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Years of race based selection of civil servants has made the government non-accountable, non-transparent and incompetent.

December 29, 2009

The loss of F-5E Tiger II Fighter jet engine and a RF-5 Tiger eye Reconnaissance Jet engine costing some RM50 million each may be a tip of the iceberg. The government was never consultative and participative. Worse still, it is always on a denial mode.

So we do not know what exactly is the loss.This is a wake-up call for a royal commission to investigate and find the depth of trouble Mindef is in. Losing two fighter plane engines right under the Defence Minister who is now Prime Minister is much more serious than it appears to be.

It also raises other questions – how secure is the country? How safe are our security information and smaller weapons?

It frightens and saddens me to note that these engines were lost 2 years ago and till date no one has been identified and punished for the crime and its a wonder if anyone would ever be hauled up for this crime.

I would not be surprised if it ends up like all the high profile murders and corruption charges where the top guns, with connections to the ruling elite, go scott-free.

I, therefore, call upon Malaysians of all races to go beyond race based politics and take ownership of our country’s future into our own hand and install a multi racial government which professes open and consultative style of leadership.

A government that recruits civil servants based on real merits and competency and not based on race and religion.