SAJ holding has become a political tool of BN.

Water, water everywhere but none for the residents of Taman Segar and Taman Tenang  who are being deprived of daily water supply for the past 12 years. Residents of Taman Segar and Taman Tenang in Tenang, Labis have been suffering poor water supply. No water during days and trickles and drips during late night and early morning hours. During festive periods there is absolutely no water. Residents lament that during any family reunion or gathering they will visit their relatives and children and won’t want the relatives or children to visit them because of no water.

They have been complaining to local MIC, MCA, PPP leaders but nothing has changed. Signatures were gathered during the Tenang by elections in January 2011 and submitted to Johor exco member Mr. Asohan and deputy minister in PMO Datuk SK Devamany but no sight of any improvement in water supply.  

Begining Sept, Tamil daily Makkal Osal and Chinese newspaper Sin Chew reported the water problem. The next day Datuk Chua Tee Yong denied and showed water flowing from tap in the newspapers. On the 13th august I wrote a letter complaining of water supply in Tenang and followed up with personnel visit to SAJ Holding office in JB on 10th Sept. The planning General Manager  and his assistant expressed that they have no knowledge of this issue and I requested a meet with Tenang residents on the 18th of Sept.  The SAJ planning GM said he will send staffs from Segamat office to meet the people. Later on the 14th Sept I received a text message from the assistant manager saying they will not meet residents on 18th Sept but on another day on their own.

Since we already arranged the meeting with residents, we called the media to listen to the residents complains themselves. On 18th Sept when residents met media to complain, water was flowing from the taps. Water was flowing as normal the day Datuk Chua Tee Yong came to show media that nothing wrong with water supply and the day residents were meeting the media on the 18th Sept.  Residents are puzzled as to how was that water flowed as normal, when Datuk Chua Tee Yong visited the Housing estate and the 18th Sept. and not on other days. Since water supply was normal on these two occasions, SAJ holding has no excuse for not improving the water supply on all the other days.

Water supply stopped as usual on the 18th Sept night after the resident meeting with media.  SAJ holding should not become a political tool of BN. SAJ Holding must remember that they cannot sustain themselves if they support irresponsible MPs and don’t serve consumers. 

Residents have a right to demand for proper water supply and SAJ holding is accountable for this water debacle of residents and not play politics along with BN MPs. How did the Majlis Dearah Labis and water works department cannot approve housing schemes when proper water supply was ascertained? In this case house buyers were cheated and left high and dry. Maljis Dearah Labis cannot wash their hand off claiming it is not their problem but of SAJ holding. It is the majlis who approved this housing scheme.

Residents claim that in the original housing development plan there were provisions for overhead water tank. But the overhead water tank did not see the daylight. Labis was a MCA stronghold all these years. This is what MCA leaders have done in return for the voters.

Datuk Chua Tee Yong wants to soften the angry resident with providing sumptuous dinner on the 20th Sept in Taman Segar.  Residents want proper water supply and not a meal. Well I was told residents are waiting to see him.

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