Please fulfill your promises to Tamil schools Mr prime Minister

The prime minister may sound very generous to Tamil schools in political gatherings but the reality is the ministry of education has their own national agenda to adhere to. Prime minister may announce the building of 6 Tamil schools in 2010. He also announced 100 million for Tamil Schools in 2012 and 2013 budgets. But till date no new Tamil school has been built and very little of the first 100 million from 2012 budget has trickled down. In fact the prime minister must order ministry of education in writing instead of making political statements in public gatherings. After Datuk Seri Najib becoming Prime Minister nothing has changed in Tamil schools despite the many announcements. I would like to highlight one of the forgotten promises of ministry of education to Tamil community in Bandar Salak, Sepang.     

Lothian estate and Bute estate in Sepang was acquired to build KLIA in the late 1970s. To relocate the 2 Tamil Schools from these 2 estates, 6 acres of land near Salak town in Sepang district was given to ministry of education by the estate management. Lothian estate Tamil school was closed and the school children were transferred to SRJK (T) Salak tinggi. But the SRJK (T) Bute was not closed to accommodate the children from the nearby kg. Chincang, Salak.

Many estate workers have shifted to the housing estates (Tamans) in Salak town. This town’s proximity to KLIA has led to more housing estates in Salak town. Therefore there is a sizable Indian population to support a Tamil school. The parent teachers association (PIBG) of Ladang Bute Tamil School also supported the relocating of their school to Salak town. Since 1993 the school PIBG and the local MIC have been actively canvassing for the relocation of SRJK (T) ladang Bute to the land in Salak town given by estate management in 1978. The kg Chincang parents too willing to send their children to a bigger and better town school in Slak town. But the ministry of education is dumb and deaf to these calls.

In Salak town every housing estate has a national school (sekolah kebangsaan). There are 5 national primary schools and 2 more being built in Salak town. But the request for the relocation of one Tamil school since 1993 is not possible. The local MIC leaders themselves have given up and are now supporting the Pakatan Rakyat to relocate the ladang Bute Tamil School to Salak Town. Parents and the local Indian leaders are concerned that if nothing is done then that piece of land given by Genting plantations in Salak town may be transferred to national school. 

So Datuk Seri Najib may announce anything to make Indian Malaysians feel good but the ground reality do not match his words. The officers in district education department do not follow what Najib promises to Indian community.

The Member of Parliament for Sepang Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Zin Mohamad is busy finding fault with the Selangor government and recapture Selangor for BN. Appeals to him too fell on deaf ears. If he wills, he can solve with a stroke of a pen. Unfortunately they only want Indian votes but they couldn’t be bothered about Indians thereafter.

Mr. Prime Minister we do not appreciate all the birthday greetings and well wishes without delivering what you promised. Please deliver the basic necessities such as infrastructure for Tamil schools, more quality education in Tamil schools, education opportunities to those non Malay children who excel in studies, scholarships and job opportunities. The promises of Prime Minister should have been fulfilled in 1970s and 1980s. So it is nothing new. Will UMNO agree to these offers to non Malays Mr. Prime Minister?

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