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RCI Sabah is cover up commission

December 10, 2014

The Royal Commission of Inquiry absolves the culprits who were responsible for the organized free inflow of about 69000 illegal immigrants and later enrolling them in the electoral list. The RCI did not probe into the motive behind project IC or project Mahathir but shifted the blame on corrupted civil servants. Even the ordinary man in the street and the illegal immigrants themselves know the culprits involved in this fiasco but the RCI couldn’t pin point them. No civil servants dare to openly allow illegal immigrants into the country if not for the powerful political figures behind them. Tun Mustapha of USNO lost the election to PBS but could not accept the results. The federal government under Mahathir Mohamad colluded with Tun Mustapha to overthrow Pairin Kitigan of PBS. These Muslim illegal immigrants were allowed into Sabah and registered as voters. It is obvious as who is responsible for this treason against the county. But RCI did not have the moral courage and honesty to name the culprits. Datuk Seri Najib must have appointed the RCI to white wash their wrongs and absorb the wrongdoers.

On 11 August 2012, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced the formation of the Royal Commission of Inquiry for illegal immigrants in Sabah and its 8 Terms of references. The announcement was in response to the resignation of 3 members of parliament who said that they were resigning due to the inaction of federal government over this matter. The current prime minister had led a parliamentary select committee in 2007 on illegal immigrants to Sabah. Nothing came out of it.

Former PM Tun Mahathir was directly involved and recently even justified project IC. To defend the issuance of identity cards to Muslim illegal immigrants from Philippines and Indonesia, the former prime minister Tun Mahathir Mohammad has said that “On the basis of the length of stay and mastering of the national language, they qualify to be citizens of this country, and so the acquired citizenship.” He further questioned that “why cannot the migrants of Sabah who have all these qualifications be accepted as citizens? The objections to them being accepted seem to be political,” he said. In his blog posting, Mahathir claimed that choosing not to naturalize migrants in Sabah was also racist, and that Malaysians should accept that their fellow citizens may come from different backgrounds.

This project IC was clearly done under the blessing of UMNO so that the political party of their choice will rule Sabah. UMNO wanted to neutralize and split Kadazanduzun and Chinese votes in Sabah so that they become politically weak, a game UMNO is good at.

Project IC involved certain political parties as well as various government agencies including the election Commission of Malaysia, the National Registration Department and the Immigration Department, which comes under the purview of the Ministry of Home Affairs. After 6 months of investigation, GE13 would be over and everything will be back to as before. Therefore the PM should disclose the findings of earlier PSC headed by him before initialing a new PCI with Terms of Reference that will investigate who are the culprits responsible for the fiasco.

The RCI had clearly cheated and let down the hope of Sabahans to clean up their electoral list. The RCI report is not worth the paper it is reported on. If it is worth its paper the report should be debated and deliberated in parliament.

In West Malaysia there are thousands of Malaysian born Indians and Chinese holding red ICs and after years of attempting to obtain citizenship still considered stateless. For the slightest of reasons they were issued red ICs. But hundreds of thousands of Indonesians, Bangladeshis, Pakistanis and Filipinos illegal immigrants are freely issued citizenships. Unfortunately these wicked designs will affect the rights and opportunities of Sabahans and all other Malaysians. The end cannot justify the means.

No political party ruled forever

December 10, 2014

Umno the longest ruling political party in the world concluded the annual general meeting last week under a siege mentality blaming the whole world for the eroding support among Malays themselves. A party which is in power for the past 57 years with more than 2/3 majority support in parliament till 2008 should be more confident and rely on their past records to rally their supporters. Instead Umno leaders and delegates resorted to concocting lies such as DAP burned Quran in kedah, non-Malays out to grab power, Islam being challenged, Malay language in danger, illegal businesses of Chinese and what not. It is an admission of 57 years of poor governance and inability to rule.

These fabrications show signs of desperations and fear that they are losing support of large sections within the Malay community. Umno general assembly has become a rattling and rhetoric ground for their delegates and leaders to let lose their belligerent noises and raise the insecurity and fear among of Malays. By doing so in every AGM, Umno leaders are able to divert the real economic and social issues in the Malay community to emotions and chest beating to keep the rural community ignorant and misinformed.

After the 57 years of Umno rule, Malays remain the poorest despite the highest allocation of resources. Income inequality is highest among Malays. High unemployment and low skill still plague the community after 44 years of NEP. The urban voters and university students have started to rebel knowing the bogey and propaganda of Umno. In the 2015 budget RM24.4 billion is spend as debt service charges such as interest. This is 13.3% of government revenue and 10.9% of government operating expenditure that is amounting to 92million a day as interest payment. With RM24.4 billion, Malaysian Government can pay every Malaysian RM840 per year. BRIM expenditure per year is only RM4.9 billion and it’s about 5 times the BRIM. The delegates must be blissfully ignorant that Umno government is paying 5 times the BRIM amount as debt servicing charges per year. Umno leaders could have listed out their achievements and lay out the next plan and policies to uplift Malaysia from indebtedness, extremism, deficit and what not.

Umno wins elections by manipulating the fear and insecurities of Malays and Islam. They will campaign on hudud and islamic state to stalemate PAS and Malay race in danger of being colonized to checkmate DAP. These issues will drive the rural Malay votes into Umno fold. The scandals, wastages, abuse of power, extremism and racism issues will be swept under the carpet and Umno comes back to power with the tacit support of election commission. Unless PAS and PKR debunk Umno’s folly rural Malays are doomed to remain poor.

Even South Africa has abandoned the apartheid policies and reconciled with the past and moved on. But Umno is sinking deeper into the racial and religious divide and rule. Albert Einstein said that it is insane to do the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. Umno has to grow wiser and move away from race and religion.

Merdeka center survey shows that 71% of Malays are very concerned about the rising cost of living, job security, quality of education and their future. That being the case, Umno cannot keep on harping on Islam, race and the palace all the time.

DPM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin was the only sober voice in the Umno AGM. He raised the issue of widening income gap between urban and rural Malays and the failure of NEP. He also warned that a 2% shift in votes towards PR, Umno will have to sit in opposition. Unless the poor quality of education, corruption and the failure of bumiputra development programs were reviewed, it is the taxpayer’s money that is going to waste. But it was beyond the grasp of Umno delegates. Can we hope that the next AGM will be different? All I have is hope.