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Muhideen Yassin’s call to Tamil school teachers is shallow and insincere

April 10, 2013

Yesterday (8/4/2013) Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin met Tamil school teachers and headmasters from all over Malaysia in SRJK (T) Simpang Lima, Klang. Teachers from all over Malaysia had left their teaching responsibilities and their students to do their own work and had to travel to Klang just to be ordered to support BN in the forthcoming general elections. He further reminded them not to make any anti-government statements in Facebook and other social media and not say anything negative about the government. He had also ordered them to vote for BN in the forthcoming general elections.

Voting is a democratic choice of a citizen. The former DPM has no business to order anybody to vote for a particular party. Besides it is secret and nobody will know whom anyone votes for. Tan Sri MuhideenYassin is no more minister of education to issue such undemocratic orders that restricts the citizen’s right to vote for his/her choice of candidates in the coming elections. As a caretaker minister his business is to conduct only ordinary matters of administration and not to abuse the government machinery by subtly ordering teachers and other government servants. Isn’t it a waste of government money and abuse of power to have called for such a meeting for political purpose?

After losing 2/3 majority in parliament and 4 states to Pakatan Rakyat, BN is superficially courting Indian votes by making promises on more handouts to Tamil Schools. Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin is duty bound to explain how education quality has improved in Tamil schools during his tenure in the ministry. What structural reform has he made to include Tamil school’s development into the mainstream of education framework? UMNO will never accept vernacular education into the mainstream of education system. But MIC will bend backward to accommodate and tolerate UMNO’s step motherly attitude.

Indian contractors who submitted quotations for tenders on renovation work in Tamil Schools are disgusted at the education ministry’s flip flop policies and procedures. Can Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin inform the Malaysian Indians how much of the RM100 million announced by Prime Minister in 2012 and 2013 budget delivered to schools and given to Indian contractors? There is no information and transparency in this allocation announced by the prime minister. UMNO/BN has deprived Tamil Schools and Indians their equal opportunity for facilities and scholarships.

Can Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin reveal why nearly 65% of Tamil school students go to remove classes? What has the ministry of education done to reduce this figure? Most remove class students drop off before completing secondary schools.  Did Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin call for urgent meetings to resolve this issue? By removing remove class without addressing the weakness in syllabus content will only transfer the problem to from one. Ministry of education officers have no clue or rather will and wish to handle this issue.

For the information of Tan Sri Muhiddin Yassin, Indians are no more BN’s fixed deposits. Indians want equal rights as citizens of this county. Is it agreeable to you Tan Sri? Will you redress these denied justice and rights of Malaysian Indians? Election gimmicks are observable and people are more aware of the parochial and racist traits of UMNO/BN. At least one term as opposition party, will transform UMNO/BN into a more inclusive and a party for all.

Johor Indians support change but a few discards spoiling it

April 3, 2013

Mainstream newspapers carried prominently the news of Murugan being hurt in a physical fight during the DAP night public rally (ceramah) in Taman Skudai, Johore Baru on 31st march. Before the ceramah, Sdra Lim Kit Siang and DAP Indian national leaders launched the Gelang Patah Declaration which outlined the vision and strategy for Indian empowerment when Pakatan Rakyat takes over Putrajaya. The declaration promises a 14 point plan to address the major grievances and issues inflicting and stifling the community. The forum attended by about 150 people and the subsequent ceramah were organized at short notices and I got words by Sunday (31st march) morning that Murugan and his people are out to create trouble at the 2 events.

Murugan and another 5 or 6 people staged a protest holding banners outside the hotel, where the forum was held, accusing the state DAP Chief Dr Boo Cheng Hau of being a racist. After holding the banner and speaking to media Murugan joined his wife kogilavani at the 2nd floor of the hotel towards the end of the forum. As the chair of the forum I was concerned that this guy may create ruckus at the meeting.  But the meeting ended soon after and all present were welcomed to join the ceramah in Taman Skudai just one kilometer away.

