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IC for Indians

December 23, 2012


Stateless Indians given glimmer of hope by Pakatan

December 18, 2012

On the 12th December about 1500 protesters gathered at national registration department(JPN)  in Putrajaya to make a sit in protest demanding justice and fairness for the thousands of stateless people of all races but predominantly Indians born and bred in Malaysia. Out of these 1500 protesters about 300 were red identity Cardholders mostly old illiterate worn out people with a few document-less Indian children. These red identity cardholders look very helpless and desperate after all these years of non Malaysian nationality. Once sizeable number of people arrived at the gathering location, we all marched towards the JPN building.

Once we all reached the entrance of JPN, the doors were closed and a representative came out to talk to the delegates of all gathered. The delegates who went to meet the director Datuk Jariah were YBs Manogaran (teluk Intan), Charles Santiago, Dr Zulkifli (kuala Selangor), Dr Siti Mariah (Kota Raja), Khalid Samad (Shah Alam), Sivarasa (subang), Mr Surendran and Ms Lateffa Koya of PKR.

During the discussion with Datuk Jariah and the members of parliament and others present, the JPN officials denied that any Malaysian was ever deprived of citizenship and insisted that those stateless Indians present in the gathering are all foreigners. The officers wanted those present to apply for citizenship. But the Pakatan rakyat leaders insisted that the stateless are all born in Malaysia and citizens in nature therefore they need not apply for citizenship but apply for blue identity card. The director of identity card Datuk Jariah after some deliberation allowed the registration for identity cards. 308 stateless people applied for blue identity card. Some of the questions put forward by PAS leaders to JPN director for identity card Datuk Jariah were:

  1. How is that parents have blue identity card, 1st and 2nd child also hold blue identity card but the 3rd child holding red identity card. Only one person holding red identity card.
  2. If the department insists on parents’ marriage registration, siblings birth certificate of a 50/60 year old, how is it possible for him knowing many are dead. The requirements are impossible to fulfill.
  3. If those born in Malaysia are classified as stateless and not Malaysians, which country do they belong to?
  4. These old rural people are so naïve, poor and worn out, can they fulfill the numerous documentations required?

The registration department has no answer for these questions. The director and officers of JPN who seem to be comfortable in their new building and comfort in Putrajaya do not know the hardship they inflict on these helpless people. They demand these stateless Malaysians with unending and unnecessary documents. Many had applied many times but were rejected many times without any valid reasons.

These stateless people mostly Indians cannot get jobs, support from government and other establishments. The government system has alienated and drove away these poor naïve Malaysian citizens from applying for blue identity card. It looks clear that racial discrimination and no political will are the main cause for the rejection of these stateless people. This state of affair makes a mockery of PM’s janji ditepati slogan and asking for NAMBIKAI (trust) from Indian community.        

Unless there is a waiver of unnecessary documents, the stateless issue cannot be resolved. Those who are born and live here must be issued blue identity card. Without the waiver of unnecessary documentation, the task force set to register the red identity card holders for citizenship application is a political gimmick. Pakatan Rakyat has publicly announced that they will waive the unnecessary documentations and issue blue identity card within 100 days of taking over Putrajaya.

Import of Milk/Dairy Products

December 18, 2012


Import of Milk/Dairy Products

December 18, 2012


National Schools

December 12, 2012