MIC leaders are using the 29 storey condominium project in Batu caves to find fault and blame the PR Selangor government. They want to look relevant in the eyes of UMNO in view of the forth coming GE 13. They want to keep raising the issue and confuse the Indian community into thinking that the PR government never cares for Indian community.  There is an adage that says a lie repeated over and over will become true.

According to Maljis Perbandaraan Selayang (MPS) president Datuk Zainal Adibin A’ala applications for the 26 storey condominim was received in 2006 and the planning permits and approval for high rise condominium was given by the full board in Sept 2007. Only the environment department did not support but the law states that those projects less than 100 acres do not need environmental impact assessment report. The first phases of this project, the four storey Shoplot and Carpark block were completed in November 2011. The second phase is the 29 storey condominium which is supposed to be built behind the 4 storey shophouse is now halted by state government while an independent taskforce investigates the project.

The MPS president said that when the project was approved no one objected. Malaysian Nature society is said to have objected to the MPS in 2008. It is said that the taskforce will review all projects, applications and development plans at Batu Caves for the past 10/15 years. The state will decide the next course of action after the findings are reviewed. 

Why didn’t Mahamariaman temple committee object the project then? The overhead water tank and huge signboards showing pictures of 29 storey condominium have been erected prominently since 2008. Residential units in the 29 storey condominium have been up for sale since 2008. The residential units from the condominium are selling for RM491500 now while its initial sales price was RM391500. The units are almost sold and raising the issue at this point of time has put the PR government in a tight spot. Probably that was the motive.    

How is that temple chairman Datuk R.Nadaraja did not know the project? Does the temple authority know any other project that is to be developed in vicinity of Batu caves.  Temple should know of this and do the needful. Is the committee waiting for more projects to come up first before they start protesting? Or are they waiting for GE 14 to start protesting?   

MIC and temple chairman straight away pointed the finger at PR Selangor government despite knowing that this project was approved in Sept 2007 under the BN government. Did MIC leaders called on the then councilors to explain why they did not object or alert the Hindu community? Neither did they protest at the MPS for approving.

Why is that Temple chairman and MIC targeting Dr Xavier Jayakumar on Batu Caves temple issue? Dr Xavier was not involved in the approval of the project. All these seem to imply that MIC and temple chairman are deliberately trying to turn this 26 storey condominium into a political issue to blame the Selangor PR government.

Looks like MIC will not change its character and improve for the better. They are all for pleasing and be subservient to UMNO.  But UMNO has written off MIC. UMNO knows very well that MIC does not have Indian community support. It is MIC and PPP claiming that Indian voters have come back to BN just remain relevant to UMNO. Enough is enough. Let’s save Malaysia from the clutches of these Bandit Nationals towards a better future for the next generation.   

Batu Caves is a public place of public interest. Temple chairman should issue notice of defamation but explain the issue and rally people support to preserve and protect the Lord Murugan temple. Indian must realize that attorney General’s chamber has the final authority on batu Caves temple. It is this reason Batu cave temple is unapproachable by the Indian community. Batu Cave temple must come under a Hindu endowment board for the best interest of Hindu tradition and community

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