PAS is in the past, new hope with Pakatan Harapan

Parti Amanah Negara, DAP and PKR have officially announced the formation of their new coalition Pakatan Harapan on 22/9/2015 with much hope and promise in view of the fast emerging new political landscape. One faction in PKR wants the formation delayed until PAS is persuaded to join the coalition. But PAS seems not keen in joining the coalition while their friendship with UMNO is warming day by-day.
PAS members who oppose their courtship with UMNO have deserted and have formed Parti Amanah Negara. So waiting for Hadi’s PAS to join Pakatan Harapan seems futile. PAS has shown that they cannot be trusted and their words mean nothing. For Hadi’s PAS, the hereafter is more real and rewarding than bring about a clean and just government here and now.
The race and religious politics of UMNO and PAS have divided Malaysians and keep the Malays under siege mentality. The Malays are forever warned that they will lose their privileges and political power to non-Malays if they do not support UMNO. But UMNO, with its total control over the government machinery, judiciary, parliament, law enforcement and even the royalty, has transformed the country into a heaven for the corrupt, racists and religious bigots. Non UMNO connected Malays themselves and other races are the big losers. Now we are known internationally for corruption and money laundering. The situation is becoming direr as we go forward.
Malaysians of all races are looking for alternative to the current mess created by UMNO. Pakatan Harapan should but instead lead the country move forward taking into consideration the aspirations of all Malaysians. The young are no more interested in the racial and religious divide and rule politics of UMNO and PAS.
But of course the UMNO warlords and leaders will continue to perpetuate their brand of politics and derail any alternative to their brand of politics. Unfortunately PAS, which has been fighting against the UMNO corruption and high handedness all this while, has fallen in love with UMNO that is fully immersed in corruption.
By including PAS in Pakatan Harapan may portend yet another Pakatan Rakyat disaster in the opposition coalition. Once bitten, one needs to be twice as careful. PAS under Hadi Awang seem to be moving back to the stone ages by making ridiculous statements like all those who desert PAS must divorce their wives and the need for 4 witness to prove that 2.6 billion donation is bribe.
Nobody takes bribe and has 4 witnesses to testify to it!. He seems to be the agent provocateur in Pakatan Rakyat. Under Hadi’s leadership PAS lost Trengganu and Kedah state governments. And now, without Tok Guru,Nik Aziz Nik Mat, PAS may lose Kelantan too.
Hadi seems to be the down fall of PAS. Even the moderates in PAS have deserted it and formed Amanah. So why should one faction of PKR want Hadi’s PAS to be in Pakatan Harapan? Something is not right here. Do we still need religious and race based political parties after all these hiccups, backstabbing and scandals.
With urbanites voting for change, rural areas in peninsula Malaysia seems to be the political battleground. UMNO or PAS were the choice they had all this while. Now both these parties are in shatters and seem to be imploding. Can Pakatan Harapan able to convince these voters into voting for a change. These important constituents may be more conservative to new political developments and may be slow to changes. Amanah has to move in quickly to fill the vacuum.
Of course UMNO and even PAS will throw spanners and bottles to frustrate Amanah’s attempt. Younger voters who are victims of GST and the bad economic policies of UMNO are the hope. So, all is not lost in the Malaysian political quagmire. There is still hope. Let’s seize the moment. There is a new hope…

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