Umnoputras get 12% discount in housing projects under BN

In the ongoing investigation by Selangor select committee on land and district offices, with regards to land grab scandal during BN rule in section 25 Shah Alam,  the former KOTA RAJA UMNO chief Amzah Umar said that Umno members benefitted from the project as they enjoyed a 12 percent discount for the apartments.

He denied any wrongdoing over the latest allegations of a land-grab scandal in Section 25, Shah Alam, saying that the medium-cost apartments are meant for public interest.

This piece of land was transferred to UMNO for mere RM1000 in the name of public interest but later converted into apartment.  This land is one of 24 plots of land allegedly sold cheaply to BN component parties when the coalition was in control of Selangor.

Once land is granted, he said it is Umno’s right as the landowner to develop it as it sees fit. He also denied that there is “anything unusual” in that the Umno division and MBSA only paid RM1,000 in land premiums, claiming that many other organisations also applied to the state government to pay only a nominal fee, or no fee at all.

When asked where the public interest in the sale of this land, he said, a seven percent discount for bumiputra buyers and 12 percent for Umno members.

These 24 plots of commercial prime lands were given as 15 plots to UMNO six of them going to Umno Sungai Besar division, which was led by former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Khir Toyo. 5 plots went to MCA, 3 to MIC and 1 to GERAKAN for mere RM1 per square feet. Once transferred these parties either enter into joint venture development or sell at market value and make huge profits.

All these parties claimed nothing wrong in transferring these cheap state lands to third parties. It was a reward for their contribution and sacrifice. After all “UMNO is rakyat” and hence there is nothing wrong with UMNO robbing what belongs to the rakyat, said one UMNO state assemblymen.  

The 33.5 acres or 1.45 million square feet of lands had been sold at RM1 per square foot or RM1.4 million between 1999 and 2008. At market price, those lands would fetch about RM300 million.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu , together with an S Subramaniam and the late Tan Sri SOK Ubaidullah, who was one of MIC’s founders, are named as the trustees for a 2,832 square metre plot in Kuala Selangor.

The biggest plot in the list is a seven-acre piece of land in Klang, which is owned by the Umno Kota Raja division, followed by a 6.5-acre plot in Batu 14, Puchong, which is owned by the Umno Puchong division.

These land grabs came to light after BN fell in Selangor. How much of land grabbed in other states will only be known when the BN state government falls. 55 years of continues rule has blurred the demarcation between government and the ruling political party. Land grabbing and corruption has gone unnoticed and undetected all these years. UMNO and its youth wing are deeply involved in more land grabs at national level. This has to stop to save Malaysia from going bankrupt and a failed state.


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