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Pakatan Pakyat is inclusive compared to BN’s divide and rule

July 4, 2012


Mr. Velayutham Krishnan responded to my last write up by posing 3 questions to answer on the 27th June 2012. I thank him for the questions. Now that the questions are public, many others too may want to know my responses to them.  With regards to the appointment of Kelantan menteri Besar Datuk Nik Aziz as the deputy prime minister if and when PR comes to power, I have never heard or seen anywhere Pakatan Rakyat (PR) or Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim mentioning it. Mr Velayutham should provide proof of his claim. Here are my responses to the questions raised.

  1. Pakatan Rakyat is guided by a common policy framework being agreed by PAS, PKR and DAP. There is no mention of Islamic state in this policy framework of PR. Therefore there is no question of Islamic state when PR comes to power. Besides PAS national leaders and MPs talk about welfare state which is for all and not race based. There could be one or two middle level leaders calling for Islamic state. That does not mean that PAS is harping on Islamic state.
  2. With regard to the Hudud Law there is no mention about it in the common policy framework or the Buku Jingga. It is the BN leaders in particular MCA leaders who keep frightening the voters that PAS will implement Hudud Law should they win. If there is no Islamic state, then Hudud Law cannot be implemented! We have to move away from race based and racist parties like UMNO. PAS comes from Malay heartland which you and I cannot stop. That is the reality. Let’s work towards multi racialism and multiculturalism. PAS is much more progress than UMNO. We have been looking at PAS through UMNO media.
  3. Next the question of special privileges for Malays. I would like to ask Mr Velayutham whether he is not happy with the Malays getting special privileges or the others deserving not getting special privileges. I would not deny Malays from getting privileges but my concern is Malaysians who deserve should be entitled to privileges too. PR policy is need based and not race based like BN. Therefore all Malaysians get better deal under PR. In BN it is the UMNO cronies who are given all the privatization and lucrative government projects without any open tender at exorbitant prices.

BN government has made all Malaysians lifelong debtors. Cars, houses, higher education are very expensive compared to other countries. Malaysians take loan for these goods and services and pay for their rest of their lives. I just returned from Jakarta on Sunday (1/7/2012) after attending sub regional conference of the Asian European people’s forum. Car prices in Indonesia are half of Malaysian cars. Indonesia does not have any national car. Yet their cars are sold at half the price of Malaysia.

The billions of ringgit spent on Malays did not uplift them. Malays are still 60% of the poor. Indians are about 21%. What happened to the billions of ringgit spent to uplift the Malays? These billions went to UMNOPUTRAS and their cronies. The divide between poor Malays and rich Malays have widened further. With Malay economic share still not achieved, do you think Indians have any chance under the BN rule? Let’s come out of our dream and get real.

Educated and young Malays have realized that BN is for UMNOPUTRAs. People like Velayutham who are in comfort zone should go out and meet Indian families in low cost flats and see how Indian children drop out of schools and easily get hooked to bad companies. Individuals or NGO cannot redeem them. It is a governmental level effort through NGOs that can uplift. BN government just offers lip service and they couldn’t be bothered what happened to Indians. I am calling to get rid of racist and corrupted BN. Any government will be a better government then BN. The choice for now is PR.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


The modern Midland Tamil school is our pride

April 16, 2012

While the Prime Minister is going around promising to upgrade Tamils, the Selangor state government together with the support of Midland Tamil school Board of Governors has built a Tamil school which looks like a college. This effort of a state government is unprecedented and a welcomed effort. The new school complex stands majestically beside the old run down school building. The Selangor Menteri Besar declared open the new school building which includes a convention centre yesterday (15/4/2012). The first Tamil school with a convention centre. It was a proud moment for the state government, parents, teachers, board of Governors and students and all those who were present. Apparently the school teachers and headmistress were told not to attend this opening ceremony by Selangor Menteri Besar by the Selangor education department. To UMNO BN their political interest supersedes the crying call of Indian community.  But the new Midland convention centre was filled to the brim by people who were proud to be present during the opening ceremony.

It was announced by the Menteri Besar during his speech that the school building with the state of art facilities was completed with a state grant of RM3 million and the school board of governors raised RM1.7 million. Well the same building would have cost the federal government at least RM 10 million. If a college like building is built for RM5 million whereas federal government builds Tamil school for RM9/10 million, look at the level of overpricing and corruption in government expenditure. The Prime minister has been making a series of announcement that RM440 million will be spent on the reconstruction and upgrading of Tamil Schools. Well, how much of the millions spent on the reconstruction of Tamil schools would go to crony contractors or rechanneled back to the government? Based on the assessment of informed sources Tamil schools will only get 1/3 of the building value due to overpricing and UMNO cronies getting the jobs.

