MH370 mystery exposes our catastrophic failures

We are now praying for more and more miracles. And the prayers are getting more intense as each day passes because the reasons for such intensity to seek the Almighty’s intervention get more desperate. The safe return of MH370, more rain fall in Klang valley, recurring haze and hope more tourists will visit Malaysia to name a few.

Of course those who are more politically inclined may also continue to pray for the Balingan and Kajang by-elections results and for more peace and understanding in Malaysia. It is one of those rare occasions in Malaysia where the authorities have urged all religions to offer their prayers to their respective Gods.

But during good and peaceful times, our authorities divide, segregate and accentuate the racial and religious differences and make the divide more and more divisive and irreconcilable. Even the usage of God’s name can be serious issue in Malaysia. In no other countries people claim the exclusive right to use God’s name. People are prompted to throw non-kosher meat into places of worship, raiding churches for Bahasa Indonesia bible editions and the cow head protest against relocation of temple goes unnoticed and unrestrained.

Malaysians are quietly suspicious and mistrusting of other races. I have seen the election leaflets and fliers containing highly seditious with racially charged words being distributed by none other than the ruling coalition in rural kampongs. The UMNO led coalitions will frighten the Malays in kampongs saying Chinese chauvinism will threaten their livelihood.  Meanwhile, its partner MCA and MIC will frighten the non-Malays with Islamic state propaganda. Malaysians only feel united during calamities but at other times it is all about race and religion.

Despite the abundant talent pool in our country we turn to the occultism when facing calamities and crisis. The extent of absurdity and stupidity by Malaysian authorities in resolving the MH370 crisis has made foreign journalist and others question whether Malaysia is a moderate progressive country. The claim of MH370 pilot Zaharie Ahmad hijacked the aircraft due to Anwar’s conviction and calling in a ‘1Malaysia bomoh ‘(shaman) to find the missing plane make Malaysia a laughing stock among nations.

Is Malaysia technically incompetent to give up to shamanism in the early party of crisis? Malaysia fumbled badly to prove to the international community that we are matured, talented and cohesive society. Will any heads roll to take responsibility for the lapses and neglects in the course of duty? This is quite un-Malaysian anyway.

Two million highly educated and competent Malaysians have moved to developed countries that appreciate their talents. But in Malaysia performers and high achievers are overlooked in the name of race and religious policies. Somehow Malaysia has failed to count its blessings. Sections of Malaysians are made to feel that they are not appreciated and unwanted by their very own country.

Even Malaysians are making fun of the way our authorities are handling the press meetings, the contradictions among different department, being the least of the troubles. The authorities could have better managed the expectations of next of kin and their emotions by being forthright from the beginning. By not being so we have complicated the matter and made others doubt the competencies of the agencies concerned.

Has Malaysia lost its way in its struggle to bring income equality and implementing the new economic policy? While our neighboring countries are progressing, Malaysia seems to be drifting aimlessly in the quagmire created by its leaders. Do we learn from mistakes?

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