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Prime minister must explain why DBKL refused cultural decorations to mark a sacred and pious event?

September 3, 2012


Malaysia Hindu Sangam (MHS) organized a conference to launch temple worship guidelines on 1/9/2012 at the institute latihan DBKL Hall, Cheras. The conference was attended by about 800 delegates from all over the country with PM’s representative honouring the event.  The hall was rented for RM4600 and an additional RM300 paid for DBKL staff manning the hall for the event. One day before the conference the organizers were told that they cannot put up any cultural decorations at the venue. The grand conference was held in DBKL hall without any pomp and fare. All appeals were not entertained by DBKL officials.     

It is a grand event to be celebrated to mark the launch of temple worship guidelines and the gathering of guest and speakers. MHS wanted to decorate the hall with kolam which are decorative designs done on the floor with colourful rice flour. Besides they wanted to tie banana trees and decorative coconut leafs. They also wanted to put up a banner at the entrance to inform the delegates of the venue. But DBKL refused to allow these simple cultural decorations. It’s an insult and disrespectful act of DBKL to refuse such simple decorations to mark a grand event officiated by PM’s representative. This refusal of DBKL one day before the event has made a mockery of PM’s 1Malaysia concept.

Why is DBKL afraid to allow such simple cultural decorations? DBKL is a public body that serves all Malaysians therefore why did DBKL abstinent the Malaysia Hindu Sangam from putting up this biodegradable and easily disposal cultural decorations. If it is a rule not to allow any decorations by any user of the hall then that should have been made known at the time of hall booking and not one day before the event?

This act of DBKL shows how they look down on cultural practices of Indian Malaysians. This event was sanctioned by PM who has agreed to send a ministerial representative Datuk Seri Dr S.Subramaniam to represent him. Yet DBKL has reservations and prejudiced and refused to allow any cultural elements attached to the event. DBKL must explain why they refused to allow cultural decorations. They have short changed the organizers by not being truthful from the beginning.

PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak must investigate why an event officiated by his representative was marred by DBKL’s stupid act which hurts the feeling of delegates. In his speech, Datuk Seri S.Subramaniam agreed to financially support the launch of temple worship guidelines program. If DBKL can’t even allow simple cultural decorations to mark a grand event, what fore is this financial pledge? Is it to buy votes? The delegates who were mostly temple committee members from all over the country were hurt and upset by this refusal act of DBKL. Constitutional freedom to worship and practice the cultures were violated by DBKL. PM Datuk Seri Najib owe explain to all concerned citizens as to why DBKL acted insensitively and with total disregard to the feelings of one group of Malaysians?