Since the forum ended a little later, a few speakers left earlier to start the ceramah on time. By the time we arrived at the ceramah site, the crowd were already gathered with speakers speaking in full swing. Soon after reaching I was told by some friends in the crowd that Murugan and few of his friends were creating nuisance with their loud hailer by using vulgar words responding to the speakers of the ceramah. There were about 1500 very multiracial boisterous crowd jeering, clapping and blowing horns each time the speakers raised and criticize BN rule. It was very lively ceramah session with both the speakers and the spectators fully engaged.

While this was going on, Murugan and his goons were touting and calling the speakers with all kinds of names using vulgar words. The crowd gathered was also getting irritated with the hooliganism of Murugan and his friends. They were repeatedly told not to be a nuisance but Murugan and his friends challenged them for a fight. Then one lead to another and ended in a physical fight. This was what I gathered later as to what happened. Some people present did call me to meet Murugan after he got hurt. As I was on the other side of the crowd and did not know how the scuffle broke and who did what. I told the person who called me to ask Murugan to make police report and let police investigate.

Dr Boo Cheng Hau was not in the ceramah and was informed later what happened in the Taman skudai ceramah. It is unfortunate that on the day Gelang Patah declaration was launched with renewed hope for the future of Indian community, such an uncalled for incident that mars and brings discredit to the image and reputation of Indians were to take place. Some belligerent people never allow the community to move forward.

The suppression and alienation of Indians under the 50 years of racially divide and rule policy of BN seems to have deprived hope and positive values in some section of Indian poor. Low self- esteem and low educational achievement seem to have made them the new underclass and problematic group. They need help and assistance from government which is beyond the capacity of NGOs. UMNO/BN is not even aware and couldn’t be bothered. Regime change is the way forward.

Those in glass houses should not throw stones

April 2, 2013

The open letter from Ranesa Jegatheesa criticizing my DAP membership and accusing me of playing second fiddle to DAP “Chinese” leadership and extenuating the role played by Datuk seri Najib Tun Razak and UMNO/BN begets a response from myself.

In the past 55 years of MIC/BN rule, estate and working class Indians are displaced by 4 million migrant workers and forcing wages downwards. 66000 Maika Holdings shareholders were squeezed out by wheeling and dealing of BN cronies after waiting for 29 years thanks to MIC. Request for relocation of low enrolment rural Tamil schools to urban areas where Indians are in larger numbers are not attended despite numerous appeals. Remove class students are potential drop off due to the neglect and could not be bothered attitude of teachers. Teenage alcoholism and gangsterism among Indians lead them to get involved in gangs and criminal activities. MIC abated and aided the UMNO racial divide and rule policies that marginalized and alienated Indians from government policy implementation. Thousands of poor Indians are still holding red identity cards after 55 years of BN rule. But foreigners, criminals and terrorists are issued blue identity cards immediately upon their arrival and eligible to vote the next day.

When Indian votes finally disserted BN for the gross neglect, MIC pleads poor Indians to return to UMNO fold by giving 5 kg rice, RM50, sumptuous meals, concerts, musical shows and free buses trips to those who want to visit temples in Kuala Lumpur during festivals. Two weeks ago MIC organized a women awareness seminar in Chaah, where Datuk Chua tee Yong, Labis member of parliament, gave goodie bags that contained soap powder, coke can and tissue paper to the ladies present. Last week he distributed mattress to about 80 families. That much MCA has estimated our worth. All these arrangements are made by local MIC so called leaders.

Welfare helps to poor Indians during Bagan Pinang and Tenang by elections stopped few months after elections. Public promises by Prime Minister to build 6 Tamil schools remain unfulfilled after 3 years. Efforts to include Indian contractors in the renovation and extension work in Tamil schools are moving at snail’s pace since 2011. Disappointment and disillusionment is the order of the day for these contractors. Yet Datuk Seri Najib makes more promises without fulfilling earlier ones. All the above debacles are deliberately planned by UMNO to keep Indians poor and begging and MIC/PPP/IPF will execute these plans for pittance. Datuk Seri Najib may offer election sweets and cookies but unfortunately the UMNO bureaucracy were not given any directive to fulfill them.

