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Blaming non-Malays is bigotry

February 19, 2015

Army Chief General Raja Mohamed Affandi’s statement on the recruitment of non-Malays including non-Muslims from Sabah and Sarawak as below expectation is not new. Earlier on the 26/10/2010 Ahmad Zahidi gave non-patriotism as a reason for non-Malays not joining the forces. Similar comments were made on 17 Sept 2002 by the then Defense Minister Datuk Najib Tun Razak. Umno Ministers have been making similar comments as and now to drive the message that non-Malays are not patriotic and that they are more interested in making money and leave the country’s security to their Malay brothers. Besides blaming non-Malays, these Umno ministers have never made any attempt to find out why the numbers dwindled.

Malaysian had illustrious and decorated officers both Malays and non-Malays. The army had about 15 Non-Malay generals, Navy about 12 non-Malay Lakshamanas and 14 non-Malay generals from the Air forces. The first local naval chief was Commodore T.Thanabalasingham. Every thinking Malaysian knows that there has been covert and informal policies by the government to employ only Malays at the expense of the non-Malays since 1970. After Mahathir taking over the Umno leadership, the cornerstone of recruitment policy was ketuanan Melayu (Malay supremacy). Non-Malays were and are leap frogged when comes to promotion and application forms of non-Malays go to dustbin while the Malays’ go to the recruitment desk.

Many well performing non-Malay officers were over looked and overtaken by their juniors many times shattering these non-Malay officers dignity. Furthermore the islamisation and non-merit race based promotion in civil service lead to many non-Malays turning away from the civil and uniformed services. Despite the racial policies Umno claims without any guilt that they are fair to all Malaysians regardless of race and religion. This is dishonesty and hiding facts with fictions. The current racial composition in the civil and uniform services is proof of past biased policies. 1Malaysia and other cheerful slogan chanting are made to hood wink the outsiders from knowing actual situation. 1.5 million Skilled and capable Malaysians are working outside the country strengthening other countries and MNCs. But Umno ministers and their supporters will continue to blame and find fault with the non-Malays, to divert the attention from their economic and political failures.

Security is the concern of every Malaysian regardless of race and religion. But the Umno government believes that the ketuanan Melayu (Malay Supremacy) will lead the Malays into being wealthiest and don’t need others. Even the Bumiputras of Sabah and Sarawak are discriminated against, as most of them are Christians. The Malays connected to Umno increased their economic share and wealth disproportionately while the unconnected remain poor and ignorant. Umno uses race and religion to instill fear among the village Malay masses by creating bogey enemy of non-Malays. Once this myth is busted the truth will dawn upon this folks.

Racial preferences have perpetuated nepotism, prejudices and distorted world views among Malaysian society. With the changing and evolving geopolitics and economy, Umno’s outdated policies will stand exposed. It’s matter of time and they know it too. The valor, contributions and sacrifices of the Chinese, Indians and our east Malaysian brothers and sisters towards the sovereignty and security of Malaysia is purposely omitted and subdued. Due to the discriminative public policies the uniform services have lost many talented and capable Malaysians. The loser is Malaysia.

Archaic law held sacred by Malaysian courts

February 17, 2015

The Federal Court’s guilty verdict for Anwar Ibrahim raises many doubts and questions. There is more than meets the eye. The plaintiff, Saiful, received the benefit of every doubt while defendant Anwar was denied reasonable justice. The BN government has shown little restraint, even after sacking him from the party in 1998.

Anwar was beaten by then IGP Rahim Noor when he was first arrested on Sept 20, 1998. He was subsequently charged with corruption. On April 14, 1999, Anwar was sentenced to six years in prison on corruption charges for allegedly interfering with police investigations into allegations of sexual misconduct made against him. On Aug 8, 2000, he was sentenced to nine years in prison for sodomy. The sentences were to be served consecutively, and Anwar was given no credit for the six months he spent in jail during the trial.

In 2000, Anwar’s corruption conviction was upheld by Malaysia’s Court of Appeal. In July 2002, Anwar lost his final appeal against the corruption conviction in the Federal Court. In September 2004, the Federal Court overturned his sodomy conviction.

