Deriding other religious practice is seditious and disharmonious

The Islamic preacher, Ustaz shahul hamid, who insulted Hindism in a speech at a surau in Shah Alam should be arrested by Police for creating religious disharmony among Malaysians. His speech smacked with bad intention, ignorance of other religions and deceitfulness. The police should have no excuse not to arrest him. It is bogus religious preachers like Shahul Hamid who bring bad reputation for their own religion. As a preacher of the official religion why cast unwanted aspersion on the minority religion which is no threat at all. The degrading and false belittling of the minority religion by Shahul Hamid shows his lack of knowledge of religions and their purpose to humankind.

Preachers who speak ill of other religions should be banned. Multi-racial and multi religious countries like Malaysia are certainly better off without this kind of half-baked preachers who instead of propagating the good values and practice of their own religion bad mouth and mocked the practices other religions.

Shahul Hamid must be foolish to suggest that a statue placed at the entrance to taste the spice leaving the factory. This is utter lie for it has no scientific evidence to support his claim. Then why did Shahul Hamid make such a false claim. The only logical reason could be to run down other religious practice and to ruin the business of these two spice producers.

Religious leaders are welcomed in society to lead the masses from darkness to light. They disseminate knowledge on righteous way of life. They built bridges between different communities to live in harmony. Preachers like Shahul Hamid do not belong anywhere near this category.

Preachers and Priests become famous by enlightening the masses and disseminating good values that make the society progressive and tolerant but Shahul Hamid finds fault in other religions to make him more popular. He derided the symbols of other religion without knowing anything about other religion. Shahul hamid’s preaching does not bring any good to Malaysia or its people. Police must be proactive and nip speaking ill of other religions in the bud itself.

If this guy is a member of PAS, the party must sack him to send a strong message that PAS is for all and not for bigots and narrow mindedness. Otherwise the claim is shallow and they don’t mean it. One bad apple should not tarnish the good name of the party.

Police should not be confused on acting tough on such disharmonious tendencies. Malaysia if truly Asia why no action on Shahul Hamid?

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