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Under BN nothing is sacred nor seditious anymore

February 22, 2013

The litany of offenses by the BN is now not only alarming but also is dangerous. The latest, the closed door screening of Tunda Puteri to Felda settlers is not just reckless but is begging a spark to ignite a powder keg created by the BN.

 Mature citizens have long forgotten aberration in our history. By raising the spectra of May 13, it would seem that all rational thinking has departed the BN political mind set.

 It is akin to the scorched earth policy employed by Napoleon and Hitler whose armies lay waste to the land as they retreated from the battlefield, leaving the victors nothing but a burnt out shell of the land.

 Meanwhile, the ministry of home affairs has lifted the ban on Viswaroopam movie after much delay due to public calls. The film was banned on Jan 25 following complaints made to the Home Ministry by the Indian Muslim Congress (Kimma) and the Federation of Indian Muslim Associations (Permim).

 The Film Censorship Board made 12 cuts on the film. But the KIMMA and PERMIM made further complaints which resulted in the ministry setting up a special panel comprising of the Islamic Development Department (Jakim) and censorship board officers to review the film, focusing on religious and security aspects.

 The home affairs ministry made another 12 cuts on the movie and now has announced the lift on ban. I understand that the film distributor Lotus films don’t want to screen the movie after 24 cuts.

 KIMMA and PERMIM are UMNO cronies and they want to be more Malay than Indian. They have more influence than all the other BN beggar parties like MIC, PPP and IPF. These Indian based parties have no backbone and are depending on UMNO and PM Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak to win back Indian votes.

 In India itself Viswaroopam is being screened after 7 cuts on the movie after protests from smaller Muslim groups. But in the Malaysia Film censor board has made 24 cuts before lifting the ban. Viswaroopam is just like any other Hollywood or for that matter Tamil movie. This movie has been slaughtered beyond recognition.

 Yet, without considering the consequences and the possible repercussions, Datuk Seri Najib has ordered the screening of Tanda Putera to 3000 felda settlers. A movie criticized by many as seditious and harmful to the multi racial society is screened to targeted rural groups to poison their minds. On the other hand Datuk Seri Najib reaching out to Indian and Chinese communities with sweet promises with no results yet.  

 PM Datuk Seri Najib and UMNO are now possessed by sheer desperation to stay in power. They don’t care if its action can harm the people or the economy and take the country backwards. They are forcing Malaysians of all backgrounds to choose only UMNO/BN by hook or crook. Where is the 1Malaysia feeling and spirit in these actions of PM and UMNO. Is 1Malaysia a mere vote buying slogan? The PM must understand that action speaks louder than words.

 In allowing venom to be spat at certain sectors of society by handpicked individuals, the BN is overtly encouraging and even supporting calls for the burning of religious books and the closure of Batu Caves just because it is inconvenient and causes a traffic jam once a year. The founding fathers of this nation, including the PM’s father would never have brooked such flagrant abuse, deprivation and deception.

 The silence of PM on these issues is egregious and borders on utter insanity if he expects the events to lead to their calculated catastrophe. It is almost as if the BN has given up on anything clean or above board. The exposé on the number of phantoms, the torrid revelations at the Sabah RCI, should have prompted immediate action by the EC.

 Instead, the chairman asks an infantile question as to what detergent to use to ‘Bersih’ the rolls! His response, is preposterous, it can only elicit shock and disbelief from right thinking citizens, coming from a person appointed to ensure free and fair elections.

 And he has the audacity to say that we can expect ‘unexpected situations’ to occur! All he has to do is to carry out his appointed task with the same reverence as his appointment letter reflects.

 By his own admission, former PM Tin Dr Mahathir Mohamad, has openly admitted that BN “is the devil you know.” There is more truth in that Freudian lip than meets the eye

Please fulfill your promises to Tamil schools Mr prime Minister

February 22, 2013

The prime minister may sound very generous to Tamil schools in political gatherings but the reality is the ministry of education has their own national agenda to adhere to. Prime minister may announce the building of 6 Tamil schools in 2010. He also announced 100 million for Tamil Schools in 2012 and 2013 budgets. But till date no new Tamil school has been built and very little of the first 100 million from 2012 budget has trickled down. In fact the prime minister must order ministry of education in writing instead of making political statements in public gatherings. After Datuk Seri Najib becoming Prime Minister nothing has changed in Tamil schools despite the many announcements. I would like to highlight one of the forgotten promises of ministry of education to Tamil community in Bandar Salak, Sepang.     

Lothian estate and Bute estate in Sepang was acquired to build KLIA in the late 1970s. To relocate the 2 Tamil Schools from these 2 estates, 6 acres of land near Salak town in Sepang district was given to ministry of education by the estate management. Lothian estate Tamil school was closed and the school children were transferred to SRJK (T) Salak tinggi. But the SRJK (T) Bute was not closed to accommodate the children from the nearby kg. Chincang, Salak.

