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Umnoputras get 12% discount in housing projects under BN

January 25, 2013

In the ongoing investigation by Selangor select committee on land and district offices, with regards to land grab scandal during BN rule in section 25 Shah Alam,  the former KOTA RAJA UMNO chief Amzah Umar said that Umno members benefitted from the project as they enjoyed a 12 percent discount for the apartments.

He denied any wrongdoing over the latest allegations of a land-grab scandal in Section 25, Shah Alam, saying that the medium-cost apartments are meant for public interest.

This piece of land was transferred to UMNO for mere RM1000 in the name of public interest but later converted into apartment.  This land is one of 24 plots of land allegedly sold cheaply to BN component parties when the coalition was in control of Selangor.

Once land is granted, he said it is Umno’s right as the landowner to develop it as it sees fit. He also denied that there is “anything unusual” in that the Umno division and MBSA only paid RM1,000 in land premiums, claiming that many other organisations also applied to the state government to pay only a nominal fee, or no fee at all.

When asked where the public interest in the sale of this land, he said, a seven percent discount for bumiputra buyers and 12 percent for Umno members.

These 24 plots of commercial prime lands were given as 15 plots to UMNO six of them going to Umno Sungai Besar division, which was led by former Mentri Besar Datuk Seri Khir Toyo. 5 plots went to MCA, 3 to MIC and 1 to GERAKAN for mere RM1 per square feet. Once transferred these parties either enter into joint venture development or sell at market value and make huge profits.

All these parties claimed nothing wrong in transferring these cheap state lands to third parties. It was a reward for their contribution and sacrifice. After all “UMNO is rakyat” and hence there is nothing wrong with UMNO robbing what belongs to the rakyat, said one UMNO state assemblymen.  

The 33.5 acres or 1.45 million square feet of lands had been sold at RM1 per square foot or RM1.4 million between 1999 and 2008. At market price, those lands would fetch about RM300 million.

Datuk Seri Samy Vellu , together with an S Subramaniam and the late Tan Sri SOK Ubaidullah, who was one of MIC’s founders, are named as the trustees for a 2,832 square metre plot in Kuala Selangor.

The biggest plot in the list is a seven-acre piece of land in Klang, which is owned by the Umno Kota Raja division, followed by a 6.5-acre plot in Batu 14, Puchong, which is owned by the Umno Puchong division.

These land grabs came to light after BN fell in Selangor. How much of land grabbed in other states will only be known when the BN state government falls. 55 years of continues rule has blurred the demarcation between government and the ruling political party. Land grabbing and corruption has gone unnoticed and undetected all these years. UMNO and its youth wing are deeply involved in more land grabs at national level. This has to stop to save Malaysia from going bankrupt and a failed state.


Mute MIC/MCA response to Dr Mahathir’s citizenship scam belies more

January 22, 2013

The recent admission by Tun Dr Mahathir that he granted citizenship for votes in Sabah 19 years ago is legal and then accusing the late Tunku Abdul Rahman of a worse crime is subversive and treachery. It is very typical of Tun Dr Mahathir to drag others or point fingers at others whenever he is caught for his mischievous racially tainted acts and statements. All and sundry have disparaged his remarks, the MCA and MIC have had only a mute response.

Usually MIC and MCA leaders will be the first to point fingers at DAP and PKR whenever a local council enforcement officer issues unwarranted summons to temples, shrines or anything non Muslim. But when Mahathir said that Tunku gave citizenship to Chinese and Indians illegally and immorally, they had nothing to sat. What Mahathir said is much more serious and rocks the so called social contract that is often quoted by UMNO and Mahathir himself. Could the MIC/MCA be on in this scam 19 years ago?

Tunku was implementing the terms and conditions of the independence treaty and they were also sanctioned by the conference of rulers. Without this provision of citizenship to Indians and Chinese in Malaysia who sacrificed and worked hard for the development of this country the British would have never gave independence. The Chinese and Indian leaders then also agreed to the special privileges to Malays. But Mahathir gave blue IC to illegal immigrants from Indonesia and Philippines to topple and overthrow a legally elected government of Sabah people. Tunku’s motive was noble and nation building but Mahathir’s was evil, wicket and sowed the seed to divide and ruin the nation.

