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UMNO has revealed its true character yet again

July 4, 2012



PM Najib has been going around the country meeting Indian community asking them to have NAMBIKAI (trust) on him. But Najib’s complete silence after Sri Gading MP’s remark on Datuk Ambiga, has made MIC president to assure the NAMBIKAI of PM Najib is sincere. MIC president has to come out to reassure the Indian community that MIC does not endorse Sri Gading MP’s treason call to hang Datuk Ambiga. But Datuk Palanivel, why the PM who wants NAMBIKAI from Indians did not reprimand the Sri Gading MP for his vengeful remark on Datuk Ambiga? More insulting is the Sri Gading MP’s reluctant apology to please the Dewan Rakyat speaker. If PM Najib is silent and tolerate such an uncouth remark from an UMNO MP, how can the Indians have NAMBIKAI on PM, UMNO and MIC?


If asking for a free and fair election by a harmless Indian woman is such a treason charge for UMNO to call for hanging, can Malaysians ever trust (Nambikai) them. It only shows that UMNO is a racist, hate Indians and will stoop very low to punish anyone asking for fairness and justice. Political parties working with UMNO pretending all is fine are useless and spineless. The talk of Indians returning back to BN is to appease UMNO and to impress that they are still needed to win back Indians for UMNO. They are misleading UMNO to believe in their own lies.


UMNO goons started to show their true colour way back in 2009 by dragging a cow head to protest against shifting of temple in shah Alam. No PAS leader has ever done anything like that. It is only UMNO that has been calling non Malays by names, introduced the INTERLOK book to systematically derogate Indians and feels insulted when a Non Malay calls for free and fair elections. In any other country Datuk Ambiga will be a heroine. But in Malaysia UMNO cannot accept any Non Malay to be a hero or heroine. Can such a political party lead this country in future? The whole world is marching forward leaving behind racism, nepotism and corruption behind but UMNO cherishes all these evil qualities. By their acts and deeds UMNO is becoming irrelevant and losing the plot to lead this blessed nation.


UMNO is caught and wrapped up by their lies and propaganda. UMNO leaders don’t love their party but the power and wealth they inherit by being in the party. The same with other component parties too. Money is the glue that stitches and binds them together. UMNO/BN leaders will mudsling and hug each other as long as there is honey and penny. They will be the first to desert the party when the honey and penny dries up.


After 55 years in power, they have become very arrogant, violent and out of touch with the ground reality. Even Malays are deserting UMNO by the days. Malays too find UMNO loyalist intoxicated with power are abusive. Little do UMNO realize that the ground is shifting down and under? UMNO/BN will not be able to survive the 13th GE. So when will our PM call for election?


Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Getting Indian crowd is easy but can you get their vote, Datuk Palanivel?

March 8, 2012

MIC leaders keep repeating that Indian votes have gone back to Barisan because of the big turnout in MIC functions and by election results. Politics in Malaysia is no more static and not within UMNO’s control. Well when MIC provides meal, pocket money, hampers, entertainment and transport it is not surprising to get huge crowd. The way MIC leaders keep repeating this claim, it looks like they want to send a message to UMNO leaders that they are loyal and working for BN. This will keep them in the good books of UMNO which will reward MIC leaders with tokens and pittance. MIC leaders take pride in making such ludicrous claims. It is the same MIC that supported UMNO in eroding the Malaysian Indian’s basic rights. Their record for the past 55 years is nothing but betrayal, selling out and downright cheating the Indian community. Yet they can claim that Indians are returning back to BN. Indians all over the country don’t care a damn about MIC. Well the defacto president of MIC is Prime minister. He has his own personnel assistant to keep throwing goodies to Indian poor. MIC is just a front and eye wash to get Indian votes.

Prime minister came out with 1Malaysia campaign and gave them hope. After 3 years, Indians have realized that it’s an empty slogan of prime minister to deceive non Malays into voting for BN. Unfortunately a section of poor Indians who have very low financial stamina are vulnerable to vote buying. BN will always want Malaysian Indians to be poor so that they can buy their votes. MIC supported NEP abuses, UMNO robbing and plundering the wealth of this country. MIC supported the UMNO racist agendas like robbing of places in local universities, UMNO appointing racist in high places in government decision making bodies, Mahathir curtailing judicial independence and UMNO privatizing and robbing the money making government agencies. MIC has lost all moral right to represent the Indians.

Malaysian Indians have come a long way since 2008. They too have learnt like Kelantan voters. They will accept all goodies but not necessarily vote for BN. They have been deprived for many years what is rightfully theirs. So what’s wrong in accepting whatever given? In fact they should ask for more. But, whether they will vote for BN is a question mark. Voting is to determine the future government that will govern this country with fair and equal opportunities to all. The thinking among Indians now is for a change. Give opposition one or two terms. If they can’t govern, vote back for the other party. They are for two party systems. 55 years of marginalization and mismanagement of this country is enough. They want a political system that will safeguard their children and grandchildren. They regret for faithfully trusting MIC which ditch them and still trying to hoodwink that the Indians future is in UMNO’s hand. Many MIC leaders vote against BN rule too. It’s only those in position keep loyal to UMNO and continues to believe in BN lies for selfish resasons. For MIC leaders, what matters most is not fairness or equality but pleasing and keeping UMNO in good humor so that they will get favors and positions.