Many estate workers have shifted to the housing estates (Tamans) in Salak town. This town’s proximity to KLIA has led to more housing estates in Salak town. Therefore there is a sizable Indian population to support a Tamil school. The parent teachers association (PIBG) of Ladang Bute Tamil School also supported the relocating of their school to Salak town. Since 1993 the school PIBG and the local MIC have been actively canvassing for the relocation of SRJK (T) ladang Bute to the land in Salak town given by estate management in 1978. The kg Chincang parents too willing to send their children to a bigger and better town school in Slak town. But the ministry of education is dumb and deaf to these calls.

In Salak town every housing estate has a national school (sekolah kebangsaan). There are 5 national primary schools and 2 more being built in Salak town. But the request for the relocation of one Tamil school since 1993 is not possible. The local MIC leaders themselves have given up and are now supporting the Pakatan Rakyat to relocate the ladang Bute Tamil School to Salak Town. Parents and the local Indian leaders are concerned that if nothing is done then that piece of land given by Genting plantations in Salak town may be transferred to national school. 

So Datuk Seri Najib may announce anything to make Indian Malaysians feel good but the ground reality do not match his words. The officers in district education department do not follow what Najib promises to Indian community.

The Member of Parliament for Sepang Datuk Seri Ir Mohd Zin Mohamad is busy finding fault with the Selangor government and recapture Selangor for BN. Appeals to him too fell on deaf ears. If he wills, he can solve with a stroke of a pen. Unfortunately they only want Indian votes but they couldn’t be bothered about Indians thereafter.

Mr. Prime Minister we do not appreciate all the birthday greetings and well wishes without delivering what you promised. Please deliver the basic necessities such as infrastructure for Tamil schools, more quality education in Tamil schools, education opportunities to those non Malay children who excel in studies, scholarships and job opportunities. The promises of Prime Minister should have been fulfilled in 1970s and 1980s. So it is nothing new. Will UMNO agree to these offers to non Malays Mr. Prime Minister?

Tun Dr Mahathir continues to belittle Indians

February 12, 2013

By threatening to revoke the citizenship of Dato Ambiga Sreevaasan, former PM Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad continues his tirade and insults all Indian Malaysians. Earlier Mahathir irked Malaysians when he was caught denying for 20 years his key role in the illegal issuing of blue ICs and granting voting rights to illegal immigrants to Sabah. To divert and justify his illegal act he accused 1st Prime Minister Tengku Abdul Rahman for giving out citizenship to 1 million legal residents of Malaya. To racist Mahathir, UMNO makes the law and everybody just follow regardless of how unjust the law could be.   

Historically, one million Chinese and Indians were offered citizenship as precondition to independence by alliance government of Malaya in 1957 to develop this blessed nation and the Chinese and Indian Malaysians sacrificed and slogged with blood and sweat to build the economy of this nation. Ungrateful Mahathir and his hardliner UMNO/PERKASA followers have forgotten the contribution of non Malays to this country. Mahathir himself had once said that 90% of taxes are paid by non Malays especially Chinese. This same Mahathir once ordered the shooting at site of Vietnamese boat people. Mahathir allowed illegals from Pakistan, Filipinos, Indonesians and even Indian Muslims get citizenships overnight. Still about 300000 Malaysian born Indians and Chinese are awaiting blue identity cards which Mahathir did not solve during tenure as premier.   

In the October 2012 parliament sitting, the MP for Pasir Salak proposed that Dato Ambiga should be hanged for committing treason against the king for organizing bersih 2.0 and bersih 3.0. UMNO leaders just could not accept the fact that Dato Ambiga, an Indian lady, could organize such mammoth gatherings that challenged the injustice, anti national and subversive activities of UMNO. Malaysia will be ruined if BN gets two third majorities as requested by Mahathir Mohamad.     

All Indians with dignity, pride and honor will never support the political parties that support Mahathir and his apartheid policy. Mahathir Mohamad could justify and find nothing seditious when Ibrahim Ali called his supporters to burn Malay bible. But he could not accept Dato Ambiga’s appeal for free and fair election and deems it treacherous. BN component parties MIC and MCA have become impotent and subservient to stand up against the like of Mahathir and UMNO hardliner’s chronic abuse of power.  

Under Mahathir’s rule judges fixing lawyers and cronies were the chosen people to contracts and high positions. Responsible citizens like former auditor general Tan Sri Ahmand Nordin and Lord President Tun Salleh Abbas were removed for being hindrance to Mahathir’s evil designs. Yet UMNO continues to hero worship him.

