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Under BN nothing is sacred nor seditious anymore

February 22, 2013

The litany of offenses by the BN is now not only alarming but also is dangerous. The latest, the closed door screening of Tunda Puteri to Felda settlers is not just reckless but is begging a spark to ignite a powder keg created by the BN.

 Mature citizens have long forgotten aberration in our history. By raising the spectra of May 13, it would seem that all rational thinking has departed the BN political mind set.

 It is akin to the scorched earth policy employed by Napoleon and Hitler whose armies lay waste to the land as they retreated from the battlefield, leaving the victors nothing but a burnt out shell of the land.

 Meanwhile, the ministry of home affairs has lifted the ban on Viswaroopam movie after much delay due to public calls. The film was banned on Jan 25 following complaints made to the Home Ministry by the Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) and the Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (Permim).

 The Film Censorship Board made 12 cuts on the film. But the KIMMA and PERMIM made further complaints which resulted in the ministry setting up a special panel comprising of the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and censorship board officers to review the film, focusing on religious and security aspects.

 The home affairs ministry made another 12 cuts on the movie and now has announced the lift on ban. I understand that the film distributor Lotus films don’t want to screen the movie after 24 cuts.

 KIMMA and PERMIM are UMNO cronies and they want to be more Malay than Indian. They have more influence than all the other BN beggar parties like MIC, PPP and IPF. These Indian based parties have no backbone and are depending on UMNO and PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to win back Indian votes.

 In India itself Viswaroopam is being screened after 7 cuts on the movie after protests from smaller Muslim groups. But in the Malaysia Film censor board has made 24 cuts before lifting the ban. Viswaroopam is just like any other Hollywood or for that matter Tamil movie. This movie has been slaughtered beyond recognition.

 Yet, without considering the consequences and the possible repercussions, Datuk Seri Najib has ordered the screening of Tanda Putera to 3000 felda settlers. A movie criticized by many as seditious and harmful to the multi racial society is screened to targeted rural groups to poison their minds. On the other hand Datuk Seri Najib reaching out to Indian and Chinese communities with sweet promises with no results yet.  

 PM Datuk Seri Najib and UMNO are now possessed by sheer desperation to stay in power. They don’t care if its action can harm the people or the economy and take the country backwards. They are forcing Malaysians of all backgrounds to choose only UMNO/BN by hook or crook. Where is the 1Malaysia feeling and spirit in these actions of PM and UMNO. Is 1Malaysia a mere vote buying slogan? The PM must understand that action speaks louder than words.

 In allowing venom to be spat at certain sectors of society by handpicked individuals, the BN is overtly encouraging and even supporting calls for the burning of religious books and the closure of Batu Caves just because it is inconvenient and causes a traffic jam once a year. The founding fathers of this nation, including the PM’s father would never have brooked such flagrant abuse, deprivation and deception.

 The silence of PM on these issues is egregious and borders on utter insanity if he expects the events to lead to their calculated catastrophe. It is almost as if the BN has given up on anything clean or above board. The exposé on the number of phantoms, the torrid revelations at the Sabah RCI, should have prompted immediate action by the EC.

 Instead, the chairman asks an infantile question as to what detergent to use to ‘Bersih’ the rolls! His response, is preposterous, it can only elicit shock and disbelief from right thinking citizens, coming from a person appointed to ensure free and fair elections.

 And he has the audacity to say that we can expect ‘unexpected situations’ to occur! All he has to do is to carry out his appointed task with the same reverence as his appointment letter reflects.

 By his own admission, former PM Tin Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has openly admitted that BN “is the devil you know.” There is more truth in that Freudian lip than meets the eye

1Malaysia a marketing tool of race based parties

January 20, 2012

The 1Malaysia foundation, an independent NGO, seem to be busy organizing dinners all over Malaysia to gather people to meet BN leaders at a cost between RM 20,000 to RM200,000 per dinner depending on the number of dinner tables. A friend of mine who heads a sports club was given RM 40,000 to organize a dinner gathering with the attendees list of BN leaders provided by PM’s department. I wonder how the NGO gets compensated for sponsoring dinners of this scale all over Malaysia. After all we all know that there is no free dinner. While the household debt exceeds 50% of their disposable income and national debt reaching 55% of GDP, spending on such wasteful 1Malaysia dinners are irresponsible acts of a desperate government.

1Malaysia slogan and campaign is used to entice and allure voters to support race based parties in BN without any attempt to become truly multi racial society. The 1Malaysia slogan a marketing tool of BN is extended and derided to 1Malaysia Pongal, 1Malaysia lunch, 1Malaysia provision shops, 1Malaysia gathering, 1Malaysia clinic, 1Malaysia T-shirts, 1Malaysia book voucher, 1Malaysia toilet etc etc. But unfortunately the prime minister did not walk the talk of transforming into tolerant multi racial and multi religious Malaysia. In fact after all the talk of 1Malaysian for the past 3 years, the embedded and institutionalized racial polarization has become more pronounced and visible. PERKASA, PERKIDA together with the UMNO hardliners are openly making a mockery of 1Malaysia right under the nose of Prime Minister. The prime minister remains indifferent and silent to these racists cry for blood if the nation goes multi racial and multi religious.

