A tough election call?

Since becoming premier in 2009, Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak has been giving hints that GE13 will be called anytime soon to seek a new mandate from Malaysians. And now that the election commission machinery is ready to hold GE13, the PM is keeping the whole nation in suspense by not calling for the election and so far there is no indication yet when it will be held. Many people are waiting anxiously and even postponing their overseas visits. Businessmen and foreign investors are holding on to their investments and business decisions. This impasse has slowed down the economy and many seem to be adopting the wait and see attitude. Is the PM fair to them? Should an election date be predetermined to prevent uncertainties in Malaysia’s democratic machinery?

It is not that the people and the nation are not ready for election but it is UMNO/BN that is feeling unprepared, uneasy and nervous about the election outcome. UMNO/BN has never tasted defeat and never wants to be defeated even if the people decide to leave them out. If given a choice, BN would never want to hold election any time soon. They want an uninterrupted rule as the longest elected party in the world.

PM and his deputy are blaming PAS, PKR and DAP except themselves for their current election dilemma. UMNO leaders have resorted to instilling fear among Malays that if UMNO loses, the Malays will lose it all. UMNO must do plenty of soul searching within to find out why are the Malays deserting them. The Malays are more aware and have realized the economic realities of the changing world around them. They have outgrown UMNO’s narrow political clutches. Malays don’t want to be talked down as though UMNO knows all. They have begun to see through the corruption, cronyism and hypocrisy of UMNO.

UMNO has never stopped using the race and religion card to divide Malaysians despite 55 years of independence. PM and UMNO/BN are putting forth all kinds of insinuations and accusations about PR, with the hope of denting their political prospects. But PR seems to be holding on and becoming a formidable opponent of UMNO/BN. Each racial slur and every stone thrown at the PKR tour bus will chip away support from UMNO/BN. What worked in the past is working against UMNO/BN now. But UMNO leaders seem to be oblivious of these political realities.

UMNO/BN uses threat of fear and violence on non Malays should UMNO/BN loses. PM/DPM instigate racial hatred and suspicion among UMNO supporters against non Malays and at the same time talk about 1Malaysia and national unity to non Malays. UMNO leaders have developed and sharpened their skill of talking in fork tongue when in company of different communities. These micro managing of the divide and rule policy of UMNO has never allowed Malaysians to be united and this very same policy of UMNO has come back to hound them now. Malaysians seem to have outgrown the UMNO/BN rhetoric and poised for a change.

What happens to the nation doesn’t bother UMNO/BN leaders. To PM and DPM the survival and sovereignty of UMNO/BN is far more important that the national economy and welfare. They are holding the whole nation at ransom. Looks like as long as they don’t see the hope of winning GE13 for UMNO/BN, Datuk seri Najib Tun Razak won’t call for election. Will election ever be called?

Recently former PM Tun Dr Mahathir said that once PR takes over the government, it will rule forever. Dr Mahathir, the most influential UMNO leader knows that with so much abuse and corruption, UMNO may not be redeemable in the future. Therefore, calling for GE13 and winning big may be a gargantuan task by any UMNO leader today. How will Datuk Najib decide to call for election under such predicament? Difficult choice indeed!

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