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Indian Community in Malaysia Lack of Job and Business Oppurtunities, Educational and Welfare Support from Government.

May 13, 2010


The local media announcement (financial daily) on 10th may 2010 reported that MIC might get an additional full ministerial post or a deputy minister’s post. This announcement shows the ignorance of UMNO led government of Malaysian on the cause and remedy to Indian community problem. Malaysian Indians have been long ignored and neglected by government. Malaysian Indians occupancies in government services, transport services, estates, menial work in other sectors have been slowly replaced by Malays and legal and illegal immigrants. They were pushed to the brims of hardship in urban squalors and a large section of the community became worse off economically. The many youths in these communities have turned to gangsters and alcohol addiction.        

The majority of the children of these affected groups did not have financial support and were ill prepared for the social and economic changes that came about from the fast development. In fact the plantation based Indians were victims of national economic growth. They were misplaced in these developments. These developments brought large number of foreign workers from Indonesia, Bangladesh and other countries who replaced the Malaysian Indians because the new comers were cheaper and desperate for work. Majority of Indians who worked in estate and other menial workers were old and worn out and the others were not trained to do the work. Not training the estate community for the development to come was the greatest led down by the government.

Malaysians Indians need affirmative action for urban poor for all races to be integrated into the mainstream of economy. Appointing an additional Indian minister or deputy minister does not solve any problem for Indian community. Datuk Palanivel was M.P and deputy minister for welfare and women’s development from 2004 to 2008. But poverty and social problems of Indians from his constituency never reduced. Datuk Dr. Subramaniam became minister for human resource in 2008. Did this appointment brought about any policy change for Indian working class. These appointments do not serve any purpose to the Indian community. Datuk Saravanan was appointed deputy minister for Wilayah persekutuan, does that solve any problem to Indians in federal territory. 

The prime minister must replace race based programs with need based affirmative action. Government policies and programs must be inclusive in the real sense and not merely slogans without any substance. After being left out for many years Indians do have hope on government help. Therefore government must reach out the support for education, welfare and business opportunities to those needy Indians and all other poor.

Senator Dr. S.Ramakrishnan