Yong Peng Tamil school construction continue to be in limbo

About 10 years ago, Yong Peng div A estate under the sime darby group allotted 5 acres of land for Chinese school and another 5 acres for Tamil school. The Chinese school was completed and classes commenced 1st January 2013. But the adjacent Tamil school is still about 70% completed and construction work stopped come 1st January 2014. The local and state MIC leaders are blaming each other for the stoppage and delay. But isn’t state education department responsible for building and overseeing the school management?

Parents in Yong Peng, Air Itam and Paloh have long campaigned, canvassed and raised fund to build a Tamil school in Yong Peng town. I visited the construction site of the school in Dec, 2011. The low lying swampy area was refilled with muddy earth to raise the ground level. When this matter was highlighted in the Tamil media, both the local MIC leaders and the then deputy education minister Datuk Wee Ka Siong replied that the earth filling need time to hardening and reinforcing before construction could begin. The school building committee which is all local MIC leaders issued statements that the school will be completed for enrollment in January 2013. Later the school committee restated that the school will only be completed in April 2013.

But now at end of Dec 2013 the school construction, remain incomplete and standstill with no construction work going on. Datuk Wee Ka siong in March 2013 claimed that the building was 70% completed just before general election 13. It is not even ready for enrollment in January 2014. Parents who want to send their children to Tamil school are disappointed and felt cheated and let down by the MIC leaders and Datuk Wee Ka siong for not keeping to their words. Besides there is no information by any of the parties involved as to when the school will be completed for enrollment.

Parents from Yong Peng, Air Itam and Paloh were looking forward towards the new school. At present these parents are sending their children to Yong Peng B Division estate which is 20 kilometers away. Each student pays RM 50 bus fare to travel the red sand estate road every day to this dilapidated school. This school has an enrolment of 130 students out of which 124 of them come from town to study in the estate school. With current increase in petrol prices, bus fare is bound to increase along with other expenses.

The local MIC has once again let down the parents and Tamil school students with empty promises. Before the GE 13, Datuk Wee Ka Siong made a visit to the estate school assuring the Indian voters in Yong Peng that the school will be completed on time and therefore no new structure need to be added to the old estate school. It was an empty election promises. Having been reelected I hope he will explain the delay and make a firm commitment when will the school enroll new students. It is long overdue and parents are helplessly waiting to move to the new building. MIC leaders should not seat in the committee if they can’t complete the school on time. The state education department too cannot abdicate their responsibilities. Will the three parties come forward and explain the delay and assure the completion date.

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