Prime minister wants Indians to trust (nambikai) him. But he keeps those who betrayed that trust close to him and appoint them in high post. MIC leaders who plundered MAIKA holdings are still in high places and not in prison.  Corruption in police force will never allow Indians to come out of crime and gangs. MIC operates like an NGO organizing Ponggal and Deepavali functions and 1Malaysia dinner for Indians. So Mr. Palanivel, stop deceiving the poor Indians and support the new aspiration for 2 party systems of Malaysian Indians. Datuk keneth Eswaran who wants to create 50000 Indian entrepreneurs may show his great effort to secure Indian votes to Prime minister and his wife to get new business projects for himself. This is the type of BN Indian leaders they have. Indians are in the mood to change. It’s the only way forward.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


After 54 years should Malaysian Indians still keep nambikai (faith) in BN government?

January 30, 2012

Each time the PM is hard pressed by some scandal or allegation by PR, some offers are promised for the Indian community. Last week PM Datuk Najib announced that Datuk Palanivel is now the lead minister. Datuk Palanivel the MIC president is already the ministerfor the socio-economic development of the Indian community in the PMO. I wonder what difference it makes now. At the same occasion in Puchong SRJK(T) kinrara, Datuk Najib called all Tamil educationist to come out with a blueprint on how to take Tamil schools forward. This clearly shows the government does not have any policy framework to improvise Tamil schools or for that matter Indian community after 54 years of rule. UMNO has robbed the future of one generation of Indian students who did not have proper facilities and support from government. Thanks to the other component parties of BN. The BN government allowed Tamil schools to continue this far because of Indian votes. They know that Tamil school is close to the heart of every Tamil and closing Tamil school will be political suicide. But they wanted Tamil schools to die on its own without them closing it. Fortunately the Indian community supported it till today.

PM also announced that government had allocated RM340 million for physical and infrastructure development for Tamil schools across the nation. He said, in terms of management and administration, the government had invested about RM2 billion for Tamil schools since 2009. If these monies were spent on Tamil schools, they will be better off than national type schools. I wish the lead minister or the prime minister gives a breakdown of the billions spent. All these monies were spent without a proper blue print. We hear from MIC ministers and PM that millions and now billions spent on the 524 Tamil schools, still 322 schools are in private land and get minimal support. I am puzzled how they spent so much money and yet physical and living conditions of the 322 schools are in dilapidated conditions.

The passing rate of in UPSR examination in Tamil schools is 50-53%. Which is low compared with national and Chinese schools. Many studies were made and presented but the government was not bothered to follow through it. Many UMNO leaders have said that they don’t need Indian votes. They were winning big. Now that the Chinese voters want a political change and Malay voters too have realized that with all the bumiputra policies, Malays are still poor and vulnerable to economic changes.  Educated Malays who form a large section in Malay society are thinking beyond the UMNO political propaganda.

Indian society should learn to remain politically relevant. We cannot afford to be on the wrong side of political changes. Malaysian Indians should not depend on the PM to offer goodies now and then. We need government policy changes that take us as citizens of this country and therefore entitled to equal treatment. Non Malays were disqualified in the offer of scholarships, job opportunities, government contracts and GLCs. Malaysian policies are worse than apartheid. UMNO comes out with policies that will deliberately disqualify the non Malays in securing contracts or anything from government. That racist, nefarious and hypocritical is UMNO. Yet they have no qualms in accepting sin tax from gambling and alcohol that are paid by non Malays.

It is timely now for a new blue print and development plan for Tamil schools to be submitted to both PR and BN. Tamil schools need to be transformed into a center where students also learn soft and social skills, positive attitude and become thinkers. Tamil school students must be successful in secondary school and beyond. Students should not end with Tamil education but make Tamil a global language for others to learn Tamil langauge. The negative influence of MIC must be wiped and removed from Tamil schools. A new blue print in the changing political and economic environment is urgently needed. It’s now or never

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Press Statement – Mr. DPM. Please walk the talk.

