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Press statement on fliers insulting DAP and PAS leaders

October 14, 2011

Laporan Polis berkenaan risalah yang menghina pemimpin DAP dan PAS


Date     : 10/10/2011

Press statement on fliers insulting DAP and PAS leaders


The Malaysian constitution is currently secular in nature and therefore any hudud Law amendment to the federal constitution needs a 2/3 majority in parliament. PAS cannot amend the constitution without the support of UMNO, DAP and PKR. The Pakatan Rakyat is bound by a Common Manifesto that does not contain any mention of Hudud law. BN which is basically race based parties and racist in nature and constantly manipulate the Hudud issue to incite the fear among non Malays to weaken the Pakatan Rakyat. This Hudud law issue was raised in the past and DAP has time and again has   expressed their opposition to Hudud law. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has already said that      elements of hudud are already in the Malaysian legal system. Deputy prime minister said that UMNO supports the hudud law. But MCA and other BN component parties remain silent on UMNO’s  support for Hudud but keep harping that DAP is supporting hudud law. MCA must stop their hypocrisy and lying to Malaysians that when PAS come to power all must convert to Islam. This is a lie and irresponsible act of BN component parties.

If BN is concern over the Hudud law they must implement it and not constantly challenge and call upon PAS to implement. This only shows that BN is only interested in politicizing and instilling fear over the issue. MCA which has lost the Chinese community support and facing defeat in the coming 13th election wants to use the fear of Hudud law to win back the Chinese and non Malay votes. It’s only the MCA/MIC/Gerakan that will profit from the fear of Hudud laws. Police must investigate as to why anyone should circulate such fliers. Who will benefit from such fliers? It’s the MCA that is continuously slandering DAP and PAS. Besides Labis is MCA backyard. Therefore I call upon the police to investigate the origins of these fliers that denigrate DAP and PAS leaders and bring those responsible to court. Police must be seen to be acting without fear or favor and bring those responsible for such disparaging pictures/photos to justice.

I call upon UMNO/MCA to call for a national referendum on Hudud law. Through the national referendum it can be decided once and for all the wish and preference of people on Hudud law. Otherwise politically irresponsible parties like UMNO/MCA will continue to use the Hudud law to  instill fear and divide the Malaysian people. Malaysians have matured and want to move forward. But BN being in power for 54 years have grown out of touch with the aspirations and needs of       ordinary Malaysians. The people’s current preoccupation is not Hudud Law but rise in cost of living, job security, providing quality education for their children and good governance.

BN is desperate and doing desperate things to win votes. Budget 2012 is all about spending without caring for how reduce deficit. At this rate what Datuk Idris Jala said about Malaysia going bankrupt by 2019 might come through. I call upon the PM to be accountable and responsible and improve the delivery mechanism in government services, eradicate corruption in higher places, stop wastage and pilferages in government spending.


Senator Dr. S. Ramakrishnan

Mobile number 0193805362


Press Statement – Fliers Insult DAP and PAS leaders

Risalah yang menghina pemimpin DAP dan PAS