Ranesa claims BN and Datuk seri Najib has done a lot for Indians in Malaysia. The fact that Indians had disserted BN since 2008 is a testimony of how much MIC/BN has done for them. The Indians in DAP and PKR are fed up with racial and religious slant and jingoism of UMNO/BN and the impotency of MIC and other component parties. UMNO/BN is tainted with committing electoral frauds in the past elections and treacherous issuing of identity cards to illegal and criminal immigrants in Sabah. Even for the upcoming 2013 general elections attempts are made to rig voting outcome in Selangor. MIC is party of goons to keep Indians poor and downtrodden. With such dismal record Ranesa can still support UMNO/BN and keep picking faults at DAP leadership.

DAP is the credible party that has been fighting hard to expose the corrupted and despotic BN government of all its crimes and frauds. DAP leaders like Sdra Lim Kit Siang, V.David, P.Patoo, Veerappan had fought tooth and nail in highlighting abuses and racial discrimination towards Indians since its inception. The party has large Chinese membership but its leaders have proven track record of their struggle for fairness and equal rights to all Malaysians. Ranesa is blinded in his support for Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak and BN. The Prime minister is in office on borrowed time and still dishing out cash and handouts. 70% of Malaysians are earning below RM1500 per month. Yet Prime Minister announced that Malaysia has achieved income nation status.

MIC/BN has lost all legitimacy and moral authority to represent Indians. Indians and other Malaysians have changed and are willing to give 5 years to Pakatan Rakyat to rule Malaysia. These changes among Indians and other Malaysians makes BN rule untenable and the change is imminent. The abusive use of government machinery and tax payer’s money by BN are the stumbling blocks delaying the change that is unstoppable.

Ranesa and his sponsors are unlikely to influence Indians on their fault finding mission. MIC and BN are becoming history and therefore no effort of blaming others will rejuvenate them. MIC is now depending on Datuk Seri Najib’s empty promises to deliver Indian votes. Having supported a racially divide and rule system that oppresses the minority community Ranesa has no right to question what are my personal contributions from my various social projects. This seems typical of MIC/BN cadres in twisting facts and turn it to blame others.

Sinister delay in announcing GE13 date

April 2, 2013

Four days have expired since the 308 deadline and yet no election date is on sight. Election commission and Inspector General of police had announced on many occasions that they ready to conduct the 13thgeneral election without any hitch.

Looks like all system are ready for the word go. But the person who has to say the word ‘go’ is in no mode to do so fearing the result may not be in his favor. The ruling party BN has vested too much power in his office to the extent that the whole country is held hostage by the prime minister by not dissolving parliament within the 5 years term. This discretional authority bestowed upon the prime minister is exploited to extend the BN government rule beyond 5 years.

This time around Prime minister seems to be digging dip to exhaust all possible legal datelines available to him to delay the 13th general elections. We hope and wish that the ruling elite surrounding the prime minister puts the nation and its people’s interest first as compared to the electoral winning prospect of the ruling party. Hundreds of billions have been pumped as economic transformation initiatives, cash handouts and goodies to turn around the public support for BN government. All these spending too did not give the Prime minister anymore confidence that he and his party will win the forth coming elections. Yesterday another slew of incentive worth RM2 billion per year for civil servants was announced. But minimum wages for the poor workers are still dogged with implementation problems. Poor workers are BN’s fixed deposit therefore they do not matter.

Malaysians are in different era of time where change is the order of the day whether it is politics or economics all over the world. New generations have become larger section of voters whose thinking and preferences are much different from the older generation. One UMNO diehard told me that his children who are working and studying cities convincing them to change. They can provide details and information to support their claim. The internet has lambasted all gates to information. Lies and misinformation back fires on the very people spreading them. Delaying the elections any further will not bring any more confidence in the ruling party. People will elect the party which they think will protect and prosper the nation and its people.