November 11, 2011
The deputy prime Minister and Minister of education Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin declared in Muar that the government has built 600 Tamil schools so far and that every school that was constructed, had the objective of providing the best education to the children to ensure the country’s development in future. He further added that the government do not hinder or prevent (the development of SJKC and SJKT) to enable us to become a hub for education”. In actual fact there are only 523 Tamils schools in Malaysia most of which are in dilapidated and neglected conditions. Talking is easy and cheap but walking the talk is what matters, Mr. DPM. 371 of 523 Tamil Schools are in private estate land. Therefore they don’t qualify for full support from government. I would like to ask the DPM and education minister as why government schools in private land (71% of Tamil schools) are not entitled to full aid. Aren’t the Malaysian Indians citizens of this country and don’t they pay taxes and dues like all other Malaysians. Your government has already deprived Malaysian Indians of many opportunities including providing a proper Tamil school.
In fact there was one school in Raub, Pahang where the estate was willing to give the school land to government, but the ministry of education never acted for a few years. The estate took back land since it was not wanted. I highlighted this school in Tamil press to get the government attention but to no avail. The Selangor and Penang state governments are willing to allocate land for Tamil Schools. Will the ministry of education built a proper Tamil school like in Desa Mentari where the land is lying idle unable to move the Seaport Tamil School. I call upon the deputy prime minister to act on the many grouses of Tamil schools rather than issuing feel good statements which is worth nothing.  The Tamil school grouses are:
1.     Physical infrastructure and equipment – most of the Tamil school building in private land are temporary building not built for School purpose. But once occupied by Tamil school it remains permanent without any maintenance s support from ministry of education. At the district and state level Tamil schools are headed by supervisor who is a junior in the education department. Junior ranking officer cannot guide and lead Tamil schools. I call upon the minister of education to raise the rank and quality of officer who is in-charge of Tamils at the district and state level. Only then best education can be delivered to the children. Malaysian Indians should not support the ruling government if the education minister did not get this done.
2.      High percentage of temporary teachers- if the deputy prime minister wants Indian votes, he must reduce the number of temporary teachers in Tamil schools. Ministry of education must find the number of teachers needed and train enough Tamil school teachers. Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin must explain how did the Tamil Schools land in this shortage of trained teachers’ problem? The teacher training unit for Tamil schools must be headed by a graduate former Tamil teacher who is familiar with Tamil schools.
3.      Only 28% of Tamil schools have pre-school classes compared to 88% of Sekolah kebangsaan. Can the minister of education increase the provision of preschool classes in Tamil schools? Only then Tamil schools can provide quality education.
Indian votes can decide the winners in many constituencies. Political change is the only way forward for Malaysian Indians. Malaysian Indian vote are equally important as a Malay vote. Our future is in our hand. We should not be cowed down by 5 kilo rice bags and RM50. What is at stake is our children and grandchildren’s future. If BN win 2/3 majority, they will make Indian votes irrelevant in future. Umno has never forgiven Hindraf for what happened in 2008. Therefore Malaysian Indians have to go forward and make a new socio economic and political environment for the next generation. Arise, awake Malaysian Indians.
9 November 2011

Deputy prime minister insults Malaysian Indians

October 31, 2011


The Deputy Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin during 27/10/2011 Deepavali function in Pagoh said that the BN government has never disappointed the Indian community since independence 54 years ago.  He further added that BN government had succeeded in resolving the various problems faced by the Indian community in this country. Let’s look at the progress made by the Indian community in the past 54 years under the BN rule.


1.      When estates were developed into town ship, the estate works were evicted without any compensation and retraining. They become the new slum dwellers on the fringes of major cities without any proper jobs and houses. The community slowly deteriorated into urban poverty and ghetto community with increased crime. Today Indian youths are the highest in prison.


2.      Indians who once dominated the academia in local universities were decimated into negligible numbers. The pseudo meritocracy has reduced the number of Indian students entering local universities to 2 to 3 %.


3.      Indians employment in civil service was reduced to the minimum and menial.


4.      Indian contractors doing road work and civil contracts were slowly squeezed out.


5.      Indians once dominated sports especially track and field event were today almost non-existent.


6.      In business and trade the exclusive affirmative action for bumiputras has made the Indian businessmen incapacitated. Indians don’t have any financial support programs to support their business activities.


7.      The BN government has outsourced all Indian problems to MIC which is weak and small partner in the ruling BN coalition. MIC goons took the government allocation for themselves and keep threatening and instilling false hope that only BN government can help Indian community. The community trusted these untrustworthy fellows till 2008 when they openly rebelled to show the frustration and anger.


8.      The percentage of Indian lawyers and doctors and other professional groups fell way behind other community under the BN rule.


9.      The indiscriminate influx of foreign workers has further eroded the manual work job opportunities to ghetto Indian communities.


Under the BN rule only gangsters, school dropouts, unskilled workers and urban poverty among Indians have increased. BN has diverted the Indian problem to Temples and Tamil schools. Today BN has made turned the Indians into a hamper receiving community. UMNO thinks that by giving a bag of rice they have done great service. Only Indians without dignity and pride will ever support and vote for BN.


Indians in Malaysia were decimated into irrelevancy under the BN rule. Yet the deputy prime minister has the guts and gumption to say in a Deepavali function with the presence of Dr. S.Subramaniam minister of human resources and the Johore MIC head that BN has succeeded in resolving Indian community problems. This utterance of Tan Sri Muhiddin yasin may be music to MIC clowns but in actual fact those words are adding insult to the injured Indian community. We should not let UMNO insult anymore.


Senator S. Ramakrishnan