If Mahathir has any respect for the rule of law, he must retract his statement and apologize to Dato S. Ambiga and the nation. Dato Ambiga is a distinguished and honorable citizen who led a public awareness campaign on the urgent need for free and fair election, while Mahathir, on the other hand, keeps spewing venom and racially instigating statements to divide the country with race and religion. Mahathir is the one who should be stripped of his citizenship for betraying all Malaysians by giving citizenship and instant bumiputera status to illegal and unqualified immigrants.

Not one MIC or MCA leader has come out to condemn Mahathir’s insane call to strip Ambiga of her citizenship. No sensible, sane, thinking Malaysians will ever support BN in the 13thgeneral election.

Najib’s plea to Indians a day late and a dollar short

February 11, 2013

The prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak pleaded to Indian community to support BN in the coming 13th general elections. He announced that he will ensure that the Indian community will enjoy a better future, just like the other communities in the country. The prime minister added that he would discuss with Deputy Prime Minister Muhyiddin Yassin, who is also the education minister, about the possibility of converting Sekolah Jenis Kebangsaan Tamil (SJKT) which did not receive government assistance, to be converted into fully government assisted schools, in stages. Datuk Seri Najib said Tafe College would also be upgraded to a university college status because the institution has the capability to provide technical expertise that is needed by the country. The prime minister said the government would also allocate funds to upgrade community centres and crematoriums and raise the equity for the Indian community to 3%.


Since the election is round the corner all that is said by the prime minister can only be done after the next general elections provided he remains in office. But Dr Mahathir Mohamad who represents the UMNO hardliners have called on Prime Minister Datuk seri Najib Tun Razak to relinquish his post if he is unable to secure a two-thirds majority for Barisan Nasional in the next election. Securing two thirds majority and winning back Selangor by BN is not predicted by any independent analyst so far. Therefore Datuk seri Najib’s position after the 13th general election is not feasible and untenable as it stands now. Even if BN wins 13th general elections how much support and authority will he have in UMNO is anybody’s guess. Under these conditions can the prime minister fulfil his pledges and promises? Indian community has seen these election promises in the past but nothing changed.


In 1970s BN/MIC leaders have promised achieving 3% economic stakes. But Indian economic wealth has dropped to 1.2% by 2000. The prime minister is recycling the same figure 3% again.  It’s quite understandable that he only realised the Indian equity is only 1.2% just before the general elections and not after he took over the premiership in 2009. Does he have UMNO and Malay bureaucracy support for his pledge? Datuk Seri Najib should get the consent of UMNO and the Malay bureaucracy before he promises. Otherwise when Indian Malaysians go to government departments on prime minister’s pledge, the counter clerk will say that they did not get orders from higher ups. Indian Malaysian had enough of political rhetoric but need actual delivery.   


Prime minister’s pledge to turn all partially aided to full aided sounds hollow. Even now the full aided Tamil schools need to appeal to Indian community to refurbish depleted signboards and repair toilets. They don’t get funds on time but after 3 to 4 years and besides Tamil Schools have to run to MIC for assistance but national schools get assistance from ministry of education itself. Why the double standard Mr. Prime minister? Why not set up a department in ministry of education to develop, maintain and formulate progressive curriculum so that every Tamil school student can join form one class and cope his/her lessons and not drop out of secondary schools?   


AIMST University was built with MIC grassroots’ support and government fund. But Malays get Bumi quotas and Chinese students can afford to pay but many Indian students cannot afford to pay their fees of AIMST University. Indians students study with PTPTN loan. How will converting Tafe College to university status help Indian students? Again the Malays will have their Bumi quotas and Indian students have to borrow from PTPTN. Mr. Prime minister Indians need scholarships, job opportunities, higher education places in universities and recognition that they are truly Malaysians.


The Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib has been asking for trust (nambikai) again and again. For the past 55 years Indian Malaysian’s trust (Nambikai) on BN was taken for granted and their rights have been denied and ignored. Many in the community are still waiting for blue identity card and rightful treatment in government front office counters. MIC leaders like Datuk samy velu, Datuk Nadarajah etc have betrayed the Indian Malaysian’s trust once too many. But Datuk Seri Najib surrounds himself with these untrustworthy characters and asking the Indian Malaysians to trust (Nambikai) him. Will the Indian Malaysians ever trust the prime minister? Can he be trusted in the first place? Even this simple fact has eluded the prime minister.   


Datuk Seri Najib’s BN government spends about RM500 million every year on BTN programs which is indoctrinating Malay supremacy (ketuanan Melayu) concept in the minds of civil servants. Will the 95% Malay civil service having attended the BTN program allocate funds to upgrade community centres and crematoriums for non Malays? The prime minister can give grand promises to gullible Indian Malaysians but will the BTN trained government department counters entertain request for temples and crematorium or do they have a policy on these matters. The prime minister’s 1Malaysia ponggal speech may be music to MIC/PPP/IPF leaders but the large numbers of Indians in Malaysia are more aware and informed now.

Oriental Daily News

February 2, 2013