It is such a serious matter that needs speaking up but both MIC and MCA have never rebutted or called for action on what Mahathir said. They should call UMNO to distance themselves from Mahathir. Datuk Seri Najib should say his and UMNO’s position on Mahathir’s statement. Nobody in UMNO/MCA/MIC dare call for action on Mahathir. Had Tunku did not grant citizenship to non Malays then, Mahathir’s father too wouldn’t have got his citizenship. Mahathir’s father came from Kerala India.     

AG’s chamber has charged DAP Chairman Mr Karpal Singh for sedition during the Perak crisis where he allegedly made statements challenging the authority of the sultan of Perak in dissolving the Perak state assembly by saying that His majesty can be sued for it. But Mahathir’s accusation of Tunku and his nefarious action with his G17 group in Sabah is indeed treachery, seditious and crime of highest order. But AG’s chamber or Police could not see the crime and illegally for the past 19 years. Both MIC and MCA has no guts and courage to call for criminal proceedings on Mahathir.

It is the silence of MIC and MCA that allowed UMNO to short change and marginalize the non Malays in all government policies and programs. The parochial and racially slanted summonses of local councils are the effects of BTN and UMNO high handedness. Mahathir’s racial policies have emboldened local councils to act the way they do. So why go after small fries and let go culprits like Mahathir for their blatant racial statements and actions.

In fact what happened in Sabah 19 years is happening in Selangor now.  It may take years to uncover the truth of what really happened in Selangor if there is no change in government at federal level. If MIC/MCA has any self respect and dignity they either change, which is very late and therefore not possible, should make way for others to correct all these years of neglect and alienation. MIC/MCA should stop manipulating people to serve their self interest.

Bad government is elected by people who don’t vote. Malaysians of all races must come in full force and vote for a change to overcome the BN’s money and machinery abuse. GE 13 is an opportunity not to be missed. It’s now or never

Set up separate department to manage vernacular schools in ministry.

January 9, 2013

Fully aided Tamil schools are appealing for funds to build infrastructure in schools. One headmaster of a fully aided Tamil school in Johore appealed to the local Indian community for funds to build school sign board, repair toilets in dilapidated conditions, repair badly damaged badminton court and build rest area on the side of the school field. Why should a fully aided Tamil school appeal for funds? The local Tamil community cannot support the building of Tamil school infrastructure as seen in past 55 years. Do fully aided national schools appeal for funds to repair toilet and build school signboards? Why the double standards? In Selangor and Penang the state government has additional allocation for Tamil Schools managed by professionals. It is not the case in Barisan managed states.

All assurances that Tamil schools will be safeguarded by Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister seem voting buying gimmicks. Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Razak, in Budget 2012 and 2013, had announced an additional allocation of RM100 million Tamil schools. But ministry of education is totally cut from Tamil schools and do not know how much to allocate funds to each school. They have to depend on MIC and NGOs to find out the needs of Tamil schools. This situation clearly calls for setting new department to coordinate the building, repairing and maintenance of Tamil schools. Even if MIC is wiped out of the political scene, the Tamil department in ministry of education will have all information on which school needs what.

The current system is all appeals for repair, maintenance and up grading of Tamil schools goes to MIC and not ministry of education. Looks like ministry of education is only for national schools? They have many departments to coordinate, plan and implement many programs and improvements for national schools. But Tamil schools and Chinese schools don’t have a single department to plan, coordinate and implement programs and improvements for them.  There is one single coordinator in the huge ministry of education to coordinate programs for 524 schools. Is it workable? Will Tamil schools improve under this sidelined and politicized education system?  Gimmicks and rhetoric cannot save Tamil schools from disrepair.

Whenever there is political pressure on Tamil School, ministry of education will call on NGOs for information and to coordinate. All these piece meal and one off actions and measures must stop. That’s why whenever Tamil schools need any infrastructure improvement they will seek the local community support and not ministry of education. The local MIC leaders will see that no educated and informed person can approach the Tamil school. If it happens they will inform the local UMNO leaders. Local MIC goons ensure that Tamil schools remain impoverished.

If we scrutinize the 15-year period covered by the 6th to 8th Malaysia Plans, we can see that Chinese primary schools received as little as 3.66% of the total government funding appropriated to primary schools even though they account for 21% of the total enrolment including 60000 non-Chinese (mainly Muslim) pupils. Meanwhile Tamil primary school enrolment was 3.51% of primary school pupils but the SRJK (Tamil) only received 1.32% of the total government allocations for primary schools. National have an overall enrolment of 74.86% but they receive 95.04% of the total primary school allocation.