We sincerely hope the prime minister and his advisers will not delay the 13th elections any further and cause undue uncertainties and inconveniences to business communities and all Malaysians. Elections have to be held within 5 years and delaying without any rhyme or reason is a mockery to parliamentary democracy. Besides the current prime minister was appointed upon the resignation if his predecessor in 2009. Therefore it is all the more reason that parliament is dissolved early to get a fresh mandate from the people.

The former Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir and his UMNO diehards are going around instilling racial fears that the non-Malays will usurp power from Malays should UMNO lose in the 13th general elections. After 55 years in power and absolute control of government machinery, stooping to such low and cheap stunts to win political power shows UMNO has lost all legitimacy and moral authority to govern this blessed country. These scums must be disposed at the earliest possible in the best interest of Malaysia. Malaysians of all races are more aware of UMNOs corruptions and crimes and the impotency of its other component parties thanks to the internet. UMNO committed all these corruptions and crimes in the name of safeguarding Malay interest but after 55 years only UMNOPUTRAs and their cronies have prospered and not the Malays and other Malaysians.

We urge the Prime Minister to be responsible in spending government pursue while still in power after 5 years of last elections. Spending and awarding contracts with the aim of buying vote will not be condoned by the informed voters. People are no longer forgiving and they are better informed and are more determined to speak up and stand counted.

To avoid such delays in future Malaysia must fix election date much earlier. Australian prime minister on 30th January 2013 announced that their next election will be held on 14th Sept. 2013. US, UK, Germany and many more fix the electoral dates well in advance. In other countries government changes are common and life doesn’t come to standstill just because the ruling party is not popular. Even in India with one over billion people change in government is a normal event and they too are developing. Its only in Malaysia the BN government threaten its people that if they lose all will be doomed. Malaysians should not allow these BN ruling elites to stun and stagnate the nation’s growth.


Residents of Tenang want SAJ build overhead water tank

April 2, 2013

Residents of Taman Tenang, Taman Segar and Taman Tenang Jaya are back to facing water cuts and poor supply 6 months after water supply was restored. On 18th Sept 2012, residents came out to protest against their 12 years of poor water supply ordeal in their housing estates. Following their protest SAJ officials and Labis MP Datuk Chua Tee Yong met the residents and water supply did improve gradually.

Now 6 months later residents are back to square one with the same situation even during normal day. The assurances of Labis MP that he managed to resolve the problem with the assistance of state executive councilor Tan Kok Hong and the late Tenang assemblyman Datuk Sulaiman Taha in Sept 2012 has come to naught. SAJ the sole water concessionaire in Johor, seem incompetent and clueless to resolve this housing estate water woe.

Syarikat Air Johor (SAJ) Holdings Sdn Bhd must explain to residents why water supply stopped after 6 months of normal supply. If SAJ cannot increase water pressure to force water flow to higher grounds than they must build overhead water tank for the 80 over houses in Taman Tenang, Taman Segar and Taman Tenang jaya. Residents are lamenting that they were short changed by housing developer on the water distribution to their housing estates.

Do SAJ know that water supply is disrupted in these 3 Tamans? If they knew why SAJ did not brief the residents as to the cause of water cut and what are their plans to restore water supply back to normal? SAJ being the sole water distributor in Johor must be more responsible to the needs of their customers. Residents of these 3 housing estates are suffering silently due water cuts and discourage visitors to their houses due to poor water supply.

SAJ must provide permanent solution to the water cuts in these higher grounded housing estates by building overhead water tank. Water being an essential item, SAJ must be more socially caring and be vigilant on water disruptions and poor water supply. They should not wait for residents to protest before taking action.

SAJ was given RM500000 by Prime Minister Office to restore water supply to Voolves estate residents during the Tenang by election in January 2011. Till date no pipe laid for water supply. SAJ must buck up and settle water supply to the 3 Tamans and Voolves estate resident.