first time. These efforts will bear results in the forth coming elections. PR parties do not have local presence compared to BN. This seems to be a severe handicap for PR.

On the voting day in Tenang the election commission was totally unprepared and ill equipped to run a fair and free election to choose a peoples’ representative. Voters’ turnout in Labis town, North Labis estate, voules estate and Tenang town were very pathetic and the affected voters were robbed of an opportunity to cast their votes. Army vehicles were only used to transport flood victims from kampongs to schools and Dewan Serbaguna and not to transport the stranded voters in estates, housing and town areas. The Malaysian government machinery is not competent at mobilizing support and resources in time of calamities and disasters. Therefore, the results of Tenang by election under such demanding conditions do not reflect the peoples’ choice and preferences. Under such demanding conditions adhering to strict neutrality and fairness is anybody’s guess. The campaign workers on the ground were clueless and did not know as to flood victims or voters that are being driven pass check points by army vehicles.

Voter turnout was higher in FELDA settlements compared to town, housing schemes and estates. Voters from FELDA who are all Malays and Bandar Labis Tengah who are predominantly Chinese voters have voted for BN and PR respectively.  But Indian voter turnout from North Labis estate, Voules estate, Labis town and Tenang station is poor due to the severe flood problem. To conclude that Indians have voted for BN is stereotyping and not supported with evidences. Campaigners in estates and housing areas for Indians voters can hardly believed that Indian voters have voted to BN in high percentages. Voters’ sentiments and feeling were different. House to house campaigns in housing estates did recognize the Indian voter’s desire for change and how the BN government was short changing them by giving entertainment and handouts.  Many voters felt disgusted at the continuous aid given to poor Indians by welfare department without any permanent and tangible settlement to their problem. They are the landless people of Malaysia today. Besides the handouts, the government machinery was all out to instill fear in them especially in estates. Many have outgrown these same old dirty tactics of BN and were prepared to vote for opposition to send a message to government. Indian votes are changing along with the others. It’s their smaller numbers and when mixed with other races when they come topolling station that makes Indian voter trend difficult to access. Those who claim 80-90% Indian vote for BN have ulterior motives in their claim. Such swiping remarks should not deter campaign workers for it is not the ground reality.  It’s unfortunate that the heavy rain and sudden flood have deprived these voters voting rights.

Senator S.Ramakrishnan