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New Economic Model

April 1, 2010


New Economic Model must be consulted, debated and accepted before executed 

The much awaited New Economic Model has finally rolled out with much pomp and promise without the strategies and tactics of executing its desired objectives. The civil service which has become more indolence, prejudiced and inefficient after implementing the New Economic Policy will be the executioner of this new model. Malaysian civil service is not known for transparency and efficient implementation. Malaysian private investors are looking overseas for opportunities indicating no confidence in the policy makers. Education policy makers have only produced graduates who are ill equipped for skilled jobs. Civil service has to reflect the Malaysian ethnic breakdown to cater for the needs and successful implementation of policies.                  

The foundation for any new economic model would be open discussion taking on board all key stakeholders like the various ethnic, genders, interest and professional groups and not just the ruling party politicians and elite groups. No open discussion was held and therefore a lot of secrecy and different interpretations causing anxiety among extremist and privileged groups who may in turn derail the model.   (more…)