Residents of Tenang want SAJ build overhead water tank

Residents of Taman Tenang, Taman Segar and Taman Tenang Jaya are back to facing water cuts and poor supply 6 months after water supply was restored. On 18th Sept 2012, residents came out to protest against their 12 years of poor water supply ordeal in their housing estates. Following their protest SAJ officials and Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong met the residents and water supply did improve gradually.

Now 6 months later residents are back to square one with the same situation even during normal day. The assurances of Labis MP that he managed to resolve the problem with the assistance of state executive councilor Tan Kok Hong and the late Tenang assemblyman Datuk Sulaiman Taha in Sept 2012 has come to naught. SAJ the sole water concessionaire in Johor, seem incompetent and clueless to resolve this housing estate water woe.

Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) Holdings Sdn Bhd must explain to residents why water supply stopped after 6 months of normal supply. If SAJ cannot increase water pressure to force water flow to higher grounds than they must build overhead water tank for the 80 over houses in Taman Tenang, Taman Segar and Taman Tenang jaya. Residents are lamenting that they were short changed by housing developer on the water distribution to their housing estates.

Do SAJ know that water supply is disrupted in these 3 Tamans? If they knew why SAJ did not brief the residents as to the cause of water cut and what are their plans to restore water supply back to normal? SAJ being the sole water distributor in Johor must be more responsible to the needs of their customers. Residents of these 3 housing estates are suffering silently due water cuts and discourage visitors to their houses due to poor water supply.

SAJ must provide permanent solution to the water cuts in these higher grounded housing estates by building overhead water tank. Water being an essential item, SAJ must be more socially caring and be vigilant on water disruptions and poor water supply. They should not wait for residents to protest before taking action.

SAJ was given RM500000 by Prime Minister Office to restore water supply to Voolves estate residents during the Tenang by election in January 2011. Till date no pipe laid for water supply. SAJ must buck up and settle water supply to the 3 Tamans and Voolves estate resident.

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