MIC support to Indian contracts is a farce

For the first time prime minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak announced in the budget 2012 in Oct 2011, the special allocation of 100 million for Tamil school repairs and upkeep. But as per government policy all repair and upkeep work has to be awarded to Malay contractors. These contracts are normally given out on negotiated price which is always overpriced to help Malay contractors. But the BN government will tell the Indian community that they have given RM100 million to Indian community. MIC will proudly repeat this to the gullible and poor Indians that the BN government is very concern and cares for Indians.

Many NGOs urged the BN government to issue these contracts to Indian contractors. MIC to make themselves relevant took the NGO’s demand and informed PM that these Tamil school repair and renovation work must be given to Indian contractors. For the information of all, Chinese school repair and renovation work has always been done by Chinese contractors all these while.

Under the current political scenario, where Indian votes have deserted BN, PM agreed to award these contracts to Indian contractors. But to allow Indian contractors to undertake Tamil school contract work, there must be a policy change. The BN procurement policy is all work must be given to Malay contractors. So this matter was taken to ministry of finance and then to cabinet committee to make a policy change to allow awarding of contracts to Indian contractors to repair and renovate Tamil schools.

As way out of this policy obstacle, Indian contractors were encouraged to register themselves in the newly formed Suria Cooperative society which is the economic vehicle of the new MIC president. Tamil school repair and renovation contracts will be given to Suria cooperative society members. They had balloting to pick the contractors. I understand that very few are genuine contractors.  Once again there is no policy change but MIC helped the prime minister to come out a temporary convenient measure to circumvent the UMNO racial policy. Is this the way MIC fight for Indian rights. It is a sellout of Indian rights to UMNO.

How many Tamil schools were repaired and renovated so far under this special allocation?

I understand that before Datuk Seri Samy Velu became minister of works in 1980, Indian contractors were awarded Tamil School renovation contracts. But Samy Velu changed this policy to award contract to his Malay cronies.     

In the budget 2013 the prime minister has announced 100 million for Tamil school repair and renovation. I do not know whether the 6 new Tamil Schools are included in this100 million. Has the ministry of education identified the land for the 6 schools and have work started on building these schools. Since MIC is acting as intermediary to ministry of education, they must inform the public on the developments of the repair work and the construction of new schools.   

MIC has again rescued UMNO from the wrath of Indian community about the repair of Tamil schools. Tamil schools were neglected for 55 years. Ministry of education has conveniently outsourced Tamil Schools back to MIC which was the past practice. Do Tamil schools have any future under this arrangement? Is Datuk Palanivel also the minister of Tamil schools? 

There is no department for Tamils schools in the education ministry even though there are 524 Tamil schools.   

Since the finance minster has announced the allocation 50 million for training of Indian youths, how will this training programs conducted. Is the 50 million given to MIC or Suria Cooperative society to conduct training programs?

Tekun loan is already being handled by MIC. Every Tekun loan applicant needs a MIC leader’s recommendation. MIC was rejected by Indian community in 2008 election. Yet UMNO provides the life line to rescue them. This is the predicament of Indians in Malaysia. Even if Indians reject MIC UMNO will continue to save and keep them as lapdog.  UMNO do not care how Indians fare in education or economy. They only want Indian votes.

With the same        votes Indians have to shape their future for the sake of their children.   

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