The Beginning of end of the longest ruling party in the world.

The United Malays National Organization (UMNO) is the longest continuing ruling party in the world. For the past 55 years, retirement age, Malaysian is ruled by UMNO/BN. Since PRU 13 is round the corner, Malaysian voters have to decide whether they deserve a better government. Quite a number may think that a known devil is better than an unknown devil and continue to suffer the racial discrimination and nepotism under the UMNO government. There is a saying that the opposition never wins but the ruling party that loses. All long ruling parties have eventually faced defeat. The congress of India, LDP of Japan, Golkar of Indonesia are all crumbling. They are just hanging on to power. The current political development in Malaysia seems to indicate the beginning of end of the longest ruling party in the world.     

UMNO/BN which has monopolistic control over the country’s finances, government machinery and the mean stream electronic and newsprint media is struggling to get the political situation under control. They have no experience facing a resurrected and energetic opposition which seems to successfully blunt all tricks and evil designs of the ruling party. UMNO/BN is petrified and panicking over the possibility of defeat for the first time. Datuk Najib Tun Razak is spending taxpayer’s money to buy votes in broad daylight without any sense of accountability and reservation. Despite the high level of national debts cash is being handed out to buy votes and illegal and legal foreign workers are registered as voters. The ghost of May 13 is raised again to frighten voters into voting UMNO/BN back to power. BN’s political tool are Christianization, Chinese take over power, hudud law, Singapore, Malays loss power etc. These tools are used selectively used with the support of tightly controlled mainstream media.     

1.5 million Professional Malaysians left the country to work overseas but about 4 million illegal and legal foreign unskilled workers are here to compete and stagnate unskilled worker’s salaries. 34% of Malaysian workers earn less Rm700 which is below poverty level. 80% of Malaysian workers earn below RM3000. Malaysian workers have lesser right compared to 50 years ago. Laws are enacted to limit workers rights and allow employers reap more profits. The gap between rich and poor is widening further and further. Costs of living have increased by leaps and bounds. This week alone medical fee and legal documentation fees have increased steeply.

Whoever wins the next election will have a tough job of balancing the 4.7% budget which is continuously under deficit since 1998. After 55 years Malaysia still don’t have free and fair election. People have to go to the streets to demand for genuine electoral process. Racism, nepotism and corruption seem institutionalized and the ruling party doesn’t have a clue how to eradicate them. Whistleblowers are arrested but criminals are allowed to roam around freely. The important questions voters need to decide in this election are:

  1. Can the party that wins in GE 13 lead country to become more competitive in the turbulent economic conditions?
  2. Can the new government unite Malaysians and get rid of race politics?
  3. Is our economy growing at a rate that will bring in more employment and wealth creation?
  4. Can the new government reduce corruption and budget deficit?
  5. Can new government improve the standard of education and reduce brain drain?
  6. Can the new government transform the civil service to formulate and delivery efficient services?

Recent survey shows that poorer Malaysians vote for those who give money like BRIM RM500.  Nobody will give money for nothing. Indians should not sell their votes but vote for a government that will protect their children and grandchildren. Malaysian Indians need a political system that gives us equal opportunity and equal citizenship. We need a political change in GE 13. It’s now or never.

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