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UMNO made Indians politically irrelevant

August 24, 2012

Last week MIC president Datuk G.Palanivel expressed disappointment over the public Services Commission (PSC) for not including any Indian Malaysians in the recruitment of 21 graduates by the works ministry. In the same week Datuk G.Palanivel expressed happiness over the PSC statement that mentions of wanting to increase Indian counter staff from 1000 to 3000 at government officers. Instead of demanding for more civil service intake MIC is protecting and giving excuses for the UMNO led government. Indians taken in by civil services and local government agencies are mostly contract workers and not permanent civil servants. When the Indians were dominating health and education services Malaysia had a world class service. All these have become history. Indians must correct all these injustice by voting out the UMNO led government.  

MIC sings praises each time there is an announcement of wanting to increase Indian Malaysian in civil service intake. But when there are no Indians taken in MIC is quite. Despite all the empty promises MIC, PPP and other mosquito Indian parties in BN will continue to support UMNO. In 1971 Indians were 17.4% of the civil service but this has dropped to 5.12% in 2005 and now it dropped further to 4.1%. The bulk of Indian civil servants are in Tamil schools. In the police forces Indians account for only 3%. Despite the solid support from Indians to BN before 2008, they are deceived and cheated by MIC/UMNO government. Even after 2008 UMNO has not changed its racist attitude and arrogance.

The government will say that Indians don’t apply for jobs in civil service but those non Malays in government service know how conveniently those applications are thrown into the rubbish bins. Malaysia is the only country where ethnicity is the main criteria for civil service intake and not qualifications and capability to perform. Malaysia exports talents and professionals and imports illegal and legal migrant workers. One World Bank report says that Malaysia could have attracted 5 times more FDIs if not for NEP. 1.5 million Malaysian professionals are working overseas with about half of them in Singapore. But the BN government is dreaming to form a world class civil service. As long as UMNO in power there is no hope of Indians increasing their presence in civil service?    

UMNO will only take proactive actions when their vote bank is affected. They want the Indian votes but they don’t want to give a fair share to Indian community. They think Indians are beggars and therefore Indians don’t deserve any job or business opportunities except hampers and rice bags. That is MIC’s achievement after 55 years in coalition with UMNO. During elections and by elections it is MIC that distributes hampers to poor Indians on behalf of UMNO to support BN.

MIC has successfully produced stateless Indians, criminal Indians and poor and unskilled Indians. Indians need a political change. The current political system neglects and side lines Indians. UMNO made Indians politically irrelevant. This has to change. Indians must become politically relevant to play a key role in the development of this country. Indians need to redeem their dignity and pride. It’s now or never

Local Councils Are Tied To Civil Service Bureaucracy

March 15, 2010


The legislation of Local Authorities Elections Ordinance in 1950 entrusted local councils to organize elections for the office of the councilors, who are the people who govern local area. Subsequently amendments were made to this legislation to empower residents to establish more local councils in their area. The government in 1965 formed a Malaysian royal commission to investigate the local government system with the aim of abolishing it. The local government elections were abolished on 2nd March 1965.

The uncertainties and insecurities during the ‘konfrontasi’ era with Indonesia were cited as a primary reason for abolishing local government elections. During this period of time the opposition parties were very critical towards the national policies and they had very dominant influence in several local authorities. The alliance government to cut off the opposition influence on local authorities and to regain its control of the government frontline formed the Malaysian royal commission to justify the abolition of local elections. There was considerable opposition to the abolition of local government elections later. This led to the preparation of Nahappan report which was well received by many community leaders, but the government used the May 13th incident to do away with local government elections for good. (more…)