MahaMariaman temple Batu Caves needs progressive leadership

Tamil newspapers carried headline news that MIC president Datuk G Palanivel and Sri Maha Mariaman temple chairman Datuk Nadarajah were very upset that the Selangor government gave permit to built 29 storey condominium. They want to hold protest on Friday 26/10/2012 against this decision. Datuk Nadarajah was quoted saying that the construction would pose danger to the structures in Batu Caves, including the 42.7m statue of Lord Murugan. Indian Malaysians were taken aback at this claim by the long standing temple chairman. Selangor government was also surprised at this revelation.

It was reported that this condominium project was approved on Sept 27, 2007 by the then BN Majlis Perbandaraan Selayang (MPS).  The BN Indian councilors at the time of approval was the present Hulu Selangor MP Kamalanathan (MIC), past assemblyman of Batu Caves Rajagopal (MIC), present deputy minister of foreign affairs Kogilan pillay (gerakan) and NT Rajah (MIC). These BN councilors must have approved condominium project in the full board meeting. Why didn’t they object to this condominium project? Why didn’t they alert the public, MIC and Mahamariaman temple committee about this project?

Normally a project of this size must get the approval of various stakeholders like the temple committee, environmental groups, traffic impact study and the neighboring residential committees and the various government departments that are involved in providing services to this project. Did Datuk Nadarajah gave his approval? It is revealed that MPS had done three separate tests on the land of the proposed condominiums. However, MPS admitted that they did not conduct any tests on the temple caves or statues. How is that these four councilors gave their approval (sokong) to the full board without a study on caves structure impact study? Why didn’t the four councilors demand proper investigation before giving a go ahead to this project? 

This episode shows that BN councilors are yes men to UMNO and always go along with UMNO/BN wimps and fancies. Instead of inquiring the root cause MIC and Mahamariaman temple straight away jumped at the present PR government. Once a project is approved by full board of MPS, the new councilors cannot reject without any new evidence. If new councilors reject, the developer can sue for compensation. The new councilors have to find new evidence that will cause negative impact to the surrounding before rejecting.

Datuk Nadarajah wants to go ahead and protest against the Selangor state government. The same Datuk Nadarajah closed the gate when Indians all over the country gathered on 24th November 2007. He allowed special branch to arrest the people gathered on that day. Under his leadership mahamariaman temple did nothing to the community. Everyone knows he apply polishes Datuk Seri Najib Razak. He is an UMNO crony sitting on well funded temple treasury for umpteen years. Samy Velu is his god father. They scratch each other’s back to stay in power to enjoy the bounty.

These are all possible as long as UMNO/BN in power. If PR takes over Putrajaya, all these abuses of power and money will stop. MIC and their cronies will have to vacate their office. Sri Mahamariaman temple is the treasure of hindu Malaysians and not a selected group of cronies who are embedded to their position in the temple committee. Hope some good concerned individual can take over the Mahamariaman temple management committee. It’s long overdue. Make the change in the next GE. Peoples’ verdict is god’s verdict.

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