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Sinister delay in announcing GE13 date

April 2, 2013

Four days have expired since the 308 deadline and yet no election date is on sight. Election commission and Inspector General of police had announced on many occasions that they ready to conduct the 13thgeneral election without any hitch.

Looks like all system are ready for the word go. But the person who has to say the word ‘go’ is in no mode to do so fearing the result may not be in his favor. The ruling party BN has vested too much power in his office to the extent that the whole country is held hostage by the prime minister by not dissolving parliament within the 5 years term. This discretional authority bestowed upon the prime minister is exploited to extend the BN government rule beyond 5 years.

This time around Prime minister seems to be digging dip to exhaust all possible legal datelines available to him to delay the 13th general elections. We hope and wish that the ruling elite surrounding the prime minister puts the nation and its people’s interest first as compared to the electoral winning prospect of the ruling party. Hundreds of billions have been pumped as economic transformation initiatives, cash handouts and goodies to turn around the public support for BN government. All these spending too did not give the Prime minister anymore confidence that he and his party will win the forth coming elections. Yesterday another slew of incentive worth RM2 billion per year for civil servants was announced. But minimum wages for the poor workers are still dogged with implementation problems. Poor workers are BN’s fixed deposit therefore they do not matter.

Malaysians are in different era of time where change is the order of the day whether it is politics or economics all over the world. New generations have become larger section of voters whose thinking and preferences are much different from the older generation. One UMNO diehard told me that his children who are working and studying cities convincing them to change. They can provide details and information to support their claim. The internet has lambasted all gates to information. Lies and misinformation back fires on the very people spreading them. Delaying the elections any further will not bring any more confidence in the ruling party. People will elect the party which they think will protect and prosper the nation and its people.

We sincerely hope the prime minister and his advisers will not delay the 13th elections any further and cause undue uncertainties and inconveniences to business communities and all Malaysians. Elections have to be held within 5 years and delaying without any rhyme or reason is a mockery to parliamentary democracy. Besides the current prime minister was appointed upon the resignation if his predecessor in 2009. Therefore it is all the more reason that parliament is dissolved early to get a fresh mandate from the people.

The former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and his UMNO diehards are going around instilling racial fears that the non-Malays will usurp power from Malays should UMNO lose in the 13th general elections. After 55 years in power and absolute control of government machinery, stooping to such low and cheap stunts to win political power shows UMNO has lost all legitimacy and moral authority to govern this blessed country. These scums must be disposed at the earliest possible in the best interest of Malaysia. Malaysians of all races are more aware of UMNOs corruptions and crimes and the impotency of its other component parties thanks to the internet. UMNO committed all these corruptions and crimes in the name of safeguarding Malay interest but after 55 years only UMNOPUTRAs and their cronies have prospered and not the Malays and other Malaysians.

We urge the Prime Minister to be responsible in spending government pursue while still in power after 5 years of last elections. Spending and awarding contracts with the aim of buying vote will not be condoned by the informed voters. People are no longer forgiving and they are better informed and are more determined to speak up and stand counted.

To avoid such delays in future Malaysia must fix election date much earlier. Australian prime minister on 30th January 2013 announced that their next election will be held on 14th Sept. 2013. US, UK, Germany and many more fix the electoral dates well in advance. In other countries government changes are common and life doesn’t come to standstill just because the ruling party is not popular. Even in India with one over billion people change in government is a normal event and they too are developing. Its only in Malaysia the BN government threaten its people that if they lose all will be doomed. Malaysians should not allow these BN ruling elites to stun and stagnate the nation’s growth.


The Beginning of end of the longest ruling party in the world.

August 8, 2012

The United Malays National Organization (UMNO) is the longest continuing ruling party in the world. For the past 55 years, retirement age, Malaysian is ruled by UMNO/BN. Since PRU 13 is round the corner, Malaysian voters have to decide whether they deserve a better government. Quite a number may think that a known devil is better than an unknown devil and continue to suffer the racial discrimination and nepotism under the UMNO government. There is a saying that the opposition never wins but the ruling party that loses. All long ruling parties have eventually faced defeat. The congress of India, LDP of Japan, Golkar of Indonesia are all crumbling. They are just hanging on to power. The current political development in Malaysia seems to indicate the beginning of end of the longest ruling party in the world.     

UMNO/BN which has monopolistic control over the country’s finances, government machinery and the mean stream electronic and newsprint media is struggling to get the political situation under control. They have no experience facing a resurrected and energetic opposition which seems to successfully blunt all tricks and evil designs of the ruling party. UMNO/BN is petrified and panicking over the possibility of defeat for the first time. Datuk Najib Tun Razak is spending taxpayer’s money to buy votes in broad daylight without any sense of accountability and reservation. Despite the high level of national debts cash is being handed out to buy votes and illegal and legal foreign workers are registered as voters. The ghost of May 13 is raised again to frighten voters into voting UMNO/BN back to power. BN’s political tool are Christianization, Chinese take over power, hudud law, Singapore, Malays loss power etc. These tools are used selectively used with the support of tightly controlled mainstream media.     

1.5 million Professional Malaysians left the country to work overseas but about 4 million illegal and legal foreign unskilled workers are here to compete and stagnate unskilled worker’s salaries. 34% of Malaysian workers earn less Rm700 which is below poverty level. 80% of Malaysian workers earn below RM3000. Malaysian workers have lesser right compared to 50 years ago. Laws are enacted to limit workers rights and allow employers reap more profits. The gap between rich and poor is widening further and further. Costs of living have increased by leaps and bounds. This week alone medical fee and legal documentation fees have increased steeply.

Whoever wins the next election will have a tough job of balancing the 4.7% budget which is continuously under deficit since 1998. After 55 years Malaysia still don’t have free and fair election. People have to go to the streets to demand for genuine electoral process. Racism, nepotism and corruption seem institutionalized and the ruling party doesn’t have a clue how to eradicate them. Whistleblowers are arrested but criminals are allowed to roam around freely. The important questions voters need to decide in this election are:

  1. Can the party that wins in GE 13 lead country to become more competitive in the turbulent economic conditions?
  2. Can the new government unite Malaysians and get rid of race politics?
  3. Is our economy growing at a rate that will bring in more employment and wealth creation?
  4. Can the new government reduce corruption and budget deficit?
  5. Can new government improve the standard of education and reduce brain drain?
  6. Can the new government transform the civil service to formulate and delivery efficient services?

Recent survey shows that poorer Malaysians vote for those who give money like BRIM RM500.  Nobody will give money for nothing. Indians should not sell their votes but vote for a government that will protect their children and grandchildren. Malaysian Indians need a political system that gives us equal opportunity and equal citizenship. We need a political change in GE 13. It’s now or never.