Food and door gifts to cover up for poor water supply in Labis

Yesterday 20th Sept, Datuk Chua Tee Yong, MP for Labis gave sumptuous lunch and door gifts to appease the angry and disappointed Taman Segar and Taman Tenang residents in labis over their prolonged water woes. Along with the MP for Labis came media and SAJ holding officials about 15 of them to inform residents that they are taking action to pump water up to the higher grounded houses.  

When the water problem was first highlighted over the media in early Sept, Datuk Chua Tee Yong vehemently denied that there is water problem in these Tamans. He took the media and opened the tab to show that water is flowing as normal and blamed me for creating an issue out of nothing. In fact he advised me to tackle Selangor water problem and don’t create an issue for publicity purpose.

I told the residents that after we raised the water problem, it is their own MP who is denying. It is up to the residents to come in full force and send a strong message through the media that their water problem is real. All their previous petitions handed over to MIC; MCA and PPP leaders did not reach SAJ holdings in Johor as was revealed to me during my visit to SAJ holding office in JB on the 10th.

The residents gathered on the 18th Sept, and spoke loud and clear about water problem to the media. In fact Datuk Chua sent his MIC, MCA and PPP guys to dissuade the residents from meeting on the 18th evening. Besides, he along with SAJ holdings played tricks by increasing water supply during the period residents met the media in the evening. Water supply stopped once the gathering ended. This angered the residents further. 

The angry protest and bigger gathering on the 18th Sept woke up Datuk Chua and he responded by organizing one appeasement lunch gathering at 2pm on 20th Sept. he scattered and avoided questions and stayed focused on assuring that water problem will be solved within a month. He was caught red handed when residents asked how is that water flows as normal when Datuk Chua comes. SAJ holding officials were there to protect him. Now he has no choice but to see that water problems of Taman Segar and Taman Tenang is solved.  DAtuk Chua and SAJ holdings officials have short down the proposal to built overhead water tank which is in the original development plan.

Datuk Chua Tee Yong should work in his constituency to improve water supply not only in Taman Segar and Taman Tenang but in other higher grounds. There are other housing estates in Labis facing similar water supply problem. Datuk Chua should focus on these problems and not raise Talam and Selangor water issues which are ably handled in Selangor.

 There is no scarcity of water but the construction of pipes and pumping water up is not able to cope with development of newer housing schemes. Majlis dearah Labis which approval the original development order without proper must ensure water supply is restored soonest. Now that SAJ holding is in the know of water problem let’s see how quickly they resolve the poor water supply to affected areas.

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