In a speech during the proceedings against him, Anwar explained what he believed to be the underlying motive behind his persecution. He told the court: “I objected to the use of massive public funds to rescue the failed businesses of his (Mahathir) children and cronies.”

In July 2008, he was arrested over allegations that he had sodomised one of his male aides, but was acquitted of the charge in January 2012. The presiding judge ruled that the DNA evidence used in the case had been compromised. However, on Mar 7, 2014, the Appeal Court overruled the High Court, reinstating the conviction just before the Kajang by-election. On Tuesday, the Federal Court ruled that Saiful was a “credible witness with ample evidence” and sentenced Anwar to five years behind bars.

It is incredible that the Malaysian judiciary and executive branch of the government spent 16 years’ worth of resources on Anwar’s sodomy trial. The Sodomy Act of Malaysia’s penal code 1938 is rarely invoked. From 1938 to now, a total of 77 years, there have been just seven charges pertaining to the Act. Four out of those seven charges were ones that were against Anwar Ibrahim.

While the country faces a paralysis of numerous policies and momentous setbacks, the private matter of one individual seems to have been given disproportionate attention. The government appears to be selective on whom to prosecute using this archaic law. This is where the political motivation to remove Umno’s main threat becomes a possible rationale.

A case of this nature, especially one concerning a high-profile political figure, naturally attracts negative publicity and reaction. In an event that has done the country no favour, the vested interests of the powers that be yet again appear to have prevailed over the nation’s wellbeing.

Ismail Sabri is feted by Umno but a fool to others

February 17, 2015

Despite all the effort and talk about promoting unity and reconciliation for the past umpteen years, Umno and its agent provocateurs are out to sabotage that very idea. In fact, unity, reconciliation and national development are the least of their concerns. Agriculture Minister Ismail Sabri’s call for Malays to boycott Chinese products seems to score political points with his Umno colleagues and supporters. Only in Umno are there takers for such perverted and bigoted calls. And he has even emerged a hero.

To reduce food prices, the agriculture minister could have reintroduced the green revolution. Food security is of great worry all over the world. The minister could have proposed allocation of more land for vegetables and fruit and dairy farming. This increased agricultural production will reduce the prices of vegetables.  There is no need to boycott any products.

It is unfortunate that the agriculture minister and policy makers are not able to think creatively and boldly about new initiatives to reduce the high prices of food and consumer goods, especially when the international oil price has dropped by more than half. Since this is an Umno government, it is Umno’s duty, not that of the Chinese community, to find ways to reduce prices. The crony capitalism policies adopted by the Umno leadership since 1980s have led to the privatisation of essential services and goods.

The privatisation of Bernas, Malaysian Sugar Refinery, IPPs, seaports, airports, Pos Malaysia, KTM, foreign workers’ permits to My E.G. services Shd Bhd, supply of water and electricity, tolls and others have actually increased the prices of essential goods and services. Umno leaders and their cronies have benefitted at the expense of the Rakyat, including the rural and kampong folks. The failure of our public transportation system has increased household transport costs. Why blame the Chinese traders when Umno itself profited at the expense of Malaysians?

Our public debt and household debt are at their highest now. Approximately six million foreign workers are replacing Malaysian workers. Wages have stagnated and Malaysians have to continue working even after retirement to keep up with the rising cost of living. Income inequality is becoming worse by the day. Can the minister of agriculture enlighten the public as to who is responsible for this situation?

Parliament has passed a number of enactments to handle any unreasonable increases in prices. We have the Price Control and Anti-Profiteering Acts 2010, Anti-Competition act 2010, The Malaysia’s Consumer Protection Act 1999 (CPA), Price Control Act 1946, the Control of Supplies Act 1961, the Trade Description Act 1972 etc. Why aren’t these invoked? Why blame the Chinese traders? The minister and his officials can definitely do a better job. Umno and Ismail Sabri should stop blaming others for their own poor governance, policies and non-action.