Johor Indians support change but a few discards spoiling it

Mainstream newspapers carried prominently the news of Murugan being hurt in a physical fight during the DAP night public rally (ceramah) in Taman Skudai, Johore Baru on 31st march. Before the ceramah, Sdra Lim Kit Siang and DAP Indian national leaders launched the Gelang Patah Declaration which outlined the vision and strategy for Indian empowerment when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya. The declaration promises a 14 point plan to address the major grievances and issues inflicting and stifling the community. The forum attended by about 150 people and the subsequent ceramah were organized at short notices and I got words by Sunday (31st march) morning that Murugan and his people are out to create trouble at the 2 events.

Murugan and another 5 or 6 people staged a protest holding banners outside the hotel, where the forum was held, accusing the state DAP Chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau of being a racist. After holding the banner and speaking to media Murugan joined his wife kogilavani at the 2nd floor of the hotel towards the end of the forum. As the chair of the forum I was concerned that this guy may create ruckus at the meeting.  But the meeting ended soon after and all present were welcomed to join the ceramah in Taman Skudai just one kilometer away.

Since the forum ended a little later, a few speakers left earlier to start the ceramah on time. By the time we arrived at the ceramah site, the crowd were already gathered with speakers speaking in full swing. Soon after reaching I was told by some friends in the crowd that Murugan and few of his friends were creating nuisance with their loud hailer by using vulgar words responding to the speakers of the ceramah. There were about 1500 very multiracial boisterous crowd jeering, clapping and blowing horns each time the speakers raised and criticize BN rule. It was very lively ceramah session with both the speakers and the spectators fully engaged.

While this was going on, Murugan and his goons were touting and calling the speakers with all kinds of names using vulgar words. The crowd gathered was also getting irritated with the hooliganism of Murugan and his friends. They were repeatedly told not to be a nuisance but Murugan and his friends challenged them for a fight. Then one lead to another and ended in a physical fight. This was what I gathered later as to what happened. Some people present did call me to meet Murugan after he got hurt. As I was on the other side of the crowd and did not know how the scuffle broke and who did what. I told the person who called me to ask Murugan to make police report and let police investigate.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau was not in the ceramah and was informed later what happened in the Taman skudai ceramah. It is unfortunate that on the day Gelang Patah declaration was launched with renewed hope for the future of Indian community, such an uncalled for incident that mars and brings discredit to the image and reputation of Indians were to take place. Some belligerent people never allow the community to move forward.

The suppression and alienation of Indians under the 50 years of racially divide and rule policy of BN seems to have deprived hope and positive values in some section of Indian poor. Low self- esteem and low educational achievement seem to have made them the new underclass and problematic group. They need help and assistance from government which is beyond the capacity of NGOs. UMNO/BN is not even aware and couldn’t be bothered. Regime change is the way forward.

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