Ministry of education must accord equal treatment to all schools and allocate funds on equal per student basis irrespective of national or vernacular schools. There must a department planning improvements and to uplift Tamil schools headed by Tamil educationist just like national schools. This department is needed to alleviate the low morale along with the physical facilities in the 524 Tamil schools. 

If the ministry is sincere in wanting to improve the standard of education in both national and vernacular schools, more non-Malays must be appointed to the education policy making positions. Teachers and senior officers of calibre must be recruited and appointed in teaching profession and all policy making bodies. The success of primary school education will strengthen the student’s performance in secondary and other levels. No more excuse that Indians don’t like to join civil service. It is a lame excuse which no Indian belief.

Maika Shares

January 5, 2013


Wheeler and dealers short change MAIKA stakeholders

January 2, 2013

In the year 2000, MAIKA, the MIC’s loss making investment arm was sold to tycoon Tan Sri Gnanalingam’s G team Resources for RM106 million. 66000 MAIKA shareholders had been clamoring for the listing of its priced asset, OCA, by MAIKA itself.   But the MIC and their saviors had other plans, shattering the 29 years of hope for recovering their investment.    

Last year (2012), Tan Sri Tony Fernandez bought over OCA from G Team Resources and renamed it TUNE insurance Bhd, marking it for listing after 6 months of acquisition. It is expected that TUNE insurance will have a market capitalization of RM1 billion.  

Why were MAIKA shareholders left in the lurch without proper compensation? The 66000 shareholders invested hard earned RM1000 per lot of the MAIKA shares in 1981.  All they got back in 2010 was RM800 per lot. And those who took loans had to pay back with interest and many relinquished their loan along the way. Many of MAIKA shareholders were poor who wanted to do their part and responded to the call of the MIC president in 1981. Quite a number died while still in debt. But at the time of selling of MAIKA holding with its priced asset OCA, all their sacrifices’ were for naught.

 MAIKA directors and MIC promoters got away scot free and Tan Sri Gnanalingam and Tan Sri Tony Fernandez took away the priced asset of MAIKA for themselves. BN and the prime minister conveniently got themselves out of a politically embarrassing situation. But poor MAIKA shareholders who waited for 29 years were dumped. Another let down of Indian saga under BN rule.

The RM146 million payment for 74.1% OCA stake by Tan Sri Tony Fernandez would have left clean RM40 million for Tan Sri Gnanalingam to be redistributed to charities. Many ex-MAIKA shareholders expected that they will be included in the charities list. Unfortunately they were left out here too.

TUNE holding also bought another 3.75% of OCA from G team resources and 1.92% from GYRSS holdings Sdn Bhd which another investment arm of Tan Sri Gnanalingam and family. In all these wheeling and dealing of OCA shares, were MAIKA shareholders compensated? They seem to be completely left out in the disposal of MAIKA shares.

However the real issue is not the RM40 million gain but rather the lost opportunity by not listing OCA by MAIKA itself. It’s really perplexing why MAIKA didn’t want to list OCA on its own. Had it done so even with a market capitalization of RM300 million, MAIKA shares would be worth RM 3 each which is much better off compared to repayment of RM800 per lot of 1000 shares after 29 years?

 Why didn’t MIC get the support of Bank Negara and ministry of finance and list the OCA in BURSA Malaysia themselves? Is MIC hiding something from MAIKA shareholders? At least TUNE insurance could have offered TUNE insurance shares to ex-MAIKA shareholders. Why the gross injustice to Indian Malaysians? Can we trust BN and prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak anymore?

 If the Indian Malaysians don’t wake up, the MAIKA saga of Indian community will be buried and forgotten once and for all after this 13th general election. Indian Malaysians are short changed once too often. Will the ghost of MAIKA holding resurface before the 13th general election to haunt MIC and BN? Will the blatant betrayal of MAIKA shareholders by MIC leaders, opportunistic businessmen and UMNO leaders be held accountable?  

Would the impending listing of TUNE Insurance cause controversy and anger among MAIKA shareholders? Are the Indian Malaysians forever left out not only in government policies but ribbed and robbed of their own hard earned assets? Is there any hope for Indians under MIC/BN rule?