The prime minister who makes a big show of 1Malaysia calls UMNO members to make sure that Putrajaya remains with UMNO at all cost and whatever means. His deputy openly says that he is Malay first and Malaysian second. 2 former prime ministers are each the patrons of race extremist PERKASA and PERKIDA. UMNO’s unifying call is race, religion and country. The tone and tenor of UMNO supporters and leaders hue and cry are hatred and intolerance to other races and religions in Malaysia. So is there any hope for 1Malaysia to be the common call and universally accepted within Malaysia?

As Malaysians it is the people who can bring about a truly 1Malaysia. Malaysians must resolve to throw out racist, authoritarian and corrupt political parties. Malays, Chinese, Indians, Kadazans, Bidayuhs, Orang Asli and others born in this country are equal citizens who can together build a progressive and harmonious society for our children and grandchildren. It is the corrupt and bankrupt politicians who instill fear and suspicion against each other Malaysians.  As Malaysians we have lost a lot resources and goodwill listening to racist and self centered narrow thinking politicians. By fearing the unknown we cannot tolerate and accept the suppression and corruption of the known. The poor and weak can be bought over by those in power using 1Malaysia goodies. Many among them do not have the financial stamina and the clarity to think beyond. Therefore those who are educated and young have to spearhead the move and need for change. The others will follow once they realize later. Let’s think multi racial to be able live well in a multi racial society. Racial division and alienation by weak minorities in a multi racial society does not help them. It’s time to change. It’s now or never. The choice is ours.

Senator S. Ramakrishnan


It’s a mockery and travesty of social justice to transfer racial slur HM

August 26, 2010

The transfer of ‘racial slur’ headmaster Engku Adnan of SMK Bukit Selambau Kedah to another school is an insult to the Malaysian Chinese and Indians.  It shows that the ministry of education is not interested in reprimanding the Headmaster who made derogatory remarks that is completely against the spirit of 1Malaysia, one of the pillars of Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s nation building but just to pacify the non Malays that action is being taken against the headmaster. This inert action of Tan Sri Muhyudin Yassin‘s ministry runs counter to the effort of Prime Minister and will not deter others from uttering similar racial slurs. This is where we stand as a nation after 53 years of independence which will be celebrated in a few days time. There is nothing to celebrate about.

Engku Adnan is transferred to another school nearby and it does not matter which school he serves he will do the same. Headmasters and teachers with this mind set in national schools are the culprits who drive away the non Malay students to vernacular schools. Yet the bureaucrats and many UMNO politicians don’t understand why non Malay parents send their children to vernacular schools. Looks like UMNO is totally incapable of fostering unity, tolerance and acceptance among Malaysians.

Those fasting in the month of Ramadan should be calm and develop tolerance and compassion towards others. But Engku Adnan got angry because he was fasting yet others eating and couldn’t accept that. Using his authority he reprimanded and told the non Malay students to go back to china and India. He is defeating the very purpose of fasting and blaming others for his predicament.    

To add injury to insult the school PTA head Kamaruddin says that such easy transfer of headmasters will make headmasters overly cautious in educating their students which will not bode well for the overall development of their schools. If these are the racial bigots managing and outlining policies for education system, how will the education system produce world class students to take this country forward?             

The UMNO led government has deeply segregated and divided Malaysians into race and religion that may take years of concrete effort by a non UMNO led government to put together. The past sins of UMNO and its allies are expediently catching up that they may not last even the next election. UMNO beneficiaries may run away but the people of all races have to work out a practical and workable solution to live in peace and harmony for all Malaysians.

PM Najib promotes 1Malaysia yet defends Nasir Jaffar for his seditious words.

June 29, 2010

So Nasir Jaffar is let off scot free despite the most derogatory words on Indians and Chinese uttered last February in a 1Malaysia gathering. The prime minister defended Nasir jaffar by saying that Nasir was not referring to local Indians and Chinese. Public apology is punishment enough therefore no prosecution was necessary.

The MIC and MCA leaders who attended the 1Malaysia public gathering when Nasir Jaffar made the derogatory remark made a number of police reports. Yet the UMNO led government refuses to belief that the remark was seditious and gives all kinds of excuses for Nasir Jaffar.

This is an indication of the 1Malaysia hypocrisy of Najib which was intended to be mere political slogan to deceive non Malays to vote for UMNO led government. Well, he can fool some people at some time and not all the people all the time.

Nasir Jaffar’s outburst reflects the deeper feeling and thinking of UMNO leaders towards the acceptance of non Malays as equal citizens of Malaysia. UMNO wants the votes of Chinese and Indians but never wanted to share the wealth of this country. It is a feudalistic party that enriches only its cronies and friends. They have no regards for good governance, equitability and fairness.

Therefore the UMNO led government is not sustainable. After 50 years of governance they have become corrupted, out of touch with people and power crazy. The apartheid government of South Africa despite 46 years of iron rule too can collapse. Similarly the racial segregation of UMNO led government was given strong message that if you do not shape up, you will be shipped out.