The local MIC leaders who fought hard to sabotage and hijack the building of Midland school may not know where to show their faces. They were against the building of this school which is beside the old present school because the state could only allocate 3 acres of land. The present location is ideal because the school is surrounded by flats and houses from where the students come from. What is needed now is the demolition of old rundown school building and turn into a field. Then it will be the best school in whole of Malaysia.

BN Indian leaders must realise that they could not have build such a state of art Tamil school under the UMNO regime. Therefore they must put aside their political difference and work for the betterment of the Indian community. Unfortunately knowing the current state of affairs in BN on the ground level, this is a tall order to ask for. BN do not have dynamic generals and dedicated soldiers to uplift Indian community. All the goodies announced by PM are election handouts without any policy change. Committed Indian leaders in BN have given up hope on UMNO and left or retired. It’s high time that the Indian community become politically aware about what is happening around and be prepared to adapt to new changes. Politics have changed in Malaysia after 2008. Past achievements and contributions are forgotten and therefore Indian community must reposition itself to remain relevant to the political changes. Agencies like Minnal FM and other government news providers will keep feeding Indians with government propagandas. The community must know who are friends and enemies.   There are a lot of obstacles placed to prevent Indians from being kept informed on the larger political changes. The poor and rural Indians have to join their urban cousins to become a political block. Change we must. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


Include Tamil schools in the mainstream education system

February 28, 2012

In Sept 2011 at the MIC AGM the party president Datuk G Palanivel made an announcement that 1000 matriculation seats will be offered to Indian students in private colleges and universities. When I raised this matter in senate the minister of higher education replied that there is no matriculation program in private colleges. My other two questions were:

1. Are this matriculation programs recognized by MQ&A; and
2. Why are these programs announced in political forums as a goody to attract votes and not provided as a right of Malaysian student

Both the questions did not get any response in the written answer sheet. The prime minister, in his speech at the Ponggal Festival celebration in Kapar, Klang on 26/2/2012, said the number of Indian students in matriculation colleges in the country would be increased from 559 currently, to 1,500 in the 2012/2013 session. MIC was elated and singing praises for the Prime minister.

From these announcements it is clear that offers to higher education centers to Indian youths are used as political bargaining chips in exchange for votes. This is in line with prime minister’s policy of ‘you help me I help you’. The more desperate the BN government is for Indian votes the more seats can be bargained. Therefore it is very important that Indian community or for that matter any minority community must stay relevant to the political development of Malaysia. Go for a political change to start new politics which is inclusive of us.

Building of Tamil schools are also announced in similar functions. There is no unit in the ministry of education that plans and implements any development or improvement for Tamil and Chinese schools. The information on the need for more new schools or relocation of existing schools is provided by NGOs who are concerned about mother tongue education. The ministry is only concerned about national type schools. Tamil schools are the unwanted orphans of ministry of education. The prime minister can announce the building of new schools but which units in the ministry of education that will ensure the schools are built. Eventually MIC and MCA will be given the responsibility to coordinate with various ministries to built or repair the schools. This is how the politically irrelevant MIC makes Tamil school subservient and docile. In the UMNO dominated and controlled ministry of education Tamil school have no representative to turn to. There will be one coordinator for Tamil schools in each state but this person is a junior ranking staff equivalent to a clerk who will subdued and will never raise any matter. This is how UMNO controls vernacular schools.

Prime Minister can make announcements in political platforms championing Tamil schools for political mileage. But nothing will be done by ministry of education. Tamil and Chinese schools survive because of the political pressure and voluntary work provided by NGOs. Tamil schools are here to stay and nobody can remove that. But Tamil schools must be more vocal, progressive and open minded to produce students who will do well in secondary schools. Therefore the greatest service Malaysian Indians can do to Tamil school is to throw out the BN government and get the new government to include Tamil schools in the mainstream education system.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan

UMNO insults and degrades non Malays but no qualm robbing them their share of wealth

January 30, 2012

UMNO the dominant party of BN has long treated the non Malays and non Muslims as second class citizen. With the mass influx of Muslim foreign workers the non Malays and non Muslims even rank after them further down. This is the political structure which Malaysians don’t talk in the open but everybody knows and lives and moves about accordingly without upsetting each other. That is the strength or weakness of Malaysians. The UMNO politician may not say it himself but when others say so he will be indifferent or silently encourage it. They implemented racist policies and practices all the way right from 1970 in the name of equality and fairness. They deprived the non Malays and non Muslims their fair share of their own sweat and blood. That nefarious and hypocritical are UMNO politicians when dealing with rights of non Malays and non Muslims.

UMNO leaders have introduced policies and procedures that will knock off the non Malays and non Muslims from scholarships, university enrolment, government employment, procurements and contracts from eligibility to compete and bid. This blatant blockage has reduced and eliminated the participation of non Malays and non Muslims in civil service, uniformed service, providing services to government and its agencies. The non Malays and non Muslims were reduced to the periphery in education and medical services.

But all these racial policies have reduced and restricted Malaysian competitiveness, efficiency and integrity. Malaysian economy is heading nowhere despite all the transformational programs. These preferential state ethnic policies have stifled the quality of reasoned and informed decisions and thinking in the government decision making bodies. Recruitment and promotion is race based and not meritocracy.  As a consequence of these racial policies many Malays themselves have grown despondent and start distancing from UMNO.

The educated and informed Malays could see the duplicity and self enriching actions of UMNO leadership.  Majority of Malays are still vulnerable and affected by the economic uncertainties and very dependent on government aid. But a small section of elite UMNOPUTRAS have enriched themselves at the expense of state coffers. The vast majority of Malays poor are hoodwinked and bribed in the name of race and religion to support these few elite UMNOPUTRAS. UMNO is fighting tooth and nail to keep these Malay poor in good humor by giving goodies and cash. When the competition for the Malay heartland is intense the role of non Malays and non Muslims will decide which way Malaysian politics will go.

The non Malays especially Indians must believe that their one vote counts and makes a difference. The minorities are the king makers. They must be registered as voters first and vote during general elections. Indians must discard the thinking that whether Rama rules or Ravana rules, nothing going to change. There is difference in Rama’s and Ravana’s rule. Our future is in our hand and not in the UMNOPUTRAS hand. Make hay when the sun shines. Sail when the wind blows. This is the moment. Let’s not miss it and blame everybody else except ourselves. It’s now or never.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


1Malaysia a marketing tool of race based parties

January 20, 2012

The 1Malaysia foundation, an independent NGO, seem to be busy organizing dinners all over Malaysia to gather people to meet BN leaders at a cost between RM 20,000 to RM200,000 per dinner depending on the number of dinner tables. A friend of mine who heads a sports club was given RM 40,000 to organize a dinner gathering with the attendees list of BN leaders provided by PM’s department. I wonder how the NGO gets compensated for sponsoring dinners of this scale all over Malaysia. After all we all know that there is no free dinner. While the household debt exceeds 50% of their disposable income and national debt reaching 55% of GDP, spending on such wasteful 1Malaysia dinners are irresponsible acts of a desperate government.

1Malaysia slogan and campaign is used to entice and allure voters to support race based parties in BN without any attempt to become truly multi racial society. The 1Malaysia slogan a marketing tool of BN is extended and derided to 1Malaysia Pongal, 1Malaysia lunch, 1Malaysia provision shops, 1Malaysia gathering, 1Malaysia clinic, 1Malaysia T-shirts, 1Malaysia book voucher, 1Malaysia toilet etc etc. But unfortunately the prime minister did not walk the talk of transforming into tolerant multi racial and multi religious Malaysia. In fact after all the talk of 1Malaysian for the past 3 years, the embedded and institutionalized racial polarization has become more pronounced and visible. PERKASA, PERKIDA together with the UMNO hardliners are openly making a mockery of 1Malaysia right under the nose of Prime Minister. The prime minister remains indifferent and silent to these racists cry for blood if the nation goes multi racial and multi religious.

The prime minister who makes a big show of 1Malaysia calls UMNO members to make sure that Putrajaya remains with UMNO at all cost and whatever means. His deputy openly says that he is Malay first and Malaysian second. 2 former prime ministers are each the patrons of race extremist PERKASA and PERKIDA. UMNO’s unifying call is race, religion and country. The tone and tenor of UMNO supporters and leaders hue and cry are hatred and intolerance to other races and religions in Malaysia. So is there any hope for 1Malaysia to be the common call and universally accepted within Malaysia?

As Malaysians it is the people who can bring about a truly 1Malaysia. Malaysians must resolve to throw out racist, authoritarian and corrupt political parties. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Bidayuhs, Orang Asli and others born in this country are equal citizens who can together build a progressive and harmonious society for our children and grandchildren. It is the corrupt and bankrupt politicians who instill fear and suspicion against each other Malaysians.  As Malaysians we have lost a lot resources and goodwill listening to racist and self centered narrow thinking politicians. By fearing the unknown we cannot tolerate and accept the suppression and corruption of the known. The poor and weak can be bought over by those in power using 1Malaysia goodies. Many among them do not have the financial stamina and the clarity to think beyond. Therefore those who are educated and young have to spearhead the move and need for change. The others will follow once they realize later. Let’s think multi racial to be able live well in a multi racial society. Racial division and alienation by weak minorities in a multi racial society does not help them. It’s time to change. It’s now or never. The choice is ours.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan