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Orang Asli must head the department of native affairs (JHEOA)

March 1, 2010


Orang Asli(aboriginal people) the natives of this country from Peninsular Malaysia have long been under the direct supervision and surveillance of department of natives’ affair, Jabatan Hal Ehwal Orang Asli (JHEOA) which is within the Ministry of Rural and Territorial Development. Apart from the establishment of the Department of Orang Asli Affairs (JHEOA), the Orang Asli are protected under the Aboriginal Peoples Act of 1954. Orang asli are the only ethnic community in Malaysia protected and catered for by a department and legislation. These are the British legacy left behind being still followed by the Malaysian government.       

 JHEOA was set up in 1953/54 to protect the orang asli way of live from development and exploitation and provide educational facilities for natives (orang asli) children and cultivate agricultural and other opportunities that are sustainable for them. With a population of 148000 natives (orang asli) they live with a poverty rate of 76.9% while the national poverty rate is 6.5%. Still with high level of illiteracy, poor health care and high dependency on government, what have changed for the natives (orang asli) for all these years under department of native affairs (JHEOA).   (more…)