Well meaning citizens of all races must unite against racism of UMNO and never allow them to hoodwink us anymore. This nation is like a ship where the misdoings of a few crony crews can sink the whole ship of all races. Every citizen has a stake in the well being of this beloved country. Racism, nepotism and corruption the hallmarks of UMNO will wreck this beautiful and bountiful Malaysia.

Even in the 10th Malaysia Plan the prime minister said that New Economic Model will be the pillar for the plan but in actual there is no NEM but all about achieving 30% bumiputra equity participation. There is no separate affirmative action for any marginalized or weak community but privatization and incentives for mega projects.

The UMNO led government has abdicated ordinary folks of all races but protects and accredits its cronies and supporters. Malaysians must awake up to the political realities without any preconditions and prejudices and see the wealth accumulation thrust of UMNO government. The ball is in people’s court.

The political persecution of Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim

February 5, 2010

Opposition leader Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim’s sodomy hearing is covered with detailed accounts in all print and electronic media. The government seems determined to charge the opposition leader at any cost with a large prosecution team and occupying the precious time of the courts.

The main stream media is conducting its own trial in the media by giving prominence and wide coverage to the prosecution’s first witness. Is there a sinister motive behind all these efforts by the federal government? After all the federal government has the authority to renew media licenses.

UMNO led Barisan National government has lost its iron grip of the past since the unprecedented election results of March 2008. The ruling party has lost eight by elections and won the 9th by election since the last general elections.


Provide alimony for all needy and poor struggling single mothers

January 12, 2010

The Star newspaper reported Tuesday that the Minister in the Prime Minister’s Department Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom announced yesterday that the Government had approved an allocation of RM15mil for Muslim women who are undergoing divorce and have not been paid maintenance (nafkah).

Any program that benefits the needy and poor must be welcomed and supported. But why did the minister narrow it down to the Muslims and not to all poor and needy regardless of race, religion or colour?

Despite all the rhetoric about 1Malaysia, the government reverts to race and religion when it comes to policies.

Does the government ever grow out of parochialism and bigotry to one of nationhood or universal hood?

The Malaysian single mothers who are destitute come from all races and religions. They are suffering and need affirmative action policies from the government. They need immediate help, skills and confidence to stand on their own feet. They need to be empowered and motivated to move ahead and not be made dependent on handouts. For this to happen there must be a long -term plan, delivery mechanism and institutional framework.

The minister Datuk Jamil Khir Baharom must extend support to non-Muslims too. The Chinese community contributes tremendously to the economy and coffers of Malaysian treasury. All other communities too contribute to Malaysian economic growth.

Without their hard work where will Malaysian government gets its revenue? Why not extent alimony support to single mothers of all races? There are needy Chinese, Indian, Kadazan and Bidayuh single mothers in dire need for opportunities to stand on their own feet. Barisan National should stop their divide and rule mindset and work towards the real 1malaysia.

Besides government must bring to justice men who left their wives in limbo with children to take care. Husbands who do not pay alimony must be stripped off their assets. The provision of alimony should not make men more irresponsible and neglect their families and take on new families.

Education of languages and literature is universal right which no right-thinking government will deny

December 15, 2009

The recent controversy about the Malaysian government not recognising Tamil language and literature, Chinese language and literature makes no sense all. The ministry of education claims that students can take the extra two subjects but it will not be included in total aggregate.

This clearly shows that the UMNO-led National Front coalition government wants to completely wipe out vernacular education.

The decision is in sharp contrast to Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s 1Malaysia policy which zeroes in on national unity through racial integration. A premier who is committed to national unity would not plan on imposing a 10-subject cap at the SPM level.

This translates to mean that Indians and Chinese, assuming that they get distinctions or high credits, would not be able to use their results to secure scholarships and jobs in the civil service.

This would be no problem if the application was for a foreign university. The ivy league schools like Yale and Harvard offer studies in Tamil and Chinese. The government’s move also makes no sense in terms of creating an academic center of excellence.

Clearly, Najib’s 1Malaysia does not give an equal footing to minority languages and reeks of a hallucinatory experiment aimed at legitimizing mere rhetoric. This is nonsensical and disgusting.

But what is even more appalling is seeing the MIC chief S Samy Vellu playing the part of a sycophant to perfection. Samy is too engrossed in playing to the gallery that he does not realise that Tamil studies are being short changed.

After lauding the move, Samy told reporters that the ruling Barisan Nasional government has listened to MIC and is sensitive to Indian concerns. Samy is repeating a lie, which is part fantasy and part hypocrisy, in a fervent effort to once again mislead the Indian community.

The truth is that the MIC enjoys a client-patron relationship with the ruling coalition and does not have the political clout to fight for Indian rights. Samy and the MIC are still controlled by UMNO and taken for a jolly ride.

There is a huge difference in the way a government responds to the rights of minorities and the manner in which it manages a shadow play to hoodwink them. In this case, Najib and UMNO are succinctly trying to wipe out the linguistic heritage of both the Chinese and Indians in the country.

This decision would only work to further exacerbate the simmering racial tension in the country. As such, I urge the government to allow the students to sit for both the language and literature papers and make them official subjects as a way